Microsoft finally launches Xbox One PC

Microsoft yesterday announced four new devices in two different areas: office mobility, and PC gaming. The most awaited announcement is no doubt that the launch of Xbox One PC.

The "Xbox One Controller + Cable for Windows" as the name implies, is only a conventional Xbox One, strictly identical to the one already marketed, but provided with a (long) USB cable matching, measuring 2 75 m.

Xbox One Controller + Cable for Windows
We must say we could already use an Xbox One with Windows: Microsoft released the official pilot in June. But he had to get himself a long micro-USB cable, which does not grow on trees.

Now the new controller for PC Microsoft has the advantage of being the same price as the one for Xbox One, the USB cable does not entail any additional cost. One can even wonder if Microsoft will hold two references to the catalog. The two references being sold $ 60 in the US, it can be inferred that the European price, which has not been disclosed, will also be 55 euros. It will be launched in November.

Xbox One Controller + Cable for Windows

Still no wireless version

Nine years after the release of the Xbox 360, and nearly a year after the Xbox One, the latest joystick Microsoft will finally be able to replace its venerable predecessor, became the default controller for PC gamers. The Xbox controllers actually have the immense interest to be immediately operational with almost all PC games.

Microsoft, however, we regret that has not taken the opportunity to launch a new receiver for using the Xbox Wireless One. Unfortunately, it uses a proprietary protocol derived, but incompatible with Wi-Fi, and different from that used by the Xbox 360.

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