need a personal loan

need a personal loan

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Need a Personal Loan With Bad Credit

Bad credit happens, and having a low score is no reason to struggle financially when you need a loan. Sometimes, life events make it hard to pay your bills, and it is common to discover that things keep piling up. Fortunately, there are some lenders that understand that everyone makes mistakes sometimes, and they understand that the only way to build your credit is to be extended a helping hand.

Getting a Loan With A Bad Credit Score

The first thing to do when you need a loan is be honest about your situation. A good lender will know that you are already likely doing everything you can to improve your financial situation. You should also expect for a lender to give you an approval fast since time is of the essence when you are dealing with a financial emergency. Whether you need money to pay a few bills or to get some groceries in the refrigerator while you wait for next week’s paycheck, don’t hesitate to try to apply for a personal loan with bad credit since you never know unless you try.

Learn About Different Types of Loans

While auto and home loans tend to require you to put the money toward a specific purpose, personal loans give you much more freedom. Some lenders won’t even ask you why you need the money since they trust that you wouldn’t ask unless you needed it. Once your loan is approved, you can use it for anything you want. Whether you buy diapers or a car is up to you. When you apply for a personal loan, you will also find out your repayment plan right away so that you can start preparing now to begin working on repairing your credit.

Dealing with bad credit is never fun, but you don’t have to let it ruin your life. By finding a lender that gets your situation, you can take advantage of loans that allow you to meet your needs while also demonstrating responsibility for improving your credit score.

Robert asked us the following question:

“I’ve read much about using personal loans for emergencies only. I agree, though what if the emergency falls on a weekend or holiday? I’d never know when I need a personal loan immediately, would I? Are there lenders who release approved same-day loans during non-working days?”

Yes, that’s the outright answer. Many lenders offer 24/7 regardless of holidays and weekends.

But let me expand on the answer and share some tips that make the whole loan experience more pleasant for me when I need a personal loan immediately.

While we can’t predict when emergencies may happen, we can prepare for it. The best thing is to have a fat piggy bank to dip your hand into. If you don’t have enough savings, the next best thing is to heed these five tips that I always keep in mind when I need personal loan immediately.

1. Sort and save the right lenders

And what I mean do this even before you need a loan. It’s easier to do the researching when I’m relaxed without the sword of Damocles hanging over my head as it happens during emergencies. With an array of online loan portals today, including in countries like the UK and Canada, browsing for better lenders is fast and convenient. I just enter my personal information and these sites give me results that best match my profile.

What I do is save or bookmark these lenders even before I need personal loan immediately. This saves me from wrongly applying for a loan simply because I lack the time to scrutinize the details during emergencies. Remember, for every fair lender out there, ten loan sharks are swimming around. AARP shares these loan shark terms to watch out for.

2. Check the terms that fit you

Read the terms and offers. My criteria is not about the lender that gives the biggest cash advance; rather, I check the payment terms, interest rates and hidden fees like a service charge upon application and in every payment (other lenders may hide this fact in tons of text; be careful). Likewise, when I need personal loan immediately I factor in my exit strategy, how I can pay back the loan. So I also look into the fine print on penalties in case I may default once. Here’s a sample list of UK-based fair lenders with their terms spelled out.

Understand how personal loans work so you know what to expect from them and where to use them properly. These loans are often short-term with high interest rates. They are easily accessible, even for someone with bad credit. Most of these lenders offer loans based on your pay check, so unless you’re earning six figures, the cash advance is just enough to cover moderate expenses.

Likewise, the penalties are stiffer. Technically, personal loans are a loss; you’re paying around 150% or more in many cases. And when you default the costs skyrocket. So use these loans for what they are: emergency cash.

4. Get your personal information right

It may sound trivial, but I always proofread my personal information down to the details when I need personal loan immediately. Even with one letter or numeral wrong, the whole processing can be delayed, which defeats the purpose of getting same-day loans. These lenders only depend on the information that you submit; they don’t have the means to do a background check. If your application is incomplete or it has a small inconsistency, it will raise a red flag. Write your full name as it appears on a legal document. Don’t miss out your other name, say, Jean Marie Carrie, not just Jean Carrie. Write your complete address, etc. And before clicking on submit, proofread your data thrice and you’re likely to receive the cash on the same day.

If you pay your loan back on time not only will you protect your credit score, but it will be easier to borrow again in case another emergency comes along. When I find a fair lender, I treat it as a rare find that must be taken care of. I make sure to keep a healthy relationship with him so I can count on my lender at other times when I need a personal loan immediately. From the lender’s perspective, a borrower that pays on time is the ideal customer. I won’t be surprised that when I need a personal loan immediately again, my lender may throw in some perks or more leeway in my terms. It’s a mutual relationship.

If you’re in a debt trap, you can still plan your exit strategy one step at a time. offers these tips on how to make a debt-free game plan.

When I need personal loan immediately I know what to do. Keep in mind the tips above and applying for personal loans can be a more pleasant and smoother experience.

Money for Any Reason You May Need!

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The Ultimate Guide to Personal Loans

Personal loans are a consumer loan provided to you for use at your own discretion. Some common reasons consumers obtain this type of loan include to pay off medical bills, to pay for a sought after vacation, make changes to their home, or even pay for a wedding. This method of financing can be secured or unsecured and has a fixed loan amount and term, meaning you get the funds once and make fixed payments at predetermined intervals. Some loans have prepayment penalties while others allow you to make extra payments at no extra charge, so make sure you read the fine print and know all of the details on the loan to ensure that you understand the terms.

