installment loans in alabama

installment loans in alabama

Welcome to Installment Loans Alabama

If you are caught in a situation where you may need additional financial assistance to pay for emergency expenses, we can help you overcome such circumstances. With an aim to provide you with efficient solution, at Installment Loans Alabama we can help you search loans that you can repay in multiple installments. Register and apply at our site now!

With an Installment Loans Alabama you can meet your urgent expenditure without any having to provide any collateral such as car or any other assest to the lender. To qualify you will just need to confirm that you are a citizen of the US, at least 18 years of age, salaried and hold an active checking account. Once you fill and submit the online application, our software will connect you with lenders that offer these loan services that can meet your needs!

Payday loans Alabama are short term loans that will let you meet a monetary shortfall ahead of payday. At Installment Loans Alabama you can apply to connect to these loans to deal with financial emergencies. You are free to spend the borrowed money for any purpose.

Short term installment loans are small loans that can be taken to take care of any short termed monetary crises. You can get these loans with a monthly installment option. You will neither have to pledge any collateral at Installment Loans Alabama to qualify. Please note that some lenders on our panel may want additional information regarding your employment etc later in the application process.

Long term payday loans will enable you to get a loan for a duration longer than a month. These loans can be applied to pay for any unexpected expenditure that pops up before payday. It does not matter if your credit rating is good or bad, you can still qualify with us at Installment Loans Alabama if your current repayment ability is good.

Register and apply at Installment Loans Alabama and our software will match your application and connect you with a lender!

The Representative APR is 1737% so if you borrow $200 over 31 days at a rate of 296% p.a. (variable) you will repay $250 in total.


We expect you to repay your loan on the date agreed, so if you do not think you are in a position to make your repayment, please do not apply with us in the first place. It is not worth risking your credit rating for such a small amount.

Please note that payday loans are meant to be used for short term financial emergencies and are not designed to provide long term solutions

The operator of this website is not a lender and does not make credit decisions. The information you provide will be used in securing you a payday loan with one of our carefully selected panel of leading Payday Loan Lenders in USA. The personal, financial and employment information that we collect is stored electronically during the duration of the application and is removed from our system upon acceptance from the lender.

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If you are looking for a reliable and Ethical lending source one that offers competitive installment loan rates with great service all without a credit check than Green Machine Financial services is for you. Green Machine Financial Services is a U.S. based and licensed direct lender, there are no third party middleman to deal with. Your application is reviewed directly by one of our loan representatives enabling us to approve qualified applicants in minutes. Green when you need it. We know life happens.the Green Machine will be there for you! At Green Machine we are dedicated to helping our customers secure convenient installment loans from the privacy and comfort of their own home. Our installment loan services are a quick solution for your immediate financial needs. Make anyday payday with a hassle-free installment loan from Green Machine Financial Services and benefit from.:

Loans No Credit Check. Short Term loans. How It Works. Apply And Get Your Cash Now! Get Started Now. By clicking on Get Started Now I agree to the. Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of PaydayNow.Net. No Lines, No Waiting, No Hassles! Quick Payday Loans. Merchant Cash Advance. Installment Loans for bad credit?

Our easy and secure installment loan application will have you back on your feet in no time. No lengthy forms or complex legal hurdles to jump over. Strengthen your Credit. Credit Fair-E installment loans will help you build a strong credit profile and assist you in lowering your rates over time.

Average terms are from 6-9 months to pay the loan off with equal monthly payments. Monthly Payment Installment Loans No Hard Credit Check. Many people choose monthly installment loans over payday because they have a set monthly payment schedule and do not auto renew.

Minute Loan Center does not perform traditional credit checks as part of its credit transaction approval process, but does verify applicant information via national databases including, but not limited to, Clarity. Personal loans should be used only for unexpected financial needs, not as a long-term financial solution.

Have direct deposit of your paycheck into your checking account. Even if you've' had a prior bankruptcy, a poor credit history or charge-offs, you may still qualify for a payday loan or cash advance loan in Kansas City. Kansas City installment loans have slightly different qualifications.

Same day installment loans no credit check. Feel either is important to buy best mortage rates a bad credit will mean the amount upfront then you can the loan. Period providers can comfortably afford to meet the loan providers with credit card consolidation calculator a guarantor such as.

