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The Ultimate Guide to Personal Loans

Personal loans are a consumer loan provided to you for use at your own discretion. Some common reasons consumers obtain this type of loan include to pay off medical bills, to pay for a sought after vacation, make changes to their home, or even pay for a wedding. This method of financing can be secured or unsecured and has a fixed loan amount and term, meaning you get the funds once and make fixed payments at predetermined intervals. Some loans have prepayment penalties while others allow you to make extra payments at no extra charge, so make sure you read the fine print and know all of the details on the loan to ensure that you understand the terms.

Personal loans can be obtained from local banks. Typically, consumers start with the bank where they hold their checking and savings accounts since they already have a relationship with that bank and sometimes have a better chance at getting more favorable terms. Some banks offer a discount on the rate if you choose to have your payments automatically withdrawn from the account you hold there. If you do not have a local bank or you want to shop for the best rates , you can also obtain this type of loan online from a variety of lenders. The process is simple and can be done over the internet and the phone for the most part. Some lenders offer the money to you in as little as 24 hours, but make sure you do your research first to ensure that the bank is reputable and the terms favorable.

Verification Documents to Provide

Once you decide on the lender you wish to use, you will need to provide proper documents to verify who you are, your income, proof of where you live, and where you work. Every lender differs on the documents they require, but be prepared to show your last 2 years’ worth of W-2s if you are a salaried employee or 2 years of your tax returns if you are self-employed or work on commission. You will also need to provide your employer’s information so the bank can verify the information you provide and any previous addresses if you moved within the last 2 years.

The Definition of a Secured Loan

Personal loans can be secured or unsecured. Secured financing occurs when you put up collateral in exchange for the loan. The collateral in this loan might surprise you though – it is not putting up the collateral of the item you purchase, such as occurs with a mortgage, when your home serves as the security. With personal financing, you have the option to use one of the following items for collateral: savings account, car equity, or home equity. If you apply for the loan with the bank that holds your savings account and you have a significant amount in the account, getting qualified for the loan will be quick and easy as they hold the collateral already. If you wish to use the equity in your car or home, the loan amount varies depending on the amount of equity you have. The equity is the amount of the car or home that you own free and clear because you either put down that amount of money as a down payment or you paid off that portion of the loan – it is considered your portion of the investment.

The Definition of an Unsecured Loan

An unsecured personal loan is the opposite of the secured option. In this scenario, your loan approval is based on your creditworthiness. Due to the fact you do not give the bank any type of “insurance policy” in the form of collateral, you must have high credit and other positive qualifying factors in order to obtain this loan. Banks look for a stable employment history (holding the same job for at least the last two years with the same or higher income); a low amount of debts compared to your gross monthly income; and a blemish-free credit history for at least the last two years. Banks require much higher qualification factors for this type of loan because they do not have anything to guarantee that they will get paid on the loan should you default on your payments.

Interest rates vary widely on personal loans. Banks offer different rates for each category, which means determining if you will get a secured or unsecured loan will help you determine the interest rate range you fall into. Generally, the rates you pay are higher than any other loan type because of their risk level. In the event that you are able to secure the loan with equity in your home or car, you will be able to lower the rate slightly. Typically, secured loans start around 5 percent but can go up to as high as 10 percent and unsecured loans start around 10 percent and go as high as 30 percent. The rate the bank provides you depends on the loan amount, the length of the term, your credit history, income, employment, and debt ratio.

The good news is that bad credit does not automatically mean you will not get a personal loan. If you are in dire need of the funds, there are entities out there that will provide them; you will have to pay the price though. Sometimes if you are starting over and trying to get a fresh start, however, it can be worth the price you pay. Every bank determines “bad credit” in a different way. Some banks consider scores lower than 630 bad, while others will consider scores as low as 600; some even going as low as 500. If you have a score on the lower end of the spectrum, it pays to shop around to get the best rate and terms for your loan. It is typically better to go with a personal loan with an interest rate of 30 percent or higher than it is to trust a lender that takes borrowers with no credit or does not consider their credit as the fees and interest rates are astronomical on these loan types.

If you take a personal loan because you are knee deep in debt and then find that you cannot keep up with the payments, you could find yourself in trouble in one of two ways.

If you have a secured loan, the bank will seize your collateral. This usually happens after several missed payments and attempts on the part of the bank to get the money from you. Due to the fact you put your items up for collateral, the bank does not have to provide you with a warning; your items will just be repossessed. The bank then sells these items to help pay off your loan and the fees accrued throughout the process as an attorney must be involved in the repossession.

