loans for homes

loans for homes

PEER TO PEER кредитвнаие – это финансовые сервисы выдачи займов, в которых заимодавцами являются не банки, а физические лица. В отличие от банков и МФО, при P2P (взаимном) кредитовании инвестор и заемщик работают напрямую, что позволяет избавиться от посредников и выдавать займы по ставке банка или даже ниже. Площадка Р2Р кредитования помогает инвестору и заемщику найти друг друга, а также оценить риск инвестиции.

HOME LOANS - это платформа для кредитования под залог недвижимого имущества по всему миру (ИПОТЕКА) или микрокредитования под залог HLC, построенная на основе платформы Ethereum. Платформа HOME LOANS использует сложные алгоритмы прогнозирования кредитоспособности всех клиентов и всего за 20 минут заемщик может получить свой самый первый кредит или ипотеку на покупку недвижимости в своей жизни только со своего смартфона. Все клиенты имеют возможность платить меньше процентов и получить высокий кредитный рейтинг, если они используют нашу платформу чаще. Все кредитные истории хранятся на Blockchain. Тысячи инвесторов имеют доступ к миллионам новых клиентов, а люди получают возможность в быстрых займах и приобретении себе недвижимости в любой точке мира по минимальным процентным ставкам.

HLCoin – неотъемлемая часть эко-системы HOME LONS. Они могут использоваться для кредитования физических лиц под залог недвижимости, для залога при микрокредитовании, для погашения кредитов заёмщиком, а так же для доступа к тем или иным сервисам HOME LOANS. При необходимости, наши клиенты смогут купить их по рыночная стоимости на криптобиржах. С ростом спроса не кредиты и ипотеку в сервисах HOME LOANS, у клиентов растет потребность в токенах HLCoin, а у инвесторов растет прибыль.

If you can dream it, you can own it! Everything you need to know to avail of a home loan is right here. You can be assured of fair terms, total transparency and flexibility. We believe that when it comes to owning a home, nothing should come in the way.

Features and Benefits of DHFL Home Loans

  1. Loan Amount: Avail a Home Loan of up to ` 500,00,000 (minimum loan amount ` 1 lac) but not exceeding 85% of the cost of property (including stamp duty and registration fees) or 80% of market value, whichever is lower
  2. Tenure & Term: The tenure of your Home Loan ranges from 1 to 30 years. The term, however does not extend beyond the retirement age or 60 years whichever is earlier (65 years for self-employed individuals)
  3. Purpose: Avail of a home loan for ready built-up or under construction house/flat purchase
  4. Reduce your EMI : With tenure of 30 years, you can reduce the EMI amount on your Home Loan, so that your outgoings every month do not come in the way of your lifestyle and living standards
  5. Interest Rates: The Interest rate applicable is based on the DHFL’s Retail Prime Lending Rate (RPLR) which fluctuates from time to time based on the money market conditions
  6. Processing Fees (Non-Refundable) : This is charged as the fee towards processing your home loan application.

Salaried individuals (SAL) / Self-Employed Professionals (SEP)

Self-Employed Non Professionals (SENP)

*GST as applicable

  • Easy Repayments:You have 2 options for repayment of the loan based on the EMIs payable on your Home Loan:
    1. Through ECS (Electronic Clearing Service) based on standing instructions to your bank
    2. Post Dated Cheques(PDCs) drawn on your Savings/Salary account
  • Home Loan Tax Benefits: Resident Indians are eligible for certain tax benefits on principal and interest components of a home loan. As per Income Tax Act 1961 rules, the current applicable exemption under section 24(b) is ` 2,00,000/- for the interest amount paid in the financial year and up to ` 1,50,000/- (under section 80 C) for the principal amount repaid in the same year.
  • Applicant and Co-Applicant: Home Loans can be applied by an individual. The loan amount can be further enhanced by including an earning co-applicant.
  • You can avail a Home Loan of up to ` 500,00,000 (minimum loan amount ` 1 lac) but not exceeding 85% of the cost of property (including stamp duty and registration fees) or 80% of market value, whichever is lower. The loan amount can be further enhanced by including an earning co-applicant.

    The actual Home Loan amount is determined taking into various account factors such as:

    • Repayment Capacity
    • Age
    • Educational qualifications
    • Stability and continuity of income
    • Number of dependents
    • Co-applicant’s income
    • Assets
    • Liabilities
    • Saving habits, and more

    Documentation Required For Home Loan

    Click here for the list of documents required.

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    If you’re looking for a home loan,

    Loans for Homes (Qld) Pty Ltd is here to help.

    If it's your first home, or if it's time to renovate, refinance or invest, we're here to help make it happen.

    Why should you use a mortgage broker?

    There are lots of good reasons why more than half of Australians now use a broker to secure a home loan. Probably the most important one that is we work for you, not the banks. We speak to you first to find out what you need, and then we use our knowledge of the market to better negotiate with the lenders. Then we get a range of options before we work out which one is right for you, not what’s right for the lenders.

    The first step is we come to meet with you – at home or work – whatever suits you. It lets us get to know you and what your financial needs and goals are. Then we research the many different products from a range of lenders to ensure we find the right solution.

    And just to make things even easier, we’ll do the paperwork, manage the application process and then take it through to settlement.

    Best of all, because this is what we specialise in, we get the process moving quickly. We use our relationships with lenders to secure your finance as fast as possible.

    In short, a broker is there to look out for your interests, while lenders are there to look after their own. We don’t have to say who’ll do a better job for you.

  • We have been helping clients get homes and home loans for over 30 years. The main reason people like doing business with my company is real people. No big show, just honest and helpful advice. AND. people also love that they save money with us. Discover the magic of dealing with a combined Real Estate and Mortgage Broker. We can save you money others cannot. Call us today to find out more.

    We provide residential, commercial and rural property solutions for buyers & sellers.

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    As a Mortgage Broker without the huge overhead (I don't even have a tie that you have to pay for) I can save you money. I have vast resources to get you just the right loan, often when you think you may not even qualify. I can save you even more when I handle the real estate and mortgage transaction together -- $1,000's!

    We help you maximize your experience and money when buying or selling a home. With over 20 years experience in helping clients buy and sell homes we have what it takes to make your buying or selling experience a positive one!

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