Personal loans can be obtained from local banks. Typically, consumers start with the bank where they hold their checking and savings accounts since they already have a relationship with that bank and sometimes have a better chance at getting more favorable terms. Some banks offer a discount on the rate if you choose to have your payments automatically withdrawn from the account you hold there. If you do not have a local bank or you want to shop for the best rates , you can also obtain this type of loan online from a variety of lenders. The process is simple and can be done over the internet and the phone for the most part. Some lenders offer the money to you in as little as 24 hours, but make sure you do your research first to ensure that the bank is reputable and the terms favorable.

Verification Documents to Provide

Once you decide on the lender you wish to use, you will need to provide proper documents to verify who you are, your income, proof of where you live, and where you work. Every lender differs on the documents they require, but be prepared to show your last 2 years’ worth of W-2s if you are a salaried employee or 2 years of your tax returns if you are self-employed or work on commission. You will also need to provide your employer’s information so the bank can verify the information you provide and any previous addresses if you moved within the last 2 years.

The Definition of a Secured Loan

Personal loans can be secured or unsecured. Secured financing occurs when you put up collateral in exchange for the loan. The collateral in this loan might surprise you though – it is not putting up the collateral of the item you purchase, such as occurs with a mortgage, when your home serves as the security. With personal financing, you have the option to use one of the following items for collateral: savings account, car equity, or home equity. If you apply for the loan with the bank that holds your savings account and you have a significant amount in the account, getting qualified for the loan will be quick and easy as they hold the collateral already. If you wish to use the equity in your car or home, the loan amount varies depending on the amount of equity you have. The equity is the amount of the car or home that you own free and clear because you either put down that amount of money as a down payment or you paid off that portion of the loan – it is considered your portion of the investment.

The Definition of an Unsecured Loan

An unsecured personal loan is the opposite of the secured option. In this scenario, your loan approval is based on your creditworthiness. Due to the fact you do not give the bank any type of “insurance policy” in the form of collateral, you must have high credit and other positive qualifying factors in order to obtain this loan. Banks look for a stable employment history (holding the same job for at least the last two years with the same or higher income); a low amount of debts compared to your gross monthly income; and a blemish-free credit history for at least the last two years. Banks require much higher qualification factors for this type of loan because they do not have anything to guarantee that they will get paid on the loan should you default on your payments.

Interest rates vary widely on personal loans. Banks offer different rates for each category, which means determining if you will get a secured or unsecured loan will help you determine the interest rate range you fall into. Generally, the rates you pay are higher than any other loan type because of their risk level. In the event that you are able to secure the loan with equity in your home or car, you will be able to lower the rate slightly. Typically, secured loans start around 5 percent but can go up to as high as 10 percent and unsecured loans start around 10 percent and go as high as 30 percent. The rate the bank provides you depends on the loan amount, the length of the term, your credit history, income, employment, and debt ratio.

The good news is that bad credit does not automatically mean you will not get a personal loan. If you are in dire need of the funds, there are entities out there that will provide them; you will have to pay the price though. Sometimes if you are starting over and trying to get a fresh start, however, it can be worth the price you pay. Every bank determines “bad credit” in a different way. Some banks consider scores lower than 630 bad, while others will consider scores as low as 600; some even going as low as 500. If you have a score on the lower end of the spectrum, it pays to shop around to get the best rate and terms for your loan. It is typically better to go with a personal loan with an interest rate of 30 percent or higher than it is to trust a lender that takes borrowers with no credit or does not consider their credit as the fees and interest rates are astronomical on these loan types.

If you take a personal loan because you are knee deep in debt and then find that you cannot keep up with the payments, you could find yourself in trouble in one of two ways.

If you have a secured loan, the bank will seize your collateral. This usually happens after several missed payments and attempts on the part of the bank to get the money from you. Due to the fact you put your items up for collateral, the bank does not have to provide you with a warning; your items will just be repossessed. The bank then sells these items to help pay off your loan and the fees accrued throughout the process as an attorney must be involved in the repossession.

If you have an unsecured loan, the bank does not have anything to repossess. In this case, they must come after you and your money. Typically, lenders will send your account to their collections department after two missed payments. After a few months of attempting to reach you via phone and mail, they will then sell your account to a collection agency. This company will then take over the account, charging you extravagant fees in order to make a profit for taking on the loan. You are then on the hook for more than just the principal and interest if you plan to make good on the loan. If the collection agency does not settle your loan, they can then sue you for the amount of the loan plus any fees that accrued throughout the process, which allows them to come after your money and/or any assets you own.

Personal loans can be a great way to get the funds you need, but make sure you enter into the process with proper knowledge of what the bank provides. You can expect to pay much higher interest rates than any other type of loan and undergo the scrutiny of your financial situation to ensure that you can make good on the payments. In the end, this type of financing can help you get out of a financial problem while allowing you to increase your credit score with timely payments of the loan its

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Some of the lenders in our network report on time payments to credit agencies which can ultimately improve your credit score.

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At Total Personal Loan, all of the lenders in our network are professional and abide by a standard of conduct. We are also proud members of the Online Lenders Alliance.

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