If you have an unsecured loan, the bank does not have anything to repossess. In this case, they must come after you and your money. Typically, lenders will send your account to their collections department after two missed payments. After a few months of attempting to reach you via phone and mail, they will then sell your account to a collection agency. This company will then take over the account, charging you extravagant fees in order to make a profit for taking on the loan. You are then on the hook for more than just the principal and interest if you plan to make good on the loan. If the collection agency does not settle your loan, they can then sue you for the amount of the loan plus any fees that accrued throughout the process, which allows them to come after your money and/or any assets you own.

Personal loans can be a great way to get the funds you need, but make sure you enter into the process with proper knowledge of what the bank provides. You can expect to pay much higher interest rates than any other type of loan and undergo the scrutiny of your financial situation to ensure that you can make good on the payments. In the end, this type of financing can help you get out of a financial problem while allowing you to increase your credit score with timely payments of the loan its

How to Get Quick Personal Loans — That Are Actually Legit

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An emergency comes up and you need money fast. But the amount you need exceeds your savings — by a bit. Is it possible to get quick personal loans to make up the difference?

There are lenders that offer fast turn around for when you need a loan now. But others will try to take advantage of your desperate situation to rope you into a loan with sky-high fees, interest rates, and costs.

To protect yourself and your finances, you’ll need to know how to safely get quick personal loans.

4 ways to borrow when you need money fast

If you’re in desperate need of cash, you might not feel like you can afford to take your time finding a loan and comparing costs. But you still need to think through the decision and ensure you aren’t signing on for a predatory loan.

Luckily, there are some types of lenders and quick personal loans that are better bets than others. Which you choose will affect how fast you can get cash — and the costs you’ll face.

1. Look for personal lenders with fast approval

A personal lender will be your best bet to get the best interest rates and fees. However, lenders will usually take one to three days to process an application, approve you for a loan, and fund the money. You’ll also need good credit to qualify for quick personal loans.

If you’re interested in going this route, Avant and Pave are both lenders that offer personal loans with a faster turnaround. RocketLoans also promises funds in one to three business days. Before applying, be ready to like identification and proof of income so you can quickly complete and submit an application.

These personal loan rates will depend on your credit but typically run between 10 and 15 percent. Most lenders that offer quick personal loans will also charge an origination fee — usually 1 to 5 percent of your loan balance.

Shop smarter with personalized loan rates from multiple banks

2. Ask for a loan from a friend or family member

If you have a support network, you can ask those close to you for help. Ask a family member or friend who you think can spare the cash for a quick loan.

Take the time to discuss and agree on terms, like how often you’ll give them payments on the loan and whether you’ll be expected to pay interest. It’s often worth the effort to sign a promissory note for the loan, as well. Going into the situation with clear expectations will help protect finances — and the relationship.

Another option when you need money fast would be to get it from a friend or family member and then apply for a personal loan. You get the cash you need, then when the loan is funded, you can repay the friend or family member right away.

3. Get a cash advance or use a credit card

If you have a credit card, you can also tap into this line of credit. There are two ways to do so. The first is by putting an emergency expense on your credit card.

The other is to take out a cash advance. Getting a cash advance is pretty simple: take your credit card to an ATM or bank and they will charge your credit card and give you cash in return. Some credit card issuers like Discover even allow you to make an online transfer to your checking account.

Keep in mind you’ll usually face a credit card cash advance fee, between 3 and 5 percent. On top of that, you’ll also face your credit card interest that averages 24% APR, according to The balance will accrue interest every month until you can repay that balance.

Because of these high costs, you might consider getting money fast through a cash advance. Then you can consolidate the credit card debt with a personal loan to get a lower interest rate.

Some people will need quick personal loans but won’t be able to qualify for most personal loans or even a credit card. If this is the case, a secured personal loan could be the best option.

A secured loan is guaranteed by something you own that you use as collateral. Some examples include a car equity loan, a 401k loan, or a pawn shop loan.

Applying for a secured personal loan might not be the fastest way to get cash. Secured loans also require that you own a valuable to use as collateral, and you run the risk of losing that asset if you default on the loan. But if you have bad credit, it will be easier to qualify for these types of quick personal loans.

3 quick personal loans you should avoid

The above ways to borrow are your safest bets to get money when you need a loan now. But other options can make it more likely that you’ll get scammed into a high-cost loan.

Here are some types of predatory loans that are best avoided.

With a payday loan, you hand over a check for the total amount of the loan. Then the payday lender gives you cash — minus their fees — equal to the check, according to the FTC. Then, on the day your paycheck comes in, they cash the check from you.

