monthly installment loans for bad credit direct lenders

monthly installment loans for bad credit direct lenders

Avail Today and Pay Off in Easy Installments

Do you want to renovate your home but not in a position to pay back in a lump sum? Are you facing a severe financial crisis and looking to avail same-day funds that can be paid off in convenient installments? It’s time to leave your financial worries aside. Easy Loans UK offers guaranteed installment loans in the UK at the cheapest interest rate without a guarantor and extra charges.

We at EasyLoans UK understand your repayment power better and hence don’t burden you with complicated terms. You are free to choose an installment term and the amount as per your comfort. Our installments loan let you complete your dreams quickly without facing any hassle.

Just Direct Lending, NO Brokering Charges

If you are looking for an installment loans from the direct lender then you have knocked the right door. We are not brokers, hence there is NO brokering fee. We are one of the topmost lenders in the UK offering reliable financing solutions to all at affordable APRs.

We are committed to offering 100% customer satisfaction, hence process each financing request with complete attention in minimal time. Feel free to contact us for any kind of financial queries.

Fastest Approvals and Cheaper Interest Rates

Being a credible direct lender, we never sit on the online fund requests; instead, approve them within 30 minutes. We don’t greed for earning higher revenues, therefore, offer cheaper installment loans in the UK with no guarantee required. Applying for a loan online with us is very easy and takes maximum 2 minutes.

Once you submit the application, our team quickly checks the basic eligibility criteria and approve accordingly. We don’t reject a financing application even when a prospective borrower has a bad credit history.

Guaranteed Instalment Loans for Bad Credit

Our priority is to offer you financial stability irrespective of your credit score. We are not fussy about your bad credit problems at all. Hence, if you are urgently looking for a direct lender for bad credit installment loan, then try our lending services once. We offer guaranteed bad credit funding solutions on installment with no extra charges.

Having a Zero or a poor credit score is a big headache, as all financial institutions prefer excellent scores only. Our credit experts assist you in giving perfect transformation to your bad credit issues. Actually, we offer double delight loan deals: funds plus advice on your score.

What are you waiting for then? Let us solve your poor credit woes with the bad credit instalment loans at the affordable interest rates. Our quick funds will surely help you to overcome your financial crisis.

Installment loans are one of the most popular types of loans. They seem to be everywhere. The term “installment loan” is used very broadly and it means any loan that is repaid in equal installments every month for a certain period of time. The typical installment loan includes a fixed portion of the principal amount and interest. Basically, most loans qualify to be installment loans. They could be short-term or long-term (up to 30 years). An installment loan is often seen as an appropriate option for funding. Mortgages, car loans, consumer loans are the most common examples of installment loans.

What you need to know about installment loans:

  • installment loans

An installment loan could be extended with or without a collateral (depending on the sum of the loan, your good credit background, the policy of your chosen lender);

  • The larger loans usually do require collateral and they are usually granted for a longer period of repayment;
  • Most installment loans have a fixed interest rate pre-determined for the entire life of the loan (along with fees and charges, though re-negotiable in certain cases);
  • Penalties that are applicable in various cases of breach of your installment loan agreement are fixed too.
  • How does an investment loan with collateral work

    Mortgage loans are an example of a secured installment loan. The asset used for collateral is the real estate property intended to be purchased with the loan. It serves as a guarantee throughout the period of repayment. The same goes for car loans. The vehicle to be purchased is the lender’s guarantee that the loan will be paid off. Consumer loans or even payday loans rarely request for collateral but depending on your lender and your financial status, such request may come up.

    Installment loans are often preferred for their stability and predictability. They are not so difficult to apply for if you are creditworthy. Banks or alternative lenders provide many types of installment loans to satisfy the needs of borrowers. Applying for an installment loan would include you stating the purpose of your loan – from buying a house, car, payment for repair, medical expenses or any other reason.

    This would help your lender to generate the most suitable kind of installment offer. Then comes the scrutiny of your finances. Your credit score would be carefully reviewed – from your constant income, additional income to assets. A careful assessment of your other debts is made so that the lender may suggest affordable installment for your loan and a proper term. Usually, you are to be advised that a larger monthly payment would equal a smaller interest rate. While the longer your installment loan lasts, its interest rate grows.

