Selling on eBay: the tricks of the pros!

For further

If you are already seasoned in terms of ad writing, choice of your keywords or development of your object may have you then want to sell more organized, to sell more in a word professionalize you, or further optimize your performance and that of your sales. For this, you need to go further in the eBay functionality, starting for example by defining preferences.

Set preferences on eBay

You can do the following:
  • set your notification preferences by email to tell eBay how and when you want to receive alerts and notifications;
  • set preferences for photo service, receiving payments, delivery, etc. ;
  • define your general preferences regarding the display of objects and recently viewed searches, display preferences "My eBay", maintaining the open session and viewing of e-mail addresses of your contacts with their pseudo.

eBay preferences
Set preferences: a good way to save time on many manipulations

EBay options

You also have many tools to enhance your listing on eBay. The sale setup options allow you to promote your ads in different ways, for instance by highlighting your item in the search results or placing your ad in a prominent position on the page. Think about the following before deciding which option suits your ad:
  • most sales development options have a fixed price, which is why we must compare their price to the value of your object;
  • Also remember to combine several options in order to promote your object in several ways and at reduced prices.
The most common options are for the lighting of advertisement, we will come back later. But one of them the programming of your ad, so you can choose the time of posting that you will achieve the maximum potential buyers. EBay's photo service, it allows its users to add their advertisements:
  • a thumbnail image in the title bar;
  • Photo large format (800x600);
  • Slideshow ;
The picture pack allows to save some money if you plan to use the photo service regularly. However, the most economical solution is photo hosting on a File Transfer Protocol server, file transfer protocol. This protocol is designed for communication between remote computers, particularly the exchange of files over a TCP / IP network. ' href = 'http: //'>Eg FTP and insert them in the description with HTML (you can access this function when creating your ad at the time to add a photo).

Other options charged by eBay are: the one of the gallery to a category, the fluorescent effect, framing the bold headline, the announcement in two (or more) categories, the subtitle, the illustrator. The "Pack Plus" (bold title, coaching, neon effect, to a gallery and a category) and the "Pack Options" (gallery, subtitle and illustrator of ads) you will apply a template to all of your ads by making some savings on the use of the options individually.

Panda Research Title
There are many ways to put your object worth on eBay

Turbo Lister

eBay offers a free fitness software Announcement Turbo Lister. More for people selling quite a number of objects or very high, it can easily and quickly create your eBay format. However the excellent HTML editor that contains essential software that makes any good seller, from the humblest to the most experienced. So you can work offline (eg in the train) and then load all of your ads at once, which results in a significant time savings. This software is of course compatible with other tools provided by eBay as the sales manager that we will now see the principle.

turbo lister
Turbo Lister will allow you to write very nice ads in record time

Selling Manager

Sales ManagerIf you are an experienced seller, you probably know that it is difficult to track all sales (planned, ongoing, immediate purchases, auctions ...) and that good management of your sales (and successful celles- it) depends largely on your ability to react and adapt. That is why the sales manager brings together all of your sales in a look, in the "My eBay tab > My sales ". You also have access to archive your sales and your various correspondences with your buyers.

This driver is in free version, which allows you track sales and simplifies also offers email and evaluation model, while the paid version (free the first 30 days and then 2.95 euros per month) allows you in addition to managing an inventory of your items (alerts in case of out of stock, stock sales, statistics ...) and automate certain tasks to sales and after-sales (simultaneous sending mail to several buyers, auctioned scheduled periodically ...).

You can view and manage all of your eBay selling activities from a single point: the My sales My eBay. You can for example:
  • display reminders for my sales;
  • manage items that the sale is scheduled;
  • manage objects you sell now;
  • manage objects you sold;
  • manage unsold items.

Sales Report

Reports of eBay sellers provide you the detailed information you need to understand the evolution of your eBay sales. By signing up for this option, you can:
  • compare your total sales compared to your goals;
  • identify the factors leading to the sale;
  • identify areas presenting opportunities and opportunities for improvement;
  • refine your marketing strategies to ensure your success.
By registering to sales reports (free) or the reports detailed sales (paid) you can see for example:
  • your total sales;
  • ads that resulted in a sale;
  • the average selling price of your items;
  • the monthly evolution of sales;
  • eBay and PayPal fees that will have been charged.
This diagnostic tool will allow the more enterprising of you to hone their sales methods.

EBay store

With an eBay store sellers can display all their items in one place, regardless of the format. Sellers also have powerful and easy to use tools allowing them to build their brand and encourage buyers to buy more, eg the creation of promotional space, sending marketing emails, or customization their shop. If you create a shop, it is primarily for the specific purpose of improving the visibility of your items, increase your credibility and increase your reputation.

Trading assistant

You want to sell items on eBay, but do not have time? Call assistants sellers! They are experienced eBay sellers who intend to sell your items on eBay. They can help you:
  • to save energy. Seller wizard supports all aspects of selling your items on eBay, with the sale for shipment to the buyer; some of them specialize in certain categories, they know exactly how to go about selling to its maximum value the object type that you own;
  • benefit from the assistance of an experienced seller. All present enjoyed sellers moreover an excellent reputation within the eBay community;
Once the item sold, the seller sends you attending the money from the sale, net of expenses. You can choose your vendor evaluation consultant, profile, experience ... But beware, these people are not employed by eBay, which does not vouch for these experienced vendors.

Finally, become a PowerSeller!

PowerSellerAlthough enrollment in PowerSeller program is free, you can not claim this title after reading all this! In fact, this status will be visible to buyers via a logo placed beside your eBay ID, is deserved, but you also bring recognition, respect and reward.

There are 5 degrees for a PowerSeller: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Titanium. All have the same advantages, namely:
  • a dedicated newsletter, containing information on programs such as shops and sales tools, and other important information;
  • personalized telephone support;
  • a customer service priority mail;
  • access PowerSellers forum;
  • invitations to events eBay;
  • lighting worn every month on a PowerSeller deserving;
  • free templates
To become a PowerSeller, you must perform a number of sales (or a turnover), which will cause the sending by eBay an email inviting you to sign up as a PowerSeller. However, this status is not acquired definitively and you have to respect a number of rules to be able to keep:
  • maintain a sustained level of sales or sold objects (minimum 100 items or 1 000 euros in revenue for the Bronze PowerSeller, 5000 or 150 000 items for a PowerSeller Titanium)
  • have released an average of 4 items per month (at least) in the last three months;
  • be an active seller on eBay for at least 90 days;
  • have a minimum feedback score of 100, consisting of at least 98% positive feedback;
  • respect the rules for the sale of eBay, we encourage you again to read in detail;
  • not violating any of the fundamental eBay policies over the last 60 days as practicing artificial bids (to raise the price of your items by a relative or yourself), identity theft, interference in bid (the fact deter someone to buy the item from a competitor by communicating by email, for example) ...
  • not violating any other eBay policies 3 times or more over the past 60 days (as sending unsolicited keywords, choosing ambiguous titles ads, ad not proposing anything ...)
  • have no arrears on your eBay account;
  • Contact the best bidders / buyers within three business days after the end of each sale;
  • respect the eBay values, which is rather vague, but the regulations in such transactions sometimes are not enough ...