Companies: Orange spends his Livebox Pro v3

Orange Tuesday unveiled the outlines of its Livebox Pro third generation that is more reliable, more efficient and easier to use, with for example the appearance of a small front panel color display.

Addressed to the market (very) small businesses, with about zero to twenty employees, the Livebox Pro Orange passes the third. On the agenda: a new case, black, with a small color screen on the front, intended to facilitate common operations (association of a DECT phone or wireless device) and facilitate diagnosis when problems arise. Good news: the famous LED codes have therefore lived!

" We wanted it simpler, safer ... more pro! "Summarized Tuesday Luc Bretones, Market Manager Pro / SME at Orange. The housing, manufactured by Sagemcom, now provides four Gigabit Ethernet ports, two USB ports (delivering 1 ampere) and an eSATA connector. It features a Ikanos processor (which promises particularly efficient), a dual-band WiFi module signed Atheros and a ZigBee controller that will pave the way for future applications related to automation (sensors, switches, etc., or steering IP cameras in conjunction with WiFi), still under development with partners.

Orange Livebox Pro v3
In terms of access, the Livebox v3 to be universal, since it will either manage an ADSL connection or fiber. It is also compatible with VDSL, which is now being discussed at the regulator, but should eventually be liberalized. Each box can handle up to four wireless DECT phones.

Orange also promises to have even worked on the robustness of its box, whether it's protection against overvoltage (lightning) or resistance to interference, and managed to reduce 30% power consumption compared to the Livebox Pro v2. A standby mode is also emerging, via a front panel button. It will be also possible to connect up to three Livebox Pro them in WiFi or Ethernet, so as to multiply the number of workstations and functional phones.

If the screen offers some basic features, this box is intended Pro richly endowed functionally, particularly in terms of security. Besides a home firewall (iptables), Orange ensures that new modules (log intrusion attempts, for example) will be regularly deployed through the process automatically update firmware. The parameters are in turn stored on a SIM card which access is protected by password, which will allow easy transfer of a box to another.

Orange Livebox Pro v3
Beyond the hardware is on the Orange service wants to make a difference compared to the competition, with a range of packages and services that embodies Luke Bretones offer the most integrated market. In terms of availability, the operator commits a recovery time guarantee (GTR) for 24 hours. To new subscriptions, it offers installation, and also sells support contracts dedicated to small businesses, which cover both network problems the actual computing.

Each of the packages associated with the Livebox Pro also opens right to a fixed IP address, domain name, and up to twenty accounts Pro messaging operator, which it makes much. Developed internally - on a back-end Atos - it offers among other traditional features such as Date Book or Address Book can send SMS and fax or manage file uploads up to 1GB L. all logically interconnected with Cloud Pro solutions to the operator, so that the administrator can manage in a single interface mail accounts and access to applications as a service (SaaS).

A switchboard option will appear later this year via formulas named "Optimal Office." Without additional housing, this will have a greeting and usually attributed to the PBX functions. A NAS offers (network storage), connected to the Cloud operator, will also make its appearance in the course of the year.

Livebox Pro v3
Already deployed at customers thousand tests, the Livebox Pro v3 will be officially launched on 23 April (30 April on the web). The distribution model remains unchanged, with a box charged on the mode of rent, 5 euros excluding tax per month. Orange Pro subscribers now have a v2 can request the free exchange to the new model shop.

The Livebox Pro remains associated with Internet Optimal packages Pro and Pro Office Optimal (and their variations Open, adding a mobile line) whose prices start at 69 euros excluding tax per month.Edited on 11/07/2012 at 4:27 p.m.