Mesdepanneurs or troubleshooting without scam

The app (and website) Mesdepanneurs has raised 1.7 million euros from MAIF to develop its matchmaking service between certified individuals and stores.

Ending scams of some zealous locksmiths or plumbers who can charge hundreds of euros a door opening, this is the promise of Mesdepanneurs. It is a French start-up created in 2013 by two entrepreneurs, Katia Sogreeva and Alexander Gushchin, who wanted to establish a trusted professional network for all emergency repairs, and whose prices would be known in advance.

Instead of getting lost in the maze of the Internet and flyers accumulated in her mailbox, the platform identifies a checked artisan community. Plumbers, electricians, locksmiths, heating ... Once selected professional, the site invites to describe the type of problem encountered through a preselection. Last step: the estimated price of the intervention, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises, and control.

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For now, the service lists a hundred stores only, concentrated in Île-de-France and in the Lille region. But the start-up will spread throughout France in the cities of over 150 000 inhabitants and account multiply the number of partners by the end of 2016. For this, it relies on the financial support of MAIF, which comes inject 1.7 million euros to its capital, in addition to funds already raised from the trio Bpifrance and Xavier Niel, Marc Simoncini-Jacques-Antoine Granjon in the competition "1001 project".

This combination of MAIF could quickly give the startup a sounding board. Katia Sogreeva, co-founder Mesepanneurs says that its offer will complete housing MAIF insurance.

With this investment, the insurer also confirmed its interest in the collaborative economy. In early September, MAIF injected 5 million in the bank between Payname particular, having placed in the collaborative car rental website Koolicar and the houses GuestToGuest exchange service.

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