A payday loan seems like a great deal. Often these types of loans are designed that way, with high-pressure marketing tactics designed to get you to sign. But with short terms and sky-high fees and interest rates, payday loans veer too close to predatory for comfort.

Advance-fee loans or no-credit-check loans are another lending product the FTC warns against. However, these lenders are often predatory and scammy.

Advance-fee loans often boast that they won’t check your credit. They also tend to have hidden fees or ask for money upfront. These are red flags that a lender is not working with your best interest in mind and you should choose to walk away.

The FTC also advises consumers to be very careful with car title loans. These are loans similar to a payday loan but, instead of being secured by a check, the collateral is your car’s title.

These are short-term loans that often have expensive APRs of 100 percent or higher. You’ll also run the risk of losing your car, which can be vital to your job and continued employment.

When you need money fast and you’re feeling desperate, that’s when you’re most financially vulnerable. Don’t fall for predatory lending tactics and scams. See if you can ask for more time to pay a bill or another expense.

Take some time to calm yourself, get informed on quick personal loans, and make the best decision possible.

Need a cheap personal loan today? Even with bad credit, you can apply now for unsecured personal loans online without a guarantor. Get the amount of money you need, £500 to £25,000* today, if approved! Monevo’s FCA-authorised direct lenders can offer the some of the best personal loan rates in the UK. We use their panel of private lenders to help you find the best personal credit for you!

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Getting the best personal credit – you asked, we answer.

Personal loan rates are much cheaper than payday loans or short term loans. Moreover, you can often get bigger amounts even if you have a bad credit score. In the UK, you can obtain a personal loan online without a guarantor and get an instant decision. Banks and direct lenders offer small personal loans with amounts varying from £500 to £50,000. In addition, some lenders provide joint personal loans for people with low income or for those who are unemployed. At Personal Loans Now, we offer access to unsecured credit online with high acceptance and low-interest rates via the Monevo Lender Panel.

Where can I get the best personal loans?

Can I get personal loans online?

Here’s something we want you to keep in mind: The best personal loan is a loan you can get. Equally important, it is credit you can comfortably repay on time. The best personal loan can come from a direct lender or from a bank. However, the APR is not the only factor you should consider. Think if the price you pay for borrowing the money (interest rate) is lower than other alternatives. If it is, and if you can repay it on time, you just found a good deal for your online personal credit.

Online personal loan companies in the UK offer a complete loan application online. No calls, faxes or paperwork is needed. Usually, personal loans online come with an instant decision and secure application form. Some online lenders offer unsecured small personal loans for people with good and bad credit rating. Of course, online personal loans are just one alternative you should consider when looking for a short term borrowing solutions. It’s important to compare the offer and understand what happens if you miss a monthly repayment. As well, make sure to check what happens if you want to repay your online loan earlier.

  • Bad credit welcome
  • Best interest rates
  • Unsecured personal credit
  • Joint personal-loans online
  • Cheaper than short term loans

Personal loans for people with bad credit are available online with and without a guarantor. Surprisingly, in many cases it’s easier to get approved for bad credit personal loans than for traditional short term loans. As well, personal loans offer a larger amount of money with a lower interest rate. Naturally, the longer loan period makes the monthly repayment more affordable and more accessible as long term unsecured credit for people with poor credit history. You can apply for a poor credit personal loan with your bank or with FCA authorised direct lender.

Where can I find low-interest personal loans for people with bad credit?

Can people with bad credit get unsecured personal loans online with no guarantor?

The interest rate on bad credit personal loans is lower than the price you would pay for payday loans. However, it’s still higher than secured loans with guarantor. Some direct lenders specialise in personal loans for people with poor credit history. When you apply online with us, Monevo will check with all the FCA authorised direct lenders on their lending panel if they can accept your application and on what terms. Be aware, bad credit sometimes means a higher risk for the lender. Therefore, if you are looking for a lower interest rate, you may want to check the personal loans option.

Unsecured personal loans with no guarantor for people with bad credit are considered a high-risk product. Still, the answer is yes. You can apply and get approved for unsecured personal loans online, even if your credit rating is far from perfect. To do this, need to find a bad credit direct lender that weighs your affordability over your credit score. As always, make sure that you can easily repay the loan. Long term loans make the monthly repayment lower and sometimes more affordable. We would love to help you find an affordable personal loan. There is no application fee or service charge.

