Test OCZ Vertex 3: the fastest of them all?

OCZ Vertex 3

vertex 3After a Vertex 2 successful and acclaimed by the press as the general public, OCZ is back with a new controller and a new range, the Vertex 3. The advertised speeds are simply unprecedented, with over 500 MB / s reading as writing. If the theory is attractive, as is the Vertex 3 in practice?

Note that this SSD is not yet marketed in France and it is a version of preproduction that we present here, where the absence of OCZ sticker. The fact remains that the components are those that find you in the next Vertex 3, only the firmware may evolve slightly. On the program, the new SandForce SF2281. Controllers SF2500 series will be reserved for Pro and EX versions of the range (the SF2582 to be precise).

OCZ Vertex 3 OCZ Vertex 3
The difference ? It is neither in the advertised speeds, each time of 550 MB / s read and 500MB / s write, or used in the interface, SATA 6 Gbps. Finally, each controller manages both TRIM and NCQ. In fact, professionals use SSDs are distinguished by a higher MTBF (10 million hours against 2 for the Vertex 3 classic) and for use in the EX version, SLC chips where Pro and public offer MLC chips. Finally, the number of I / O operations per second (IOPS) also differs: 60 000 for the Vertex 3, 70 000 for the Pro version and even 80,000 for the EX model (measures announced by OCZ for file 4K).

OCZ Vertex 3 (2)
Returning to our Vertex 3 and chip it houses: type MLC therefore, they are engraved in 25 nm provided by Micron. They are 16 in number in our model 240 GB, each with a capacity of 16 GB. This makes us about 7% of space dedicated to different processes to minimize wear of the SSD, as Wear-Leveling (Distribution of writes to the various blocks in order to obtain a uniform level of wear) or the over-provisioning (Outright replacement of a failed block) that includes SandForce DuraClass in the appellation. This technology also includes the compression function of expensive data from the manufacturer, supposed to speed up data transfers by compressing on the fly. Note obviously no chip dedicated to the cache, SandForce is going willingly from its earliest controllers.

A controller who loves Sandy Bridge

Intel Core i5 Sandy Bridge Gen2 - Cap OffWhen OCZ sent us its SSD, the representative glided us that it was better to use a Sandy Bridge motherboard. We therefore carried out tests on two different chipsets, namely the Intel X58 and Intel P67. You will see on page testing, the difference is particularly important in terms of performance. Why ? The controller Marvell SATA 6 Gbps (type 9128 or 9130) present on motherboards in X58 is interfaced on one PCI-E line, thus limiting the theoretical discharge. This controller P67 chipset has meanwhile greater bandwidth. Also note that for now, the Vertex 3 is not compatible with the OCZ Toolbox tool dedicated to optimizing and maintaining SSD brand.

OCZ Announces marketing models 120 and 240 GB in the coming weeks, respectively 250 and 500 dollars. Models 64 and 512 GB should follow. All are guaranteed for 3 years by the manufacturer.

performance counter

synthetic and practical tests

What makes this SSD facing a test program like Everest? What results in practical tests of data transfer? There is encrypted and compared results in the following pages:
  • Synthetic tests
  • Practice tests
  • A few practice tests Additional in our comparison 8 SSD SATA 6Gbps

SandForce SF2281: beware freezes and BSOD!

Patriot WildfireSome of you already know it can be, several forums are currently flooded with messages reporting problems with SSDs equipped with the latest SandForce controller. Many users complain indeed delays, blockages of their machines or BSOD nuisance.

Therefore, patch currently available fault, we simply do not recommend buying such models. However, we do not change the assigned rating, representative of performance that can achieve these models when these problems will be solved.

Our opinion

With its Vertex 2, OCZ had boosted the SSD market. His Vertex 3 seems to follow the same track as its performance and launch prices are interesting, both on theoretical and practical tests. And if SSD is strong competition since its release, and even exceeded some theoretical tests, it remains one of the most interesting models on the market.

Except that the SandForce controller obviously knows some failures which heavily penalize SSD-equipped Vertex 3 in mind. As good as this so, it is currently waiting the resolution of these problems.

OCZ Vertex 3

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