financial debt relief

financial debt relief

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You Want To Get Out Of Debt. We Can Show You How.

Unsecured loans are too costly and minimum payments keep you from catching up on your debt.

You want to pay off your debt—not get more of it. We can help.

It’s what we do, every day, for people just like you.

This does not affect your FICO В® score.

DMB has helped more than 30,000 people just like you resolve their burdensome debt. We work directly with your creditors in your behalf to restructure how much you owe and the timeframe in which you have to pay it—all within a monthly budget you can afford.

One of our certified Program Consultants will review your financial situation and explain the options available to you. This is a FREE, no obligation consultation.

We will tailor a program specifically designed for your personal and financial needs.

You make monthly deposits into a dedicated FDIC insured savings account that you control.

As money builds in your account, we contact your creditors and negotiate a reduction in the balances owed.

Your focus should be paying off your debt as quickly as possible and at the lowest cost to you. But if you continue to pay only your minimums, you could pay two or three times more than what you originally borrowed. And depending upon the amount of debt and the payment terms, 10, 15, maybe even 30 years to pay it back! This is not a plan.

Make the smart financial decision and restructure your debt based on terms you can afford and pay less than what you currently owe. By completing our program, you could save thousands of dollars and be debt free sooner than you ever thought possible. Now that's a plan!

Your focus should be on paying off your debt quickly and at the lowest cost to you. By continuing to just pay your minimums, you’ll pay two or three times what you owe and it will take, on average, over 30 years to pay it back. An unsecured loan might help if you owe less than $25,000, but you’ll have a 30% interest rate and pay back twice what you borrow. Make the smart financial decision to restructure your debt based on terms you can afford and for less than what you currently owe.

Talk is cheap. Results are what matter. And that's why our clients refer us to their friends.

See what a few of our clients have to say about us!

Consumers Out of Debt

of Debt Managed

BBB Consumer Rating

Real people who are here for you.

You learn a lot helping over 30,000 people resolve their financial burdens. In fact, by putting our clients first,

DMB Financial has become a trusted leader in the industry managing over $1 billion of debt.

Our experienced, friendly team is here for you—real people who’ve been helping those in financial need since 2003! What’s more, in a world of automated phone systems, auto-attendants, and virtual receptionists, it’s nice to know that you can personally connect with your dedicated representative whenever you have questions.

Every day we are working for you—not for the credit card companies, debt collectors, or lenders. Our primary mission is to help you take control of the debt that’s taken control of your life with a personalized debt restructuring program that is specifically designed to help you achieve financial wellness in the shortest time frame possible. And rest assured, your dedicated client services representative will be by your side every step of the way

Founded in 2003, DMB Financial is one of the most trusted and practiced debt relief companies in the country. In fact, we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau where hundreds of our clients have lauded our professional services in addition to being an upstanding, accredited member of the American Fair Credit Council.

It is our mission to help you take control of your debt, restructure it in a way that’s affordable and in your best interest, and return you to an improved state of financial wellness.

See what we’ve recently done for our clients.

We’d love to hear from you.

DMB Financial can help you consolidate all of your high interest credit card balances into one lower, fixed monthly program payment. If your monthly minimum payments are becoming difficult to pay or your interest rates are just too high, then a debt restructuring program might be just the answer you have been looking for.

Call us anytime to speak to one of our certified program consultants for a FREE, no obligation consultation. We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions or personally walk you through the application process. Our professionally trained, experienced, and friendly staff will work with you to define your goals, assess your financial situation, and personalize a debt restructuring program that’s best for you.

Financial Debt Relief Group & Associates, Your Financial Solutions Made Easy!

Financial Debt Relief Group & Associates Is a Debt Settlement Company, specializing in debt settlement and consumer protection.

We at Financial Debt Relief Group & Associates are committed to providing Attorney Based Debt Settlement Options and consumer protection In many States.

Many of our clients have either gone through a difficult financial situation or have erroneous data on their credit report . Either of these is holding them and their families back from a more secure present and future.

Helping very financially distressed clients obtain Financial Freedom and restoring their piece of mind.

Financial Debt Relief Group & Associates abides by the Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA) and provides a free consultation from our Nationally Certified Debt Analyst to see what savings programs are available to the client.

Debt settlement advice | Settling your debts


Avoid Bankruptcy with Financial Debt Relief Group & Associates . We offer an affordable debt settlement alternative to credit counseling, debt cosolidation, bankruptcy and debt negotiation. Contact our knowledgeable debt consulting staff today for more information .

Get on the Fast Track to Reducing Your Debt Today!

Reduce Debt up to 70% & make 1 low monthly payment!

Complete our Attorney Certified Debt Settlement Program in 12- 36 months and become

We match you to an attorney from your state and a representive will go out to see you in

This program is VERY affordable & Your Credit is NOT a Factor!

Debt Settlement is the FASTEST and Least Expensive way to get out of debt.

Contact us today for a free consultation and see how we can save you money and get you

We are dedicated to the same goals you are: to reduce your debt, reduce your stress, and return your life to you. We will work hard every day to make that debt-free future a reality for you.