    Installment loans may come in handy when bad credit is involved. If you have a lot of payday loans and other outstanding debts, you may be looking for a solution before your finances collapse. Installment loans are offered in the form of debt consolidation loans to cover your existing debts. After that, you are to repay your lender monthly until it is fully paid off.

    The advantage is that you actually combine different obligations under a single, bigger loan instead of having many smaller loans. It is a safer way to turn your bad credit into something you can deal with. Although the payment schedule would be longer, you may benefit from the brand new single rate that is often far better than the many others you have been paying your old debts. Bad credit installment loans may happen to be your way of improving your credit score. Your new payment plan would let you take control of your income. it also gives you a chance to pay prematurely (given no or a small penalty is provided for that).

    Installment loans, regardless of their purposes, and especially the lengthy ones, carry some risks. As with any financial obligation, they involve a bit of uncertainty. If your income changes drastically for the duration of your installment or unexpected event prevents you from paying your monthly installments when they are due, some serious consequences may occur. Where the mortgage is concerned, you may lose your home. If this is your car loan, your car may be repossessed by your lender.

    Failure to follow your payment schedule under installment loans for bad credit may not harm your property directly (given that no collateral is provided as a guarantee).

    Who can give you an installment loan

    Banks and financial unions and organizations are your standard lenders for installment loans. They are the first to mind when it comes to such serious financial commitment. They are more stringent in their policies of extending installment loans and they strongly rely on your creditability. Often, clients are rejected for their poor credit record or for having not sufficient proof of income. Cutbacks in the economy made installment loans harder to get. There is an alternative to the bank and it is called installment loan from a direct lender.

    Installment loans from a direct lender require fewer documents and they are faster to request for. Direct lenders are preferred by people with less than perfect credit record. Sometimes, borrowing from direct lenders may be the only possibility available to get bad credit installment loan or to secure payment for an emergency bill.

    • Installment loans could be extended by banks, alternative financial companies, and direct lenders;
    • You should think very carefully before taking out an installment loan;
    • Options for enrollment and renewal should be explored just to be on the safe side;
    • Installment loans may serve you for larger purchases;
    • Regardless of their term and purpose, installment loans are a very serious financial commitment that should be addressed with care and attention;
    • Direct lenders may come in helpful but it is a must to assess the differences in terms, conditions, rates, and fees;
    • The most important thing for your installment loan is how much you should be paying off at the end;
    • Installment loans could be tailored towards your needs and requests and rates are often re-negotiable;
    • Installment loans sometimes have penalty fees in case you decide to pay off prematurely;
    • If installment loans are secured by collateral, there is a risk of forfeiture should you fail to comply with the arrangements with your lender.

    we have a top-notch customer service that will help you in case you are stuck during the loan request process or you need further information.

    Are you having financial troubles? Do you need cash to make your both ends meet and overcome financial hardships? Do you need loan to get your finances on track?

    If you yearn for installment cash to emerge from a financial crisis, then you can rely on 36 Month Installment Loans that come with flexible repayment options. By borrowing money from lenders at the most affordable rates of interest, you can get over your financial worries in no time. We, at, connect you with reputed lenders who are eager to offer you loans according to your needs. Just approach us by filling an online form.

    We offer appropriate loan deals for you and process your online application so quickly that you get financial aid as soon as possible. Our 36 month installment loans are tailored to fit your requirements and fix your problems without havocking your budget. The best thing about our long term installment loans is that you need not pledge any valuables or property to avail the loans. You need not provide us any documents, we offer you loan based on the particulars provided by you and this is the reason that we request you to offer us accurate details about your requirements.

    We understand your urgency and offer you quick cash without putting you through time-consuming legalities. Our flexible repayment options make it easy for you to pay back the borrowed money. We help you get loan on the basis of your needs and repayment capacity. You are free to use the loan amount as you want; as we do not impose any restrictions on the way you use your borrowed money.

    If you are eligible, you can apply for 36 month installment loans within minutes. We send your details to the lenders who offer you quotes, choosing the right quotes are solely your decision, once you agree to the terms of loan offered by the lender; the loan amount is transferred to your checking account within 24 hours.

