Eden: new mobile plans Bouygues Telecom in detail

After focusing time on its new low cost Bouygues Telecom farewell to Neo Evasio and packages, only six months after their last upgrade, renewing again its portfolio of traditional plans, now named "Eden".

Logo Bouygues Telecom
Bouygues Telecom capitalizes on its way to number one customer relationship and intended these deals to those who wish an accompaniment, as opposed to independent consumers to which the offer B&You are destined. It thus promises a further simplified supply and relaxed, also and especially taking several measures to counteract the external temptations:
  • From 3 months' service, the plan change does not entail more reappointment.
  • At the end of the commitment period, Bouygues Telecom will prompt the subscriber to reengage 24 months in proposing a new mobile, but at a price that times lower than that of a new customer, through a subsequent refund.
  • Otherwise, the price of free mobile plan will apply automatically, since the terminal has been repaid.
Each of the packages remains naturally available with or without commitment or not mobile, but it is not possible to commit 24 months without a mobile package, which enhances the first prize in each of the packages.

Rates are generally lower, but usually at the expense of the quota beyond which the flow of the Internet connection is flanged to 128 kbps. Bouygues Telecom launches in return for the "Internet Options" (5, 7 and 14 euros for 250 MB, 1 GB and 2), with which the rate will be in contrast to an increase equivalent offer. Some levels also cede their place to other, wealthier and therefore more expensive.

Finally, subscribers to existing deals will most often interested in maintaining their offer, unless their use would have changed.

Eden classic

Succeeding the classic package, the new "Eden Classic" evolves smoothly. If his predecessor enriched with unlimited SMS, it now includes access to the community Wi-Fi network of the operator. What access the Internet occasionally. The rates are at best lower, stable worse, but both levels have unfortunately disappeared (3 to 6 hours).

Bouygues Telecom Eden classic
Eden relax

The new "Eden relax" wrongly gives the simplification wishes expressed by Bouygues Telecom, since it three levels on five Evasio it replaces. And nothing to spoil the Internet monthly quota varies depending on call time going from 500 to 350 MB below 3 pm. Visual Voicemail, once reserved for high-end packages, is however included on request. It is therefore difficult to comment on the evolution of tariffs since there is no equivalence. Proportionally, they seem nevertheless remain stable.

Bouygues Telecom relax Eden
Eden smartphone

The new "Eden smartphone" succeeds both Neo and Neo smartphone, retaining the worst of both: the Internet quota of 1 GB for the first barely lower rates than in the second. VoIP is widespread consideration at all levels, and the modem is now included use but clamping of 10MB per download is still likely in force.

Bouygues Telecom Eden smartphone
The new range of packages "Bouygues Telecom Eden" will be available from 14 October 2011.Edited on 27/06/2012 at 7:23 p.m.