loans for bad credit direct lenders

loans for bad credit direct lenders

If you have been refused credit by your bank or a high street lender,

don't worry, there are still options for you.

If your credit history has had a few bumps in the road in the past, for example if you've missed a payment on a debt, whether this is an overdraft, credit card, personal loan or even a mortgage, you may find it harder to obtain the finance you need.

We know very well how challenging it can be to stay afloat. We all experience difficult times now and then where our finances are concerned, and the Everyday Loans mission statement is to help you get through those times. With the help of a flexible, direct loan you’ll be back on your feet in no time.

Loans are subject to status and affordability. Terms and conditions apply.

  • Flexible, friendly and transparent with great customer service - at least that's what our customers say!

  • With everyday loans, you're more than just your credit score.

  • We offer loans to those with a less than perfect credit score.

    With everyday loans, you're more than just your credit score. Here at everyday we look at your credit future, not just your credit history. As such even if you have bad credit now or you've had a poor credit score in the past, we may be able to help.

    There are 3 simple steps to taking out an everyday loans loan. All of our loans are subject to status and affordability.

    Complete our short

  • Get an initial decision

  • Pop into your local branch

    to complete your loan

    • Applying with us won't affect your credit score. We use Soft Searching Technology which means even if you're unsuccessful; it won't go against your credit file.
    • We offer loans to those with a less than perfect credit score. You'll need to be over 18, a UK resident and be able to afford repayments.
    • We're a direct lender not a broker. We'll NEVER charge you a fee to consider your application.
    • We'll give you a conditional decision in just minutes.

    Start Your Application

    Where other institutions and banks would turn down your request, we understand that you have an honest and legitimate need for financial assistance and may be able to help where others wouldn’t. It’s what makes us different!

    There are few lenders that offer specifically designed loans for people with poor credit histories. Anyone can apply for a poor credit loan but your age, income and employment status will be taken into account before any application is processed. The minimum requirements are that you are over 18 and employed.

    It's our belief that more people across the country should have access to a flexible loan when they are in a time of need. Having a poor credit history shouldn’t mean that you can’t get the help you need when you need it most. Managing a credit rating is part of being a responsible adult, and we understand that building back your credit history won’t happen overnight.

    With a direct loan provided by us, your short-term financial stability is restored. This gives you the time you need to get things in order to prepare for the weeks and months to come. In time, with support from that bad credit loan, you’ll be back on your feet where money is concerned.

    Paying off your loan from us could have a positive impact on your credit history. This, when combined with other responsible spending activities, can get you closer to a positive history and credit rating that will benefit you going forward.

    Everyday Loans is one of the UK's leading bad credit loans direct lenders, offering customers a personal face-to-face service that addresses all our customers' financial needs.

    Understanding Bad Credit Loans

    Let’s start with the term bad credit.

    The term "bad credit" is often used to describe an individual's credit score which is less than perfect. However, it's important to understand that your credit report is not measured by brackets like "good" or "bad", but with a number or value that is constantly changing based on a variety of factors.

    A poor credit history or, in other words, a low credit rating can often stop you from getting loans from high street banks or building societies. This makes buying a new car or converting that loft into the room you’ve always wanted extremely difficult. This is where a ‘bad credit loan’ comes into play. This type of finance is designed for anyone looking to obtain credit, but who is unable to acquire it from mainstream lenders due to poor credit history.

    If you’ve struggled with credit issues in the past, it can be difficult to get a loan from a major high street bank like Barclays or Lloyds TSB. A bad credit loan is designed to help those with less than perfect credit scores. These loans usually come with a higher APR than a traditional loans, but specialist lenders like us are more likely to be able to help you if you’ve had problems in the past.

    APR stands for annual percentage rate, it essentially represents the price you will pay for a loan. For example; If you were to borrow £1,000 over 1 year with a 10% APR then you would repay £1,100. This is the very basic premise of APR. However, it isn't quite as simple as that due to something known as compound interest which you can read more about here on the ThisIsMoney website. Once you apply with us and are accepted, your APR and repayments will be explained clearly in plain easy to understand English.

    Q3: Can taking out a loan improve my credit score?

    Taking out a loan does not improve your score on it’s own, however if you make your payments on time every month without any problems this can indeed improve your credit score. Lenders like to see potential borrowers managing their accounts well and can take it a as a sign that even though you had problems before, you are now making regular payments which could imply those problems are behind you.

    Q4: Will applying for a loan effect my credit score?

