consumer loans for bad credit

consumer loans for bad credit

How much would you like to borrow?

We are a credit broker not a lender.†

These are loans designed for people with a bad or insufficient credit history.

Typically, bad credit loans have higher interest rates and greater restrictions than other loans, since lenders may see you as a high-risk customer. However, they can be useful if managed responsibly.

Loans for bad credit – who are these for?

A bad credit loan might be a good option for you if you’re struggling to get approved for standard loans.

Lenders may refuse you standard credit if they think you won’t pay them back. Looking at your Data Self can help them decide – this is the version of you that’s made up of your past financial behaviour and other information. Your Data Self might look unreliable to lenders if you:

  • Have a lot of debt
  • Apply for credit too regularly (e.g. more than once every three months)
  • Miss payments or default on your accounts
  • Have difficulty repaying lenders and get a County Court Judgement, Individual Voluntary Arrangement, or Debt Management Plan
  • Are declared bankrupt
  • Don’t have much credit history yet (e.g. because you’re young or new to the country)

How can you get a loan if your credit history isn’t up to scratch?

  • Consider using simple forms of credit, like a mobile phone account or utility bills, to show you can pay bills responsibly and on-time each month
  • Review your Experian Credit Report to ensure it’s up-to-date and accurate
  • Register to vote, as this helps lenders confirm your identity and address
  • Search for a loan that fits you – without negatively impacting your credit score – using our comparison services. We can also show you which personal loans you’re more likely to be approved for, by matching your credit information against lenders’ criteria. Remember, we’re a credit broker, not a lender – that means we can help you find deals, but we can’t provide credit or approve your application†

You can get to know your Data Self by checking your Experian Credit Score. This is a number between 0-999 – the higher it is, the better your Data Self may appear to lenders. You can access your score with a free Experian account, and it’ll be updated every 30 days if you log in.

Where to get a credit card or loan if you have bad credit.

Getting a Visa, MasterCard or loan to repair bad credit or establish a credit rating can be a difficult task when most lenders are not willing to give you a second chance or let you prove yourself trust worthy.

After long hours of research, we have discovered proven tips and advice on the different tactics to build and repair credit scores. Even with bankruptcy, we can help you get on the road of having excellent a credit score and allowing you to enjoy the benefits of low interest rates and the buying power to succeed in life. In this free consumer guide to bad credit repair, you will find out which lenders will approve you for credit cards, car loans for a new or used vehicle, mortgage loans, unsecured personal loans, and even a checking account.

How long will it take to get a good credit rating?

Establishing and repairing bad credit can take some time and you must be patient because it may take up to a year or more to fix and repair your credit score. It all depends on how bad your credit situation is currently. On the upside, your credit score will improve monthly as you pay your monthly payments on time, removing past due amounts and collection accounts. As you read through our free bad credit repair guide, you will obtain a good understanding of the steps and time it will take you to build and repair your credit score and keep it there, so you will be able to take advantage of the benefits of having a great credit rating becoming creditable for lenders.

Popular Bad Credit Repair Questions

In the Consumer Bad Credit Guide, we have provided answers to some commonly asked questions about obtaining credit cards and loans with bad credit, repairing your Fico score, and obtaining a annual free credit report. Below, you will find some commonly asked questions, that we have provided answers to through out our consumer guide. We have also provided resolutions to a great number of other credit questions on the left that can be helpful and useful to you. Just find the topic of interest in our menu to find what you are looking for.

Debt consolidation loans for bad credit

Need debt consolidation loans for bad credit?

If your debt is steadily rising and your credit score has been damaged, you may be looking at a debt consolidation loan as a way of addressing the problem. But debt consolidation loans for bad credit can be a risky proposition, and it's wise to talk to a certified credit counselor before taking any action.

By consolidating a variety of debts with high interest in a new low-interest loan, debt consolidation or debt relief loans should help to reduce the amount of interest you're paying each month, enabling you to pay the debt down faster. But debt consolidation loans for bad credit don't always work out that way — you likely won't qualify for the lowest debt consolidation rates if your credit is bad, and you may have to pay significant fees on top of that. And unless you are simultaneously taking steps to address the reasons you initially got into debt, debt consolidation loans for bad credit may not help you get out of debt at all.

That's why, as you consider debt consolidation loans for bad credit and other ways of reducing your debt, it's important to get objective advice from a financial professional. That's where American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC) can help.

Get advice on debt consolidation loans for bad credit from ACCC.

ACCC is a nonprofit organization that provides free credit counseling and low-cost debt management services to individuals and families seeking to get out of debt for good. Over the past two decades we have helped thousands of consumers find their way out of debt and learn to manage money in order to remain debt-free.

When you contact us for your free credit counseling session, our certified credit counselors will analyze your finances to get a clear picture of your situation. We'll then fill you in on all the strategies and options for paying down your debt, including debt consolidation loans for bad credit. Finally, we'll help you choose the credit debt solution that makes the most sense for your financial goals.

An alternative to debt consolidation loans for bad credit

After reviewing your finances, your credit counselors may recommend a debt management plan as an alternative to debt consolidation loans for bad credit. In a debt management plan with ACCC, rather than taking on a new loan to pay off old loans, you'll work out a plan to pay your debt down over time, working off a budget you can live with. You'll make one payment each month to ACCC and we'll pay each of your creditors for you. This simplifies your finances, reduces your stress of owing money, and lets us work with your creditors to seek possible reductions in interest rates, finance charges and other fees that can reduce the total amount you owe.