    If you need $200 to pay the water bill or $400 to make a rent payment, there’s no point borrow $1000 that you don’t need. We offer a flexible service where you can choose exactly how much you require borrowing, in any amount between $100 and $35000.

    If you’re waiting for a pay check that arrives next Friday, you don’t need a loan that lasts a month. You just need to borrow the money until you’re able to pay it back. By choosing the precise number of days you want to borrow for you can save yourself a lot of money compared with our rivals who often insist on 36 month loans.

    36 month installment loans site is a loan matching service. This site will submit the information you provide to a direct lender. Upon loan approval, a direct lender may need further information from you which will be collected after we transfer you to their website or they may contact you via phone or email.

    The operator of this site is not a direct lender. Loan policies, conditions and terms vary by lender and applicant qualifications. Late or missed loan payments may be subject to increased fees and interest rates. Not all lending partners offer up to $35,000 loans, and not all applicants will be approved for their requested loan amounts. Loan repayment periods vary by lender also. Lenders may use collection services for non-payment of loans.

    Not all borrowers will qualify for a loan, the operator of our website does not engage in any direct consumer lending, we simply provide a FREE loan matching service to the public.

    The Representative APR is 1734% so if you borrow $275 over 359.40% p.a. (fixed) you will repay $357.36 in total. Representative 433.71%APR

    Note: the APR you pay may differ depending on the lender that accepts you.

    We offer personal installment loans with monthly payments. With us, you can forget about unexpected expenses that cause lots of stress. An installment loan is an online loan with fixed payments you cover every month. Only fast and reliable solutions that are proven to work.

    We aren't a direct lending company, but we try to connect customers with top monthly installment loans deals from reputable lenders. You can also apply for unsecured personal loans online here today.

    • short and easy application
    • safe & secure
    • up to 60 seconds
    • big choice of lenders
    • as soon as the next day
    • money into bank account

    Loans You Can Pay Back Monthly

    For example, you can apply for a $2,000 loan online and fix the repayment term directly with the lender. That is why this lending product is called an installment. A borrower repays the loan in parts. All terms and rates are clarified between you and the lender directly. Online loans with monthly payments have always been a good solution for people with permanent jobs.

    To apply, you need to fill out only basic personal, financial and employment information. Direct lenders will decide based on the information you provided. If approved, the funds will be deposited into your bank account as soon as possible. Sometimes a fast installment loan - is exactly what you need.

    Use unsecured loans for bad credit and stress less about your finances. Personal Money Service works with a huge network of direct lenders to ensure the quickest way for people to get access to loans. Applying for a loan on our site is not complicated at all. And the advantages you'll get are:

    Don't waste your time. Get a loan online.

    Safe Bad Credit Installment Loans up to $5000

    The procedure of applying may involve some faxing or a soft credit check. Online installment loans with monthly payments save time, as you don’t need to waste hours waiting in the bank. So, just go online and apply for emergency loans if you are in a real hurry. We can't guarantee 100% approval, but we promise to do our best.

    Applying through our website is easy and 100% secure.

    Privacy of your information is our number one goal. We are dedicated to keeping your details confidential. Our site is designed in a way to protect any transactions which are held by the application form. Thus, you can be sure that your personal details will be safe.

    If approved, you can get from $1,000 to $5,000 in installment loans via Personal Money Service. We are online 24/7, so get the help you need round-the-clock.

    Our Online Service - Your Advantage

    Our company is the perfect place for consumers seeking the fastest help possible. We do our best to help people get the loans they need online with monthly repayments. We cooperate only with reputable lenders offering loans via the Internet. Online installment personal loans are a great way to borrow money if you can't repay it all at once. Otherwise, you can use short-term loans online. This way it will be easier for you to manage your monthly budget.

    Our company welcomes everyone in need of some money to make ends meet or manage some expenses. We work with many different lenders. Most of them try to find a solution for people with various credit scores. So, it's high time to fill out your installment loan application! is not a direct lender, but a service connecting potential borrowers with lenders able to provide loans completely free of charge. After the application is submitted the customer’s details go to the cooperating direct lender. The lender then provides the customer with an agreement that fully discloses the exact APR, fees, terms and conditions associated with the service in accordance with the information submitted by the client. The loan details between the customer and the lender are not in the competence of the Personal Money Service Company. We do not guarantee loan approval.