We understand the difficult financial situations that you face, excessive credit obligations, and creditors who are long on demands and short on understanding. It is our mission to provide you with the best alternative to bankruptcy, and save you literally thousands of dollars over the course of your settlement program. Our team of highly skilled client service representatives is dedicated in assisting and answering every question you may have with regards to your program. We pride ourselves in delivering the top-notch service that you deserve as you regain your financial independence. Our aim is to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the support that you receive!

Ask yourself this. If you could eliminate your debt without permanently damaging your credit, why wouldn't you?

Requirements for Our Debt Settlement Program:

2) Unsecured Debt such as Credit Cards, signature loans, store cards, collections, etc ..

In most cases, Debt Settlement can:

1) Allow you to pay substantially less than full balances owed.

2) Dramatically reduce creditor harassment.

3) Prevent judgments and garnishments against you.

1) Call us to set up an appointment to review your debts.

2) We review all of your debts and generate a payoff amount and monthly payment options.

3) Sign the paperwork and let us do the work!

4) One debit will occur every month and deposited into your own trust account until the accounts are settled.

Our fee mainly depends on the amount of debt that you would like to settle. Please contact us for a free consultation and we will be happy to explain the cost of the program.

  • All settled debts paid in full in 1-60 months (You decide).
  • Pay substantially less than the total amount due.
  • One easy monthly payment.
  • Be debt free.
  • Your money is kept in a FDIC insured bank account. -NEW

Please enter all of the requested information below for your fast and free, no obligation quote. Note: Debt Settlement is for unsecured collection debt only. Examples: Medical debt, Repossessions, Unpaid leases, Judgements, Unpaid utility bills. Sorry we can't offer debt settlement to residents in the following states: CO, HI, KS, OR, WA, WY and NC.

In some states we refer applicants to a law firm for this service. Call or Email for details.

NOTE: Minimum $10000 in unsecured debt is required

Debt relief is the reorganization of debt in any shape or form, so as to provide the indebted party with a measure of relief, either fully or partially. Debt relief can take a number of forms: reducing the outstanding principal amount (again, either partly or fully), lowering the interest rate on loans due, and/or extending the term of the loan, among others.

Creditors may only be willing to consider debt relief measures when the repercussions of debt default by the indebted party or parties are perceived as being so severe that debt mitigation is a better alternative. Debt relief may be extended to any highly-indebted party, from individuals and small businesses, to large companies, municipalities, and sovereign nations.

In a number of situations, debt relief may be the only course of action. For example, if a sovereign nation with a massive debt load is finding it difficult to service its borrowings, its creditors may be amenable to restructuring the debt and providing relief, rather than risk the nation defaulting on its obligations and increasing global systemic risk.

Debt Relief in Developing Countries

The Jubilee 2000 was a campaign in the 1990s by a host of NGOs, Christian organizations, and others to relieve developing nations of their debt by the year 2000. The petition had more than 21 million signers. Outcomes included wiping out approximately $100 billion of debt from 35 countries, along with increased awareness of the nature and scale of existing debt and the significant corruption behind much lending and borrowing. Government accountability subsequently grew in this regard. Savings were used to reduce poverty, fund health, education, and rebuilding programs in these nations. 32 of the 40 nations served were in sub-Saharan Africa.

Consumer debt consists of debts that are owed as a result of purchasing goods that are consumable and/or do not appreciate. In 201,7 consumer debt was noted to have reached a new high of $12.8 trillion since the 2008 financial crisis. This has been attributed to soaring student and auto loans, along with total credit card debt. Options for mitigating consumer debt include speaking with a creditor about debt relief options, such as restructuring loan(s) and/or loan forgiveness, or declaring personal bankruptcy.

Possible Drawbacks of Debt Relief

Possible drawbacks of debt relief are that it could encourage imprudent and reckless behavior by historically fiscally irresponsible parties. These parties could potentially embark on borrowing sprees in the expectation that their creditors will eventually bail them out.

Let us negotiate with your creditors to reduce

what you owe and help you be debt free faster

Over 500,000

Free, no-risk debt

Over $8 billion in debt

resolved since 2002

Let us negotiate with your creditors to reduce your debt and help you be debt free faster.

Over 500,000 clients

Free, no-risk debt

Over $8 billion in debt

resolved since 2002

Tell us about your debt

Let’s talk to make sure we’re the right debt solution for you

See what you could save

Find out how much faster you could resolve debt by partnering with us

Enroll in our program

We negotiate settlements with creditors until all your enrolled debt is gone

You could begin your path to debt relief in just a few days

Your success = our success

We work hard every day to earn the trust and commitment of our clients,

who don’t pay a cent unless we negotiate a debt settlement for them

Find out how you could be debt free faster

We’re your partners, every step of the way

Enroll in our program, and it’s no longer just you against your creditors. We’re on your side, ready to help you get out of debt — and get on with your life. You don’t have to go it alone anymore.


Our customer service representatives are friendly people who are always ready to answer your questions or concerns

Your online Client Dashboard makes it easy to stay up to date on your settlement status

To learn more about our employees and founders, click here.

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