Roku 4: Ultra HD decoder smart against Apple TV and Chromecast

The American Roku, some predict the imminent arrival in France, announced the next generation of its high-end media gateway. Point by point, the Roku 4 supplants the new Apple TV.

Here is the Roku 4, with 4 to succeed the Roku 3, but also with the 4K 4. The main contribution of this new multi-service decoder is actually support for Ultra HD, that up to 60 f / s. It has to do with a HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2.

Roku 4
This is one of its main advantages over the Apple TV 4th generation, to be held in at least initially, to 1080p. Note however that it is not entirely impossible that this Apple TV offers a day UHD. This will definitely up to 30 Hz, due to its HDMI 1.4. But most programs are and will in any event produced 24, 25 or 30 frames / s for a while.

Moreover, the interface of the Roku 4 will be displayed in 1080p. Only videos and photos benefit from Ultra HD. Like the Xperia Z5 premium smartphone. But unlike Sony, Roku has the merit to clarify. The chip, which has four cores, naturally decodes the HEVC, but also VP9, ​​alternative codec for Ultra HD on YouTube.

The new Roku goes further to Wi-Fi 802.11ac dual band MIMO (like Apple TV), and the extended optical audio output (unlike the Apple TV), USB 2.0 and microSD slot.

Roku OS 7, a platform "neutral"

The Roku 4 comes with a new firmware, which will also benefit the previous models, Roku OS 7. This proprietary platform brings various improvements to the existing concept. Roku does not publish its own video on demand service, but its "Channel Store" lists the most popular services on the markets in which its products are marketed (especially in the US, Canada and UK) .

The brand boasts its neutral and impartial unified search engine, which is a program either on any service, without favoring one house service. In continuation, the Roku Feed function to subscribe to a film, a director or actor to be notified during an outing or a price reduction on one of the partner platforms.

Roku OS 7

A clever range

Finally we find the usual smart functions. In addition to a microphone for voice search, radio remote control (Bluetooth?) And offers an audio output, watching a program with a helmet or a pair of conventional headphones. This remote control is also an honorable joystick, when held horizontally, for games casual. And you can take her to the hotel Roku or use it in a university residence without special equipment, apparatus therefor deporting the authentication Web page on a smartphone.

Roku 4
The Roku 4 is launched in the US retail price of $ 130. Preorders are open, for availability by the end of October. Roku will launch soon in France, according to news which Free electron, but it is unclear if it will launch this product or another, as his self-powered HDMI MHL key.

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