    The policies and practices of Personal Money Service Company comply with the regulations of Fair Lending laws, Truth in Lending Act among them. The consumers covering their loans are protected by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act enforced by the Federal Trade Commission. The cooperating lenders from Personal Money Service Network follow federal regulations and states laws for lending within their borders.

    9 Installment Loans for Bad Credit (Direct Lenders & Networks)

    At the most basic level, consumer loans can be placed into one of two categories: those that must be repaid in a single lump sum, and those that are repaid over time through multiple payments — also called installments. Although lump-sum loans can have their uses, installment loans are the go-to loan of choice for many in need of funds.

    Installment loans come in three main types: personal loans, auto loans, and home loans (mortgages). While some differences exist between the three types, such as unsecured versus secured loans, all installment loans will have a few things in common.

    For instance, any installment loan will have specific loan terms, including the length of the loan and the repayment rate, which will establish the frequency and amount of each installment. They’ll also have credit and income requirements that vary by lender and the specific type of loan.

    Lending Networks Work with Thousands of Direct Lenders

    Several decades ago, before the advent of the internet, most loans were obtained from direct lenders, meaning straight from the financing party, be they banks, credit unions, car dealerships, or specific mortgage lenders. Because these lenders had limited competition, borrowers were at the mercy of the rates, fees, and qualification standards set by the lenders.

    Over time, the lending landscape has shifted, going digital alongside many other aspects of consumer finance, including our banking and currency. Today’s borrower is no longer limited to the local direct lenders; instead, those in need of a loan can go online and request offers from direct lenders across the country.

    Online lending networks are a great way to shop multiple direct lenders at once.

    How? Through the power of online lending networks. Lending networks are a nexus of tens, hundreds, even thousands of direct lenders, connecting you with companies from all parts of the industry. No matter your credit situation or loan needs, lending networks are often the best place to find a variety of competitive loan offers.

    The Best Providers for Personal Installment Loans

    Personal loans are individual installment loans that can be used to finance just about anything you need, including consolidating other debt, paying medical (or veterinarian) bills, or furnishing your new apartment. These loans will generally range from $1,000 to $35,000, and typically have terms of 12 to 60 months, dependent on the size of the loan.

    Applicants will need to have a regular income to qualify for a personal loan, with minimum income requirements usually around $800 a month, though the requirement may increase for larger loan amounts. Our top picks for personal loan networks have quick online applications and lending partners with flexible credit requirements.

    Although personal loans can technically be used for whatever you like, some uses are simply a bad idea. At the top of the bad-idea list is using a personal loan to purchase a home or vehicle.

    Why? Because personal loans, particularly those for consumers with poor credit, will have significantly higher interest rates than either auto or home loans, with personal loan APRs typically exceeding auto loan APRs by 10 percentage points or more.

    Why the difference in interest rates? The main reason is that personal loans are unsecured loans, meaning they have no collateral, such as a car title, to secure them against default. Consequently, the lender has no way — short of taking you to court, which is expensive — to recover their money if you can’t repay your loan.

    To make up for the increased financial risk, lenders charge higher interest rates for personal loans than they do for other types. Of course, while interest rates will vary with your credit score, they’ll also vary based on the lender, so be sure to shop around to ensure you get the best possible rates.

    The Best Providers for Auto Installment Loans

    For most people, a car is a necessity, not an option, and when one falls apart it needs to be replaced. Given that even used cars tend to start around the $14,000 mark, replacing your old vehicle often means taking on an auto loan. Similar to personal loans, auto loans are installment loans. But, unlike personal loans, auto loans are secured installment loans, meaning the vehicle you purchase secures the loan; if you default, your vehicle goes to the lender.

    The length of a typical auto loan is fairly similar to that of a personal loan, generally ranging between 24 and 72 months. The size of the loan you are offered will depend heavily on your creditworthiness, as will the specific requirements, including the required minimum income to qualify. Our top auto loan providers include lenders who specialize in borrowers with rocky credit histories.

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