22 years later, he cracks the Sega Saturn

22 years after the release of the Sega Saturn console, a hacker claims to be finally reached hacker the device to allow it to read anything other than CDs.

Sega was the first manufacturer to enter the race for 32-bit consoles. In 1994, the console is a huge success upon its release and flows 500 000 copies in the archipelago during the Christmas holiday season.

Unfortunately for Sega, only a month after the release of its Saturn, Sony offers the PlayStation whose commercial success is known. This does not prevent the Sega console to maintain a nostalgic community who have always regretted the particularly robust copy protection of Saturn, which has long resisted the hacks of all kinds.

The named Dr. Abrasive however found a way to bypass this protection, which prevented including the console to read anything other than a CD. At blows reverse engineering, this hacker has modified the operating system code of the unit to enable it not only to read the content of external media, but also to write to a USB drive, for example .

Dr. Abrasive hopes to rapidly provide the community an accessory that will carry out this operation by anyone. Meanwhile, you can find our Antiqui'Tech episode devoted to Saturn Sega.

Edited on 07/15/2016 at 10:25