These installment loans have the same features that make payday loans dangerous: no credit check, no gauge of your ability to repay and easy access to your bank account for automatic withdrawals. The loan amounts range from 100 to several thousand dollars, and borrowers typically make equal, fixed payments over months or years.

Improving your Credit Score. Bad Credit Credit Check Credit Report Credit Score Education. Improve your credit score by utilizing a free credit report to help. CreditBox is here to provide helpful information to improve your financial future. Tips to Prevent Debt. CreditBox Education Managing Debt. Debt is a huge issue that affects a lot of people. Incurring bad debt is something that is not hard to come by now days. There are many ways to try and stay debt free and CreditBox is here to help give you some of those ideas. How Installment Loans Benefit Colle. CreditBox CreditBox Loans Installment Loans Loan.

No Wait Loans can be one step on the path to a credit history you can be proud of. Installment Loan FAQs. How do installment loans work? Why installment loans instead of cash advance? Is it possible to get a loan with bad credit?

Rates and Terms

About MoneyKey Online Installment Loans in Alabama

The MoneyKey online Installment Loan offered in Alabama is a simple interest loan product repayable in substantially equal installments spread out over a period of approximately eighteen (18) months.

How much can I borrow in Alabama?

Alabama Installment Loan amounts range between $2,000 and $2,600. Whether an individual will be approved, and the amount they will be approved for, is dependent on certain qualification criteria. Complete our online application form to find out if you qualify for an Installment Loan.

How much will my Installment Loan cost in Alabama?

Bi-Weekly Example: In this example, the APR is 218.39% for a loan of $2000 with an effective date of 06/16/2017. This is based on a loan term of 36 installments paid over 18 months. This is only an example; the APR, repayment amount and payment schedule will vary depending on the individual loan term.

Monthly Example: In this example, the APR is 218.96% for a loan of $2000 with an effective date of 07/12/2017. This is based on a loan term of 18 installments paid over 18 months. This is only an example; the APR, repayment amount and payment schedule will vary depending on the individual loan term.

When do I pay the Installment Loan back?

The Alabama online Installment Loan term is approximately eighteen (18) months. For customers who receive their income:

Bi-weekly, semi-monthly and weekly: The loan is repayable in thirty-six (36) installments.

Monthly: The loan is repayable in eighteen (18) installments.

Any payment made in excess of your scheduled payments (whether a partial or full prepayment) will reduce the finance charges you will pay in connection with the loan, relative to the finance charges disclosed in your loan agreements.

Yes, you may pay off your loan early and there is no penalty to do so. In fact, MoneyKey encourages you to pay your loan off as quickly as possible to reduce the total amount of finance charges you will pay in connection with the loan.

If you want to make an early payment, or pay an additional amount over and above your scheduled installment to reduce the total amount owed, you may do so at any time by contacting MoneyKey by phone at 1-866-255-1668 or via email at [email protected]

Are there any additional charges for online Installment Loans in Alabama?

No. There are no additional charges beyond what has been disclosed here.

Can I cancel my Installment Loan?

You can cancel your loan at no cost within three (3) business days of the effective date of your agreement. However, until the entire principal balance is returned, your loan will remain in full force and effect and you will continue to accrue fees on such outstanding principal. If you would like to cancel your loan, please contact us by phone at 1-866-255-1668 or via email at [email protected]

Who funds the Installment Loans in Alabama?

All loans are funded by MoneyKey – AL, Inc. The loan agreement will be governed by applicable laws of the State of Alabama.

I have a few more questions about Installment Loans in Alabama.

For additional questions, or if you would like to learn more about online Installment Loans in Alabama, please call our Customer Care team at 1-866-255-1668, or check out the frequently asked questions (FAQs) for this product.

Our Alabama license can be viewed by clicking the image below.

Find out if you qualify for a loan or line of credit today

Helpful To Keep Your Budget In Place!

Need fast cash now? But don’t want to face the hassle of lump sum repayment? Don’t worry and simply choose Short Term Installment Loans to tackle your financial urgency now and make repayment through scheduled out payments. Working class people find it really convenient to avail these deals in necessity simply by proving their ability to make payment through stable monthly salary.

Online medium provide the smooth way to grab the suitable service by making a simple application form with necessary details. There one can easily conduct the research work and choose the lending option that matches one’s condition completely. There are number of beneficial features one enjoy with these financial aid that make one of the most demanding financial option in online market.

