Pokémon Go: proximity radar back soon?

If the Pokémon Go Madness, who took to Niantic free in July 2016 with the release of the game was a little out of breath, the application to capture Pokémon in the wild can boast of always having a core players. They should receive shortly a new feature.

More than a new feature, it is an old feature that was removed shortly after the launch of the game by Niantic because the servers of the game had trouble keeping up.

The proximity radar back soon in Europe?

The late feature by players around the world is obviously the radar nearby. Initially, it showed through "not" the distance between the player a Pokémon. With the principle of the game "hot / cold", a trainer could then deduce the location of the Pokémon in question. When Niantic eliminated the radar, critics have not failed.

Since then, more news and some players have found themselves unable to play because they were no longer able to find Pokémon. Niantic has since developed a new version of its radar, the company began deploying the US, not without having to fix some bugs in the process. This same radar that will be extended to more areas of the world.

pokemon go radar

A radar based on the proximity of Pokéstop

In a post published November 30, 2016 by Niantic team on site Pokémon Go, the ad is clear: the proximity radar will be available to more players. Without clarification, Niantic announces its deployment in all the United States and much of Europe. She will be France among the elect?

The radar deployed by Niantic however, is not the same as the original. Now the nearby Pokémon is calculated according to a Pokéstop, but the location of the Pokémon also appears on the global map. What make the game much easier.

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