  • Personal loans for people with bad credit
  • Guaranteed poor credit personal loans
  • Unsecured personal loans with instant decision
  • Bad credit direct lenders
  • Personal loans for credit card consolidation

In the UK, banks and private direct lenders offer low-interest rates for personal loans. Normally, obtaining credit from your bank requires a guarantor or some asset to guarantee the loan. If you are looking for unsecured personal finance, the interest rate may be higher. As a rule of thumb, you need to look at the overall cost of borrowing to determine if a given personal loan option is the cheapest credit available for you. The APR is only one factor and is not enough to compare loans. Remember, when considering low-interest personal loans for debt consolidation, you want to ensure that the overall cost of borrowing is lower than what you are currently paying.

Where can I get the best personal loan rates in the UK?

Can I get a cheap personal loan with low income?

Finding the cheapest personal loans in the UK is not always a straightforward task. The exact terms for borrowing money on a personal loan will depend on individual circumstances. As well, the rates you receive can depend a lot on your credit score. Although lenders will offer a headline interest rate which is low, this rate may not apply if you are searching for a personal loan for bad credit history. Low-interest personal loans are always per the specific case. Apply with us now and let Monevo find you the best personal loan rates to match your circumstances. They will ask every regulated direct lender on their lender panel and get you the best deal they can.

Low-income personal loans rate is based mostly on your affordability and credit history. So, the question you need to answer is if the offered personal loan is cheaper than the alternative. If the total cost of borrowing is lower than your current credit, you need to ensure that you can easily handle the monthly repayments. Low income reduces the available funds you have at the end of the month to repay the loan. So yes, you can get a cheap personal loan with low income as long as you can adjust the monthly repayments to a level you can afford. We would love to help you find the best personal loan rates available for you.

  • Best personal loan rates
  • Low-interest personal loans
  • Low-income personal loans
  • Cheapest personal loans in the UK
  • Cheap rates from direct lenders

Let us help you to get a personal loan today.

Particularly for people with bad credit score, Personal loans are a cheaper credit option available for people in the UK. Unlike payday loans, unsecured personal loans can provide amounts of up to £25,000 without a guarantor. Typically, the monthly repayments are lower. This makes personal credit more affordable options to people with poor credit or low income. You can apply for a personal loan online and get an instant decision even if your credit history is far from perfect. Sometimes, lenders may ask for a guarantor to provide you with lower interest rates.

Guaranteed loans are sometimes available as the guarantor’s record would be used to approve the loan. We would love to help you find the best personal loan rates available for you! Monevo work with an extensive panel of FCA authorised lenders. If you are eligible for a loan, they will do anything in their power to find the right one for you. Remember: Sometimes bigger loans are more affordable and more accessible for people with low income or bad credit history.

Written by: Kylie Jenson

Last modified: March 22, 2018 is a registered trading name of Rigstone Capital UG which is an Introducer Appointed Representative of Quint Group Limited, who are a credit broker and not a lender. Introduces customers to Monevo Ltd who are an Appointed Representative of Quint Group Ltd. for the purposes of obtaining a loan. Personal Loans Now does not provide any loan or consumer credit products directly.

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* Subject to lender's requirements and approval

Unsecured Personal Loans Online

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With Unsecured Personal Loans Online from Loans Now, getting a Personal Loan is easier than ever. Below are some sample rates and fees.

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Unsecured Personal Loans Now has the right product for your lifestyle

Unsecured Personal Loans Now has the right product for your lifestyle.

So, who is a Loans Now customer? An unsecured personal loans customer is everyone. That’s right. Loans Now sees customers from all walks of life, all education levels and all areas of the country.

Unsecured personal loans are used by everyone, all of the time. These loans are used to purchase that new item you may have had your eye on. They could be used for an unexpected expense in which you need extra funds to help you through. Loans Now understands that each individual is just that, an individual. Individuals have unique needs and lifestyles. That is why Loans Now states that we have the “right product for your lifestyle.”

We often hear the question, “what is an unsecured personal loan ?” Unsecured personal loans are just that, unsecured. What does unsecured mean? Unsecured means that you are offering no collateral. Collateral is usually in the form of a vehicle, investment product or real estate.

Personal unsecured loans are made to individuals, not companies. They are the same as personal installment loans and cover a wide variety of individuals and situations. These individuals may need bad credit personal loans , fair credit personal loans or good credit personal loans. Personal loans are not title or payday loans. Personal loans are fixed loans for a certain time period. This time period is usually either 2, 3, 5 or 7 years.

What is Unsecured Personal Loans Now, or Loans Now for that matter? Unsecured Personal Loans Now has been in business since 2013. It was created to assist individuals in obtaining hard to find unsecured personal loans through our unique Loan Discovery Process . After years in the financial services industry, it was becoming obvious that lending sources were becoming scarce – and even more troublesome was the fact that lending guidelines were becoming even more strict.

