Chrome: a new beta plugin optimizes the management and autonomy

As promised, Google announced that worked on the consumption of its Chrome browser with a new plugin management.

In the end of last month, during a discussion organized on Reddit, the development team answered several questions from users. Aurimas Liutikas engineer on the Chromium project, and stated: " We are actively working on optimizing the battery when Chrome is running in the foreground or in the background ".

gogole chromium
At the heart of the problem, Google says outset Flash Player. On one of its official blogs, the company said it had worked with Adobe to optimize the management of the autonomy of laptops. "When you are on a web page with Flash, we interrupt wisely certain content (eg Flash animations) that are not central on the Web page, while the core content (a video, for example) will be distributed without interruption ". If a page element is paused while you are interested in, simply click on it to launch it.

This new feature can be controlled directly within the browser settings. It is integrated into the latest beta and will then be available in all editions of the application.

Remains that beyond the Flash player, excessive battery consumption with Chrome is also explained by browser extensions, some running in the background. Tommy Li, an engineer involved in the development indicates that further improvements will be introduced over the coming months.

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