Andropen Office: complete porting OpenOffice on Android

A new office suite has recently appeared in the Google Play directory: Andropen Office, a complete port of OpenOffice for Android.

Kingsoft Office Smart Office office suites for Android proposing to view and / or edit documents directly from an Android device is not missing. A new application has however recently appeared: Andropen Office. This is based on the Open Office project work managed by the Apache Foundation.

Andropen Office

Generally, mobile office suites are widely adapted to multi-screens, an optimization that usually results in the withdrawal of several features. Based on Open Office 3.4, Office Andropen seems to have a different approach. Indeed, the application embeds all the tools offered by Open Office: text editor, manager spreadsheet, presentation tool ... The files created will be compatible with Microsoft formats and OpenDocument.

However, the publisher does not seem to have lingered on the ergonomics of the user interface. Certainly, the application supports the pressure of the finger or the accelerometer but the toolbar with various options remains unchanged.

Andropen Office therefore seems very suitable for smartphones and better suit the 10-inch tablet equipped with a set of keyboard / mouse connected via Bluetooth. Note in passing that Microsoft offers its Office Mobile suite for holders of an Office 365 subscription.

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