Given these new challenges, Loans Now saw the need for a website which could assist clients like you by compiling the best possible loan products available into one space. That space was Unsecured Personal Loans Now.

One of the best aspects of Unsecured Personal Loans Now is the fact that we service all credit types to include credit cards, personal loans for bad credit and personal installment loans . We have sought out the best programs and have included the longest repayment terms available so that our clients have the best opportunity to obtain the loans that they are seeking. Loans Now adheres to several standards. In no way does Loans Now ever collect information which would compromise the identity or security of our clients. Loans Now never charges a fee for any product or service. Loans Now never shares any information with 3rd parties, so our clients never receive harassing phone calls or emails. Even more exciting is that Loans Now works with our partners to offer personal loans for bad credit . We review scores down to 450.

How to use Loans Now to secure a personal unsecured loan.

The tool on the homepage:

Loans Now clients can answer the short quiz located on the home page to seek out possible offers by answering a few questions. They are then shown the best offers based on that information. We do recommend using our ‘know your score’ link to identify your current credit score prior to starting the process, or any loan process for that matter. This helps our clients to receive a no credit check loan . Loans Now clients may also search out credit card offers by clicking on the link located on the home page.

Loan Discovery Process:

Another aspect that makes Loans Now distinct in the personal loans industry is the recently introduced ‘Loan Discovery ’ process. This is a quick and efficient way for clients to connect one-on-one with a loan discovery specialist, rather than choose from various lending products available once they’ve responded to the quiz on the Loans Now website .

Our Loan Discovery approach not only improves our client success rates, but it helps our clients avoid having their credit pulled multiple times as they seek the ideal loan solution. Our goal is to provide honest, transparent information that helps our clients get the unsecured personal loan that’s right for them.

Finally, as part of our commitment to education, Loans Now also regularly publishes articles on the company blog that cover different aspects of the lending process, the industry, and details on low-interest loans, unsecured loan rates and the best personal loans for bad credit.

At Loans Now, we strongly urge all people – regardless of whether they ultimately partner with us – to get their credit score before they start shopping for unsecured personal loans. This valuable information can help them apply to the right institution, get the best loan rate, lower their payments and could speed up the approval process.

How to Get a Loan with Bad Credit

If you’ve got poor credit, loans can sometimes be hard to find. We specialize in identifying and obtaining, personal loans bad credit or good. That’s one of the reasons why our Loan Discovery Program is so popular, it helps identify loans for people with bad credit – helping them pay bills, get that extra cash they need, finance needed home or car repairs, or pay expensive vet bills for their pets.

If you’ve got bad credit, don’t let that deter you from using our service – we’ve helped thousands of clients identify the right loan for their needs. You can get a loan with bad credit – but how you do it matters. Loans Now provides an easy, quick approach to identifying the right loan without harming your credit score. We don’t take any personal information, so your details stay safe. If you’ve been wondering, ‘how can I borrow money with bad credit?’ – you’ve come to the right place.

Fast Cash in 3 Easy Steps

What are the options I could take advantage of if I need a loan and I have bad credit? Different loan products can be found on the market. The most convenient, fastest to obtain, and having the biggest popularity are cash advance loans which might only concern minimal loan amounts.

I Need a Loan and I have Bad Credit

In current times, many consumers think twice before applying for personal loans. The reason is they have poor credit scores. Many services offering loans have a good reason to reject applications for loans coming from clients who struggle with bad credit history since obviously these companies do not want to take risks. On the other hand, there are currently many providers offering bad credit loans that specialize in giving help and offering loans for consumers with blotted credit records.

Possibly, the most convenient, quickest, and easiest to manage credit facility I would use when I need a loan and I have bad credit might be the cash advance loan. It is an easy loan offered to borrowers who decide to commit their future salaries as repayment. This kind of loan is typically the most convenient for people who are in need of some amount of money right away to be able to pay for bills, purchase important items, or cover immediate hospitalization.

You Can Sleep Without Worries Anymore

If I need a loan and I have bad credit now, I am aware what the available choices to take. Both fast cash loans and salary loans are trustworthy since I could get the loan I need very quickly and without much trouble. The other option is, I could also decide to take accessible personal loans provided and secured by specialized bad credit lenders. These lenders have been well-known mostly for giving assistance to clients with poor credit scores who are in instant need of money for any purpose. Then, I don’t need to worry anymore if there is an instant need for cash.

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