Super Mario Run on Android: 10 million downloads

After a box at the end of 2016 Apple fans, the first mobile game developed by Nintendo being released on iOS December 15, 2016, adventures Super Mario smartphone landed in March 2017 on Android. Again, the success was the appointment although it is much less impressive.

The week was nevertheless rich in this application downloads for Nintendo. The question is what will be the conversion rate for the paid version.

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10 million downloads in a week

Super Mario Run is available for Android devices on the Play Store, since March 23, 2017. A week after its release, it's time to do the accounts: the application records more than 10 million downloads. Success has therefore been at the rendezvous but it is not a record.

In comparison, the iOS version of the application had been downloaded 40 million times in the same period of time even if, in terms of market share, iOS accounts for only 17.9% of smartphones against 81.7% for Android (last quarter 2016). What put the craze Super Mario Run in perspective.

Super Mario Run

What will be the conversion rate Super Mario Run for Android?

If Android smartphone owners have not received Super Mario Run with the same enthusiasm as Apple fans, which account for Nintendo is obviously the number of downloads that turn into purchase. Super Mario Run is free but a paid full version is available at a high price: 9.99 euros.

At Apple, the conversion is very low: of the more than 90 million downloads that accrues Super Mario Run iOS since its release, only 4% have turned into purchase, or just under 4 million. Fans of Super Mario on Android will they get out their credit cards more easily?

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