    With some lenders, every time you make an application they put a mark on your credit file to show that it was searched. Too many of these can imply to future lenders that you were struggling to get hold of finance and therefore they should be cautious in lending to you. Here at Everyday Loans we use Soft Search Technology, this doesn’t leave any marks on your credit file that can be seen by other lenders.

    Learn more about Everyday Loans and our specialist bad credit loans designed to help you get access the finance you need. Our loan application process is quick and easy, with our professional advisors always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

    Q1: What do I need to get approved for a loan?

    As long as you are a resident of the UK, have a UK bank account and are currently employed then we may be able to help you. We specialise in helping those with less than perfect credit and use soft searching technology that doesn’t affect your credit score if you aren’t successful, as long as you meet our minimum criteria above then you should apply now to see if we can help.

    Q2: How long does it take to get a loan?

    If your loan application is successful you will receive a conditional approval. Your application is then handed to one of our local branches that will arrange a time for you to come in and complete your loan. The whole process is quick and easy and you could get the finance you are after in little to no time.

    Q3: Can I get a top up on my loan?

    If you have been paying your loan on time and without any problems, then after a while you may be eligible for a loan top up. Simply get in touch with your local branch to enquire as to whether you are eligible.

    Q4: Is Everyday Loans a direct lender?

    Yes, we are a direct lender with our headquarters in Bourne End, Buckinghamshire that specialises in helping people with poor or bad credit. Apply with us today to see if we can help.

    We do not charge any fees. If you prefer, talk to us on Freephone 0808 231 5453.

    Everyday Loans is a trading style of Everyday Lending Limited (Company registration no. 5850869, England & Wales).

    Registered Office and Trading Address: Secure Trust House, Boston Drive, Bourne End, Buckinghamshire, SL8 5YS.

    Everyday Lending Limited (Firm Reference No. 724445) is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

    Everyday Lending Limited is a member of the Finance and Leasing Association and as a member, we follow its Lending Code.

    Bad credit personal loans explained

    For many people with bad credit, applying for a loan can be a difficult and daunting challenge. This is because the decision of banks and other lenders when evaluating a loan application is often predominantly based on a person’s credit score. If that score is less-than-perfect then the applicant may struggle to gain approval, even if their current financial situation is stable.

    A bad credit loan is designed to allow people with a poor credit history to apply for a personal loan. We hear from so many people who have missed occasional mortgage repayments, credit card or phone bills, all of which have had an adverse effect on their credit score and subsequent loan application.

    Once a credit score is lowered, it’s often a very time-consuming process to restore it to the level required by many banks and high-street lenders. We understand the frustration this can cause, which is why we are committed to helping people with a poor credit history to find a loan agreement that works for them.

    Helping you secure the credit you need

    At Progressive Money, we believe in taking a person’s entire financial situation into account when evaluating any loan application. Even if you have been refused credit elsewhere due to a poor credit score, we may still be able to help.

    Our team of bad credit personal loan experts put your individual needs and financial situation first, and never rely solely on automated credit checks when coming to a final decision. This approach sets us apart from other lenders and has already allowed us to help thousands of people get access to the credit they need.

    If you’re looking to talk through your options for a bad credit unsecured loan, get in touch with us today – we’re more than happy to help.

    Do I qualify for a bad credit personal loan?

    To apply for a bad credit unsecured or personal loan through Progressive Money, you must meet the following criteria:

    • Aged 18-70
    • A homeowner
    • Live in the UK
    • Able to afford monthly repayments comfortably from your regular income

    Progressive Money offer personal loans from £1,000 up to the value of £15,000.

    How long do I have to repay my loan?

    We offer flexible personal loan repayment periods up to 10 years, and our team of expert loan advisers can talk you through all repayment options available to you.

    Although opting for a longer repayment schedule may reduce the amount you are due to pay back each month, remember that it also means that you are in debt for a longer period of time.

    How much interest will I have to pay on my bad credit loan?

    We believe in being completely transparent about all fees involved in your bad credit loan application. Interest rates vary with each application, and is dependent on various factors such as loan amount, repayment term, and credit score.

    Progressive Money charge an acceptance fee of 10% of the loan amount and an administration fee of £390.00 for the administration of the loan, which you can pay up front or choose to add into the loan amount. For example, if you are applying for a £7,500 loan, you may expect to pay an acceptance fee of £750 and an administration fee of £390.

    Can I pay off my bad credit personal loan earlier than agreed?

    A customer’s settlement is calculated in accordance with the early settlement regulations.

    Unlike many other loan providers, with a personal homeowner loan through Progressive Money you can pay back a bigger instalment or make a lump sum payment when required. This will also reduce the amount of total interest repaid on the loan.

