Windows 10: Project Neon, new interface?

And if tomorrow more like Windows ... Windows? This is the meaning of "Project Neon"As unveiled by the site Mspoweruser, who shared images of the likely future interface of the Windows 10 operating system.

Project Neon, a minor update to Windows 10?

The underlying idea is actually to standardize the appearance of Windows 10, which displays some animations and visual effects inherited from ... Windows 7.

No revolution therefore the key to this update of Windows 10, but a working coherence of the whole. It would include standardizing activities, for they are all the same, whatever the menus and system resources requested by the user. Based Mspoweruser, a new library called display "Acrylic" mission would be to blur the display behind the window of an application, to strengthen attention to it.

Windows 10 Project Neon

Microsoft applies to Windows 10 that requires developers with Project Neon

This update of the GUI, which could happen next fall along with the update to all Windows 10 called Redstone 3, also revise certain key applications of the Microsoft operating system, such as Outlook.

Project outlook neon
Ultimately, if this update "Project Neon" successful, it would finally that the consecration of the Microsoft Design Language, Windows Bible that application developers must read and mostly follow the letter that their applications integrate best with Windows 10. Microsoft and would only apply what it demands of others ...

project neonproject neon

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