Seagate has a 60 TB with 3.5-inch SSD

Seagate unveiled at the Flash Memory Summit SSD's record capacity: 60 TB stacked in a single 3.5-inch envelope. The device is currently technology demonstration value, but it could go into production in 2017 current.

17 pitches 3.5 inches soon enough to accumulate 1 Po (petabyte) of storage flash memory. Seagate has indeed unveiled on Tuesday at the opening of the Flash Memory Summit (Santa Clara, California), the prototype of an SSD 3.5-inch viewing the record capacity of 60 TB. Associated with a SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) and thought to the business, SSD uses memory chips Micron signed (presumably 3D TLC), and revolves around a single controller, whose performances were not disclosed.

These 60TB contained in the envelope of a traditional hard drive in theory offer a higher density than the 2.5-inch SSD 16TB announced by Samsung.

In addition to its capacity, according Seagate holds another record: that of energy efficiency with 4 TB helpful per-watt. For the US company, the future high-capacity SSDs are destined to win in data center for companies looking to increase their storage capacity without deploying new racks, and without having to call on storage devices different as they store hot data (common access) or cold.

Seagate evokes a current availability 2017, without giving further details. The price for this world premiere will no doubt prohibitive: for comparison, 16 TB of Samsung is expected to turn around 10 000.

Seagate SSD 60TBEdited on 08/10/2016 at 8:32