    We will not turn you away if you have negative equity in your property. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee your personal homeowner loan until we have reviewed your current circumstances and what repayments you can afford.

    At Progressive Money, we listen to you. Your application will be individually assessed by your personal account manager, not by a computer. They will also be there for you from your first discussion, right through until the money is in your account. If you have any questions during your loan term, your personal account manager is always just a quick call away.

    Representative Loan Example: Loan Amount: £4,000.00, Loan Term: 36 months, Monthly Interest Rate: 30.60% PA (Fixed), Monthly Repayments: £195.55, Total Amount Repayable: £7,040.00, This example includes an Acceptance Fee of £400 (10% of the loan amount) and an Administration Fee of £390.

    *The maximum APR is representative of plan 4c based on a term on 24 months and a loan amount of £2000.

    Progressive Money Limited is a direct lender and licensed credit broker. If your application for a loan doesn’t meet the underwriting requirements of Progressive Money Limited or you wish to consider other lending options, we may with your permission, pass your information onto other selected third party lenders or brokers, including other group companies. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Firm Reference No. 690699. Registered with the Information Commissioners Office No. Z3414982.

    Loans for bad credit direct lenders

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    Choose the Best Loan. Apply Now!

    Get an instant online decision.

    Get a fast instant decision. Apply Now!

    No credit checks needed

    Get cash in your bank today. Apply Now!

    Choose an amount below:

    What are Bad Credit loans? They are a type of loan given to people who need funds quickly. If you are employed or on benefits, you can likely qualify for a Bad Credit loan. They are also called Bad Credit loans, short term loans, instalment loans and Bad Credit loans NZ.

    What are Bad Credit Pay Day Loans NZ?

    They are loans for people of New Zealand who have bad credit. Lenders will offer loans to people with bad credit if they are employed or are receiving benefits. You can get a NZ loan if you click apply and submit your application today.

    An online payday loans direct lender is directly in charge of lending you the money you need until payday. This means you do not have to go through multiple companies to get a short-term loan. Instead, a payday loans direct lender takes over all the parts of the lending process, from borrower approval to the funding of the loan, and finally repayment of that loan.

    They are a loan given to people who have bad credit in New Zealand, hence “bad credit loans”. You can get one by applying at Monies, where loans for $100 to $500 are common. If you need more than this, you can apply and receive a bad credit loan if you are employed or on benefits.

    Fast payday loans are when you apply for a loan and receive funding the same day, or within 24 hours of when your application is approved. You can get a fast payday loan by clicking the apply button and submitting your application today. This will ensure you get your loan as quick as possible.

    What is a payday loan direct lender? They are lenders who transfer funds directly into your account. Search results returned likely include payday loan direct lenders and brokers, although sometimes it can be difficult to know which is which. A payday loans direct lender is one that transfers the funds directly into your account.

    What are Loans for Bad Credit NZ?

    They are a loan that is taken out when a person has credit that isn’t very good. They are primarily for taking care of financial crisis situations and are for people who live in New Zealand. You can get a loan with bad credit.

    Someone will get a fast cash loan if their circumstance is that they are without money and facing a financial crisis. This is the purpose of getting an emergency loan. Sometimes you can get payday loans with no credit checks and no paperwork in NZ.

    Direct Lenders with No Credit Checks for Bad Credit

    The majority of people who want a payday loan have the following concerns:

    1. They need a payday loan.
    2. They would prefer to receive one without a credit check.
    3. They want to receive this loan from a direct lender.

    If this sounds like your situation, please continue to read and we will share with you how to have cash wired to your bank account from the convenience of your home.

    What are no credit check beneficiary loans?

    If you want to apply for a “no credit check payday loan”, you may be expecting that your credit will not be checked by the lender or broker whom you apply with. If you submit your application through Monies, your credit may or may not be checked, depending on the lender. You can apply for free, even if you think your credit is too bad to qualify. The minimum that would happen when you apply anywhere is that they will make certain you are not bankrupt or other financial situation that would prevent you from being able to repay your loan.

    Following are some hypothetical amounts you may be able to qualify for.

    High Acceptance Levels

    Loans For Bad Credit - Wonder what we do?

    Well there is no prizes for answering that unfortunately.

    We are finding that mainstream lenders are rejecting applicants for loans just because they might have had one or two late repayments recorded on their credit file over the last 6 years. This seems to us to be over the top. Data shows that people who have had credit problems in their past are likely to be more careful this time. That's why we are able to help them finally get the loan that they have been searching for.

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