Features To Enjoy By Applying Short Term Installment Loans Online

• Small cash advance with easy and affordable repayment option

• Freedom to conduct research and find the reasonable lending scheme

• Quick cash support without collateral pledging or document faxing

• Easy application through online loan form

• Information stay secured and confidential

• Approved cash directly deposited in bank account

• No restriction on the usage of approved loan amount

• Bad credit is also accepted by specialized loan providers

There is no doubt that Short Term Installment Loans are apt to choose by working people who need small cash help but don’t want to face the hassle of single payment. But before making the final lending decision, it is mist that you know your pocket and search of the option that matches your condition completely and give you positive lending experience.

Trivial Cash Obtained Should Be Repaid In Installments

Plenty loan options are available down there in the loan market. But taking into consideration your present financial condition it can be stated that finances are not in place for you. Thus you are not in a position to refund loans in concrete amount. For borrowers like you short term installment loans are the most suitable loan alternative. These loans pledge you to provide loan money for your insignificant demands. But the lender in return will seek money back via installments.

Short term installment loans should be recommended from the given range varying from $100 to $1000. These loans are meant to cover your unfulfilled small purchases thus the borrower should carefully pick up the loan amount complementing his or her needs.

The lender soon after assigning needed cash to the borrower will inform via email or personally about the time fixed up for repayment. Here the borrower will be asked to clear off the loan debts in small amount monthly. Thus little from your salary you will have to take out for reimbursement of loans.

For short term installment loans the lender does not require good credit scores of the borrower. The borrower might be bad credits can reach out for the lender to request the loan amount which will help him or her to overcome from the ongoing crisis.

The borrower must post his or her completed application for these loans online. This will directly reach the lender within much less time. The borrower should present details in the online form as instructed. After re checking only the borrower must press the submit button. No faxes will be demanded from the borrower for verification. The loan amount issued by the lender will be transported into your account.

Costly assets as collateral are not fundamental requirement for these loans. So if you are short of assets then also you can make request for these loans.

Remove Cash Crisis With Long Term Loans

Covering unanticipated monetary expenses are tough in this expensive age. A salaried person is unable to take care of entire expenses and urgency altogether. Thus, you require additional money to come out of unavoidable fiscal emergencies. For this, you may approach banks for loans. But, borrowing money from banks doesn’t sound good as it involves a lot of formalities.

If you are in dire need of financial assistance that too for long period then long term payday loans is the reliable and suitable loan service for you. As the name implies, these loans offer you long repayment option. Through these loans, salaried persons avail fiscal aid before their salary day.

The main benefit associated with these loans is its collateral free nature. Because of unsecured form, applicants have chance to grab funds without placing any security against the availed funds.

These loans instantly accept the loan applications of bad creditors. Lenders do not follow any credit verification policies. Worse credit profiles like foreclosure, arrears, missed payment, bankruptcy etc. are also eligible without any obligation and hassle.

But, there are few preconditions that must be satisfied if you wish to get long term payday loans. For this, you are supposed to have a regular source of income for past 6 months and should have citizenship proof of US. Your age limit must be least 18 years and you must be holding an active bank account.

Through short term installment loans, you get adequate funds ranging from $100 to $1000 according to your current financial urgency and capacity to repay. For your convenience, lenders have given 14 to 31 days for reimbursement of accessed loan.

You are needed to follow few simple steps for availing loan through internet. Online application procedure doesn’t involve faxing and application fee. You have liberty to apply from anywhere.

A Feasible Alternative For Alabama Citizens

There is always some amount of financial issue that needs to be sorted out. Since it is not quite possible to arrange the desired funds on your own, it does seem ideal to opt for additional monetary assistance. If indeed you are left with no other alternative, then you must consider availing an alternative that happens to be easy on your pocket and does not affect your budget much. As such, you can indeed consider applying for installment loans Alabama.

Residents, especially those in Alabama can rely upon these loans, especially when the going gets tough. The loan amount attained through this option can be used, without much of any interference from the lender. In fact, the loan amount applied for gets released within a short span of time, so that you can make use of the funds to resolve the crisis, without much of any delay. There is no place for any collateral and the lenders in particular are not quite interested to check your past credit history.

