Nokia Lumia 720: Windows Phone midrange, a little late?


Presented in parallel with the Lumia 520 at the Mobile World Congress in February, the Nokia Lumia 720 is positioned in the midrange. In this sense, it tries to fill the weaknesses of his little brothers with several new features while maintaining the technical data entry. The Lumia 720 is it provided the best compromise price / features?

Lumia 720 taken
Nokia Lumia 720
main Features
Operating system Windows Phone 8
Processor / speed Qualcomm S4 dual core 1GHz
Memory / Storage Internal memory 8GB
Expansion slot microSD up to 64GB
RAM 512 MB
Screen technology and definition IPS Screen 4.3 inch
Technology "Super Sensitive"
800 x 480 pixels - 217 PPI
Camera 6.7 megapixels - Flash
Aperture: f 1/9
FM radio No
Drums 2000 mAh / 3.7 V
not removable
Dimensions 127.9 x 67.5 x 9 mm
Weight 127 grams
connections WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC

Design and components

The Nokia Lumia 720 has a 4.3-inch IPS display for a definition of 800x480 pixels. This is the same as the diagonal 820, which is slightly smaller than that of the 920 (4.5 inches). Note that the pixel density (217 PPI) is less important than on the Lumia 520 (233 PPI) and 620 (245 PPI). Like the Lumia 620 and 820 we find the ClearBlack technology promising a better display in a sunny environment. Nokia has also shipped its super sensitive technology (or ClearPad) designed by Synaptics and allowing use of the terminal with gloves. Finally there is a type of glass Gorilla Glass 2 supposed to be more scratch resistant.

The device measures 127,9mm x 67,5mm x 9mm and weighs 127g. So the Lumia most end of the range. Note also that it is not possible to access the battery since the rear seat of hardened plastic is not removable. The chassis is similar to the 520 that is to say with angles a little more pronounced than on other more rounded models. On the back we find the speaker and an NFC contact area, which will also, via an optional shell, recharge the phone by induction.

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Performance-wise, the Lumia 720 has a Snapdragon S4 chip doubles heart clocked at 1 GHz and supported by 512 MB of RAM. Internal storage is 8GB expandable via a MicroSD reader, characteristics identical to those of Lumia 520 and 620. This model is distinguished by a 6.7 megapixel camera which has the particularity of having an opening of f1 / 9, be larger than other models (usually f2 / 4). The front camera of 1.3 Mega Pixels (1280 x 960 pixels) is itself provided with a traditional opening.

Regarding the finish, no complaints, we find the quality generally characterizing smartphones from the Finnish manufacturer. Despite its thinness, the phone offers a nice grip and the screen diagonal is not too high to be uncomfortable with the use of one hand.

Applications and Telephony


Nokia Lumia 720
No problem especially on the part telephony. During a call the sound is clear and we have not observed loss of grip to the network. Windows Phone is rather satisfactory in terms of features with the ability to transfer a call to set up an answer by SMS or to consult his call log.

The default applications delivered

On its end, Nokia pre-installs many of its internally developed applications. In this case, the Lumia 720 family embarks Mapping Services with Here (Here City Lens, Drive Here, Here, Here Transit). Creative Studio, Nokia and Smart Picture are also present.

Like the Lumia 520, the manufacturer has also signed several partnerships with several third-party publishers. Thus the Lumia 720 is immediately supplied with promotional space Angry Bird Roost, The Weather Channel, Le Parisien and Trip Advisor. Note however that it is possible to uninstall them easily.

Technical limitations

If Microsoft's applications directory days fabric days, the technical specifications of the device can sometimes be too righteous to execute certain securities. For this reason, Microsoft automatically filters the contents of his booth. Thus, in the section dedicated to Nokia smartphones, games Mass Effect: Infiltrator and Real Racing 2 available on a Lumia 920 are not offered for download. Other considered too intensive applications include NBA Jam, Real Football 2013 or Modern Combat 4.

Lumia 720 - ApplicationsLumia 920 - Applications
Left: Lumia 720 | Right: Lumia 920

Internet and multimedia

Since the Lumia 720 comes with Windows Phone 8, the web browsing is done with Internet Explorer version 10. So this is the same version embedded within other Lumia latest generation but also smartphones from HTC ( 8S, 8X) or Samsung (ATIV S). Support for HTML5 elements is identical with a score of 320/400 on For comparison, Safari on the iPhone 5 with iOS 6 gets 386/400 against 390/400 for Galaxy SIII with Chrome.

Manipulations zoom type multipoint or scroll the page are fluid and will benefit from the super sensitive screen. Unlike the ATIV S, it will be possible to opt for Google than Bing as default search engine in the advanced settings of the browser.

Lumia 720 - IE10Lumia 720 - IE10Lumia 720 - IE10

Multimedia side the Lumia 720 supports WMV type standard, MP4 or AVI. MKV is still lacking and we must wait VLC bears his application on the mobile OS. In headphones, the sound quality is good. We appreciate the various equalizer options offer more than fifteen pre-configured modes as well as a Dolby option.

Note that, like the Lumia 520 the loudspeaker is placed on the back of the phone. The latter is located on the lower right. However, if the sound is not immediately muffled by the palm of the hand, it may cause some vibration.

