How to choose a USB key

USB keyThe USB key, the essential tool for walking your data in a lightweight. But among the many models on the market, which to choose?

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Design and Size

The USB key is an object that can take you anywhere. Its dimensions and design must be to your taste:
Design and Size
  • If the keys small size are more discreet and fit safely into any USB port, as we lose them easily;

  • The light materials, such as plastic, reduce weight, but also the strength of the key;

  • The presence of a loop fastening secures the key to his keyring to dispose permanently;

  • The connector of the key must be protected.

To do this, the cap is the classic solution, but it is not rare that it gets lost in nature. The key placed swivel or retractable are preferred, ensuring that the device is solid and will not suffer too from the ravages of time.

And stunned that forget their keys in the washing machine, be aware that there are models sealed.
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Capacity and Performance

2GB, 4GB, 8GB? And what about the performance? Some keys to you there.
capacity performance
  • Key offering at present the best price / capacity are the 8GB models;

  • The performance reading and writing are also important, at least 20 to 10 MB / s respectively;

  • The interface Connection plays a role in this performance: USB 3.0 and e-SATA will benefit against the USB 2.

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Let this time the storage side a few moments to diverse and varied ancillary features. Be aware that some USB drives:
  • Are equipped with an arsenal aimed at to secure : Fingerprint reader, data encryption, password to enter ...

  • have a integrated antivirus, which protects them from contamination by a host PC;

  • Are provided to facilitate and accommodate your backups.

Some keys are compatible with U3 technology and contain light, executable programs directly from the key.

Finally, if you want to speed up your Windows Vista operating system or Windows 7 with your USB drive, make sure it is compatible with the technology ReadyBoost Microsoft.
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Accessories and warranty

If the accessories are superfluous, the warranty is not!
Accessories (2)
  • some brands guarantee their life styles, with a minimum of 2 years;

  • If you are the type to attach your key to your keys, do not overlook the addition of a strap in the packet;

  • Finally a USB extension can be a plus, especially for key imposing dimensions.

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