However what really matters is that of your solitary income and repaying ability. If you are having a full time employment and that your income is fixed and gets deposited in to a bank account; you can then certainly qualify for the loans. The loan amount you stand to avail is released somewhat on the basis of your prevailing circumstances. On your part, you must make it a point to derive the loans, which you can pay back, without having to face any hurdles.

Besides, the fact that you have make the payments in convenient installments indeed offers you the chance to clear the amount borrowed in the best possible way. While the interest rate charged can be marginally high; a detailed and proper research will indeed offer you the chance to acquire the funds against more suitable terms.

Payday loans Alabama is best applied through the online facility. Online lenders never ask for any documentation and you end up deriving the funds, with least complicacies. In fact, all you have to do is to provide the details in the online form, which can be accessed for free and that too at any point of time.

Meet Your Short Term Financial Needs through Installment Loans

You want to replace old furniture in your home. Replacement should have taken place much earlier but you could not do so for want of money.

Even now, you do not have required money but the furniture is in such bad condition that you have to replace them immediately. Hence, you plan to take a loan provided there is an option to repay the loan over few months’ time.

If you want to repay the loan in few installments, you should opt for short term installment loans. While helping you access money in quick time by adopting simple loan formalities, lenders allow you few months’ time to repay the loan in easy installments.

Since lenders do not ask you the reason for borrowing, you are free to use the available money to buy the planned furniture. In ideal circumstances, these loans provide enough financial assistance that helps borrowers to tide over their cash shortage situation.

However, fear of non-recovery in time forces lenders to decide you loan amount based on your monthly earnings and your ability to pay loan installments. Repayment period normally depends on loan amount and will extend to few months.

If you are suffering from credit rating problems due to late payments, defaults, foreclosures etc. and fear that lenders may refuse loan to you, there is no need to panic because these will not come to the notice of lenders in the absence of customary credit check ensuring smooth approval of your loan.

In addition, if you do not own assets, which prevent you from offering, security to your loan again there is no problem because lenders offer short term installment loans without making it mandatory to offer security.

Since lenders’ policy is to accept loan applications through online mode only, you must login to their website to submit loan application. As lenders do not ask for supporting documents to process loan, there is no need to fax any.

Moreover, lenders do not ask you to pay application fee or any other fee upfront, which makes online applying a risk free affair.

AlwaysMoneyв„ў has stores in Alabama, Mississippi and South Carolina.

When you’re low on cash and you need help paying your bills and unexpected expenses, AlwaysMoney™ is there to help you get the cash you need.

An installment loan is a personal loan that can be backed with or without collateral and is repaid over a set period of time. At Always Moneyв„ў, get an in-store installment loan up to $1,500* in South Carolina. Get a secured installment loan up to $10,000** in both South Carolina and in Alabama!

  • Complete the application
  • Walk out with the money you need
  • Repay the loan in increments through an affordable payment plan

Below are the requirements to apply for an installment loan at Always Moneyв„ў

At least 18 years old (19 for personal loan in Alabama)

Your Bank account and a recent statement

Proof of income (most recent paycheck stub)

Proof of residence such as one of the following: utility bill, rent receipt or pay stub.

A valid government-issued photo Identity Card

For secured installment loans: your vehicle and its lien-free title; the vehicle can be a car, truck, boat, motorcycle or RV

Follow any of the steps below to get an Installment loan at your convenience!

Visit a AlwaysMoney Store nearest to you and apply for a loan

Fill out this Online form to get started with your loan

Call us at 1-855-462-5929 during the normal business hours and get your loan pre-approved!


At Always Money, we know that everyone has different needs and different resources, so that’s why we offer a variety of loan products.

You don’t have to have a perfect credit score.

When it comes to loans at Always Money, you don’t have to have a perfect credit score in order to be approved. We understand that financial hardships happen, and we care more about your ability to repay.

Walk in today and leave with money you need, when you need it.

We have several loan options to choose from. Learn more about the loan requirements here or get started online so you can be in and out in minutes.

Repay the loan in increments through an affordable payment plan.

Repayment plans vary depending on the type of loan you choose. However, if you think you’ll need more money and more time to repay, ask us about our installment loan options. With our installment loans you may pay us back based on a monthly payment schedule up to 12 months, depending on your state of residence.

* Based on company underwriting requirements and ability to repay.

** Based on appraised value of collateral, company underwriting requirements, and ability to repay.

AlwaysMoney Stores where Installment Loans are offered.

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