Learn more about debt consolidation loans for bad credit at ACCC, and get answers to your questions like "How do I pay off debt more quickly?" and "How do I consolidate loans most effectively?"

Loans for People with Bad Credit

Your credit does not have to be a problem. When emergencies happen, there’s no time to improve your credit score. Naturally, you start looking for loans for bad credit. At Personal Money Service, we realize that a perfect credit history is simply impossible for many American households. This is where we are ready to help when no one can. Apply for personal loans for bad credit!

  • short and easy application
  • safe & secure
  • up to 60 seconds
  • big choice of lenders
  • as soon as the next day
  • money into bank account

A bad credit not only can influence your ability to borrow, but it can decrease your chances of renting an apartment or even land a new job. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t qualify for loans with bad credit. We recommend you to go ahead and submit the application. We’ll do our best to connect you with a certified lender.

A great benefit of our service is that you save lots of time. No need to go from one lender to another looking for a short term loan or maybe a bad credit personal loan. Just submit the application and let us worry about the rest.

Use unsecured loans for bad credit and stress less about your finances. Personal Money Service works with a huge network of direct lenders to ensure the quickest way for people to get access to loans. Applying for a loan on our site is not complicated at all. And the advantages you'll get are:

Don't waste your time. Get a loan online.

Are There Bad Credit Loans Guaranteed Approval?

Though many companies claim to grant you with online loans bad credit 100%, we cannot guarantee anything. Since Personal Money Service is not a decision maker, we cannot guarantee an approval. Moreover, bad credit is not the only criteria of why lenders will or will not provide you with a personal loan. Some will want to prioritize your employment history or monthly income. Do not let bad credit stop you from getting a loan online.

Personal loans for people with bad credit usually range from $ 1000 to $5 000. So do not waste your time. Click Get Started and start the application process. You are just a few simple steps away from your loan. The pre-approval process usually takes about 60 seconds. Your challenged credit is not a challenge for the lenders we work with. Need a quick loan online? Start now!

Why is it more? Not only you get better chances for approval for bad credit personal loans, but you get premium services, personal approach, and top lenders. Personal Money Service is a free service. You come to our website, apply and wait. If approved, your loan can be deposited electronically right into your checking account in as soon as the next business day. Getting your money is always easy when you choose our financial service.

We’ll never ask why you need personal loans with bad credit. The only thing that matters for us is for you to fix whatever troubles you are in. We also care about your financial literacy. That's why we always ask the consumers to borrow responsibly, follow the repayment schedule (especially when you apply for online loans with installment payments).

Remember that the better your score it, the better terms and rates you'll be able to get from the lender. Unfortunately, poor score is always a high risk for lenders. Apply for a loan now, but remember to fix your credit in the nearest future. is not a direct lender, but a service connecting potential borrowers with lenders able to provide loans completely free of charge. After the application is submitted the customer’s details go to the cooperating direct lender. The lender then provides the customer with an agreement that fully discloses the exact APR, fees, terms and conditions associated with the service in accordance with the information submitted by the client. The loan details between the customer and the lender are not in the competence of the Personal Money Service Company. We do not guarantee loan approval.

The policies and practices of Personal Money Service Company comply with the regulations of Fair Lending laws, Truth in Lending Act among them. The consumers covering their loans are protected by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act enforced by the Federal Trade Commission. The cooperating lenders from Personal Money Service Network follow federal regulations and states laws for lending within their borders.

Nations Bad Credit Loans Provides National Services for People With Poor Credit

Nations online program provides customers nationwide with fast reliable special financing services when it comes to people with bad credit situations. We provide you with instant solutions to help you anytime you you need a small or large loan. The difference between our program and the traditional lenders is that we specialize in helping individual with poor credit. You can literally apply securely online in minutes, get an instant decision and be approved through our special program that provides loans for people with bad credit.

In the past few years, many of us have had to drastically change our lifestyle due to economic pressures beyond our control. If pinching pennies and struggling to come up with extra cash during times of emergencies sounds familiar, we know exactly what you are going through. Worry no more, Nations Bad Credit Loans offers a variety of financial services and loan programs for people just like you who are seeking loans with adverse credit problems. Go to our secure online application that provide loans for people with bad credit to get you free approval today.

When you apply online there are many benefits that cannot be found using traditional methods. Our online application is secure and very simple to complete. Most customers can complete the form within minutes! Once you submit your application it is instantly processed so there are no long waiting periods to see if you approved. With Nations national reach you have access to literally hundreds of loan programs that are designed for people with bad credit scores.

Nations provides customers with a very large assortment of loan options that can meet the needs of most customers. With such a large variety of programs that specialize in mild to severe credit challenges there is generally a solution to help most people.

Auto Loan Program - If you are looking to purchase a new or used automobile you will find the process very fast and simple. Special financing programs offer very competitive rates and offer rapid approvals.

Payday Loans - The fastest and easiest way to get fast cash with absolutely no credit hassles. If you are looking for a loan for $2000 or less, and can pay it back within 30 days or less, then this may be the loan for you.

Personal Loan Solutions - If you need a small or larger loan that you want to pay back over a longer period of time you will enjoy the various benefits offered by a secured or unsecured personal loan.

Thousands of satisfied customers cannot be wrong! We publish random emails we get from customers from time to time so future customers can hear from real people that have used our services Take a minute to look over the testimonials and praises sent in by our customers. While we realize it is impossible to help 100% of our applicants we do pride ourselves in offering one of the highest approval rates in the nation! If there is a way to get a customer approved we will work to find that avenue.

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