Windows Phone does not carry a DLNA sharing functionality natively but Nokia provides application Read On. Having paired the phone to a compatible TV connected to the same network we were able to play streaming content (music, photos, video clips) of the Lumia 720.

Lumia 720 - Audio Nokia Lumia 720 = Read On

Capture photos and video

The Nokia Lumia 720 has a 6.7 megapixel camera with a larger opening than the other models in the range since it is f1 / 9. In theory, this allows the camera to capture more light. In practice the results are quite good

Lumia 720 - lit sceneSamsung Ativ - Scene + artificial lightinglumia 920
Left: Nokia Lumia 720 | Center: Samsung Ativ S | Right: Nokia Lumia 920

Under artificial lighting, the white balance is good with a color rendering consistent with our stage testing. In comparison a picture with the Samsung ATIV S under similar conditions tend to veer slightly toward yellow. Further note that unlike the Lumia 920, the colors captured with the Lumia 720 is not too contrasting.

Lumia 720 - scene illuminated 100%Lumia 720 - szene illuminated 100%
Lumia 720: Extracts 100%

In a shaded environment the result is satisfactory. The default sensitivity is set to ISO 640 and like other Windows Phone, it can be mounted up to 800 ISO. A 100% extract, however, shows the presence of chromatic noise image from 400 ISO.

Lumia 720 shaded default
shaded environment - Default Sensitivity ISO 640
Lumia 720 shaded ISO 400 Lumia 720 shaded ISO 800
100% Extracts - Left: ISO 400 | Right: ISO 800

Outside, the image is properly exposed and the white balance in auto mode offers a good color rendering without much contrast or saturated colors.

Lumia 720 Outdoor

On the video side, no big surprises. The maximum recording resolution of 720p rest. In addition, it will be satisfied with autofocus. It still suffers from a lack of responsiveness.

Performance and battery life


Nokia Lumia 720: Windows Phone midrange, a little late?

SunSpider measure the speed of the engine of JavaScript execution. The smallest result is also the most efficient. We truly discern two categories revealing the characteristics of the models tested. The first group, including the Lumia 720, is positioned in the portion of 1400 ms while the second, more powerful, is under 1000 ms bar.

WP Bench

Nokia Lumia 720: Windows Phone midrange, a little late?

The WP Bench tool proposes calculating a score after sifted processor speed, hardware acceleration of the graphics and speed of the internal memory. Again the high-end handsets, with a double heart chip clocked at 1.5GHz and 1GB of memory displayed unsurprisingly a higher result than the input smartphones midrange as the Lumia 720 . Note however a substantial gain over the first generation of Lumia.

Multibench 2 (CPU)

Nokia Lumia 720: Windows Phone midrange, a little late?

With Multibench we simply proceed to test CPU and graphics above shows similar results, and logical given the similarity of the components. Performance does not therefore form a selection criterion for this Lumia 720 compared to 620 or 520.

video Battery

Nokia Lumia 720: Windows Phone midrange, a little late?

In normal use, the phone (telephony, WiFi, surfing, email ...) phone battery offers two days of autonomy. For our autonomy video test, measurement is performed with looping a 720p file. The screen brightness is set to maximum, the volume to 50%, the Wi-Fi enabled and disabled Bluetooth. The above figures therefore represent the battery cycle for a particular reference use. The autonomy of course vary according to use of the user. 2000 mAh battery (3.7 V) of Lumia 720 provides 5:51 reading before the extinction of the appliance. This score is rather low compared to all other Windows Phone as our've tested. The reference remains the Samsung ATIV S and 11 am on the clock!


Nokia Lumia 720An exemplary finish, a good camera, support for NFC or a quality screen, the Lumia 720 certainly has several advantages. Specifications aside, he could almost covet the high-end Lumia family or overshadow the Lumia 820 and 920 for mobile users who want a slimmer and lighter smartphone.

Still, if Windows Phone readily includes several features available on Android or iOS in the form of third-party applications, Microsoft's download store is not as meaty as its competitors. Added to this are the filtering operated by the technical features since Microsoft reserves the most demanding applications in models with 1GB of RAM. The applications aficionados therefore think twice before opting for this terminal.

Things get complicated when including competition. Indeed, at the time of érivons this, the Lumia 720 is available from Unavailable while the Samsung ATIV S is listed from Unavailable. But it is truly positioned in the premium and if the chassis is perhaps not as neat as that of the Lumia 720, it features a faster processor, twice the internal storage, a larger capacity battery a camera at least as good. That's not counting a larger slab 4.8 inches for increased definition (1280 x 720 pixels) and seems to attract more and more mobile users. The HTC 8X is its barely more expensive side (Unavailable).

Needless to say, the Lumia 720 will therefore struggle to find his place on the Windows Phone Marketplace, yet does not lining manufacturers. At the time of writing, over a month after its release, it is also still not proposed by a French mobile operator. Despite its many strengths and unless specifically attached to the Nokia brand and its quality finish, the performance favoring the user will turn more towards competition.

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Nokia Lumia 720

The more + + Excellent overall finish screen "super sensitive" software + Ergonomics / physical depreciation Autonomy video- Ecosystem limité- Positioning / price discutable2ErgonomiefeaturesFinishperformancesAutonomy

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