Recover lost data from memory card

An unfortunate gesture, a click too, a moment of absence, and now all the data on your memory card completely disappeared. Pictures of vacation, work documents, music pieces removed at once, one ... Fortunately, all is not lost, there are miraculous solutions that allow in principle to recover all your data.

A free and effective solution

A simple Google search reveals how the loss of digital data generates a huge business. A multitude of sites and publishers promise indeed wonders, sometimes for an're delusional. There is a completely free solution that benchmark lost data recovery. Dubbed Recuva, it was developed by the team from Piriform, the publisher of CCleaner brilliant.


Install and configure Recuva

No need to be a professional computer to use Recuva, as it shines in its simplicity. One option is to start from an external device (USB drive, for example) without having to install it. Run the software and follow the wizard's instructions. Depending on the type of files you lost - email, music, pictures, documents, videos, etc.-check the appropriate box or click "All Files."

Recuva 02

In the next window, select "On my removable card or my iPod" or inform them of the way of your memory card after checking "in a specific location." On the next window, click "Enable thorough analysis" and then "Start". It'll just be patient while the software scans the selected volume. Depending on the size of the memory card, it can take several hours.

Recuva 03

The software is able to restore files in a trash emptied several times a formatted memory card, etc. However, avoid writing on a volume before using Recuva and especially not defragment.

Recuva January 3

Data Recovery

It scans all clusters and recency all deleted files: a green file is likely to be fully restored. However, a red file is damaged and proves fatal. Little tip if you want to retrieve such images: right click and select "View Type / Thumbnails" to view them.

Check the boxes of green files and click the "Recover" button and create a folder or select one in the window that opens to save. Depending on the amount of data to be restored, the recording may take a long time because Recuva trying to rebuild each overwritten file.

Recuva 04 Recuva April 1


On condition of not having rewritten the volume overwritten accidentally, Recuva can revive much of your data. It has the advantage of being launched from a USB drive without installation, and show the validity of the files.
Download Recuva for Windows.

Other data recovery solutions

SoftPerfect File Recovery: simple and effective, it can also run from a USB key.

Restoration: a software recognized for its extremely efficient, with less clear interface as Recuva.Edited on 05/23/2016 at 10:03