Fallout 4: Beyond quests, creating a post-apocalyptic world

Available since November 10, Fallout 4 offers a vast universe and consequent possibilities. But beyond its numerous quests, we find the ability to reshape, as desired, a world in ruins.

In Fallout 4, it embodies a man or a woman, only (e) Survivor (e) Vault 111, which goes in search of his kidnapped child. Little important detail: one of the shelter comes into question after more than 200 years of cryonics in a Commonwealth devastated by nuclear war. The world has changed, destruction is everywhere, and the inhabitants of these desolate lands are more in precarious survival in the small suburban existence in which runs the prologue of the game.

The story of Fallout 4 if she limits provided to a search query, and revenge? Surely not. The title of Bethesda Games Studios multiplies the slopes, offers the player to unite the colonies, to join the Brotherhood of Steel, investigate mysterious Synthetic ... In short, to do what fallout offers since its inception: to get lost in a world of desolation is finally an appearance.

Fallout 4On the way to rebuild!
There is however another important point about digging Fallout 4 : It is the consequent development of its system crafting, which, no more no less, to reshape a world in ruins.

Sim City postapocalyptic

Last August, Jeff Gardiner producer Fallout 4, spoke of the immense life of the title. " I played the game about 400 hours, and I still find stuff that I had not yet seen "He explained then. With 13,000 recorded lines of dialogue and buildings in every corner - including hidden bases in the basement - the title actually full of secrets. Nevertheless we imagine that in these 400 hours of games mentioned by Gardiner, one counts many spent developing the colonies.

As in all fallout, we are surprised to pick everything up. A pack of cigarettes, a bottle of Nuka Cola ... Objects conducive to barter, which may contribute to the purchase of ammunition or a precious Stimpack. But not only in Fallout 4, nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed. And one begins to play fast recycling, seeing in the meal trays an interesting source of aluminum, a good amount of steel in a car wreck or the key to everything in plain Scotch roll.

Obviously, modifying weapons and armor. But it also makes homes, beds, carpets. We build generators to restore electricity in a house. After a few hours, we are surprised to build a niche for Canigou and to redouble their efforts to connect an electricity TV, to admire a sight that will never change.

Fallout 4A small garden can quickly become a huge vegetable garden if everyone gets going!

home Sweet Home

It's probably no coincidence that the game features very quickly return to where it all began: Sanctuary, quiet town that bears its name. The home of the main character is still standing, although banged up, but habitable. One can choose to reorganize and make his point drop, as they may decide to shave a ruined house and build another. From cabin to the metal bunker, there's plenty to do and spend their hard-earned resources.

Fallout 4Sanctuary, the beginning of a major project.
Gradually, cleaned farmhouses Commonwealth threats around them: raiders, ghouls, mutant animals ... everyone goes. And life is resumed, residents return, care for and protect plantations nearby.

Fallout 4 goes well beyond what could, for example, offer The Witcher 3 in the progressive development of the places visited. If the title of CDProjekt also allowed him to release badly invested places that of Besthesda invites to evolve how the player wishes. Beyond the choice that offers the game at the heart of his quests - you can also still choose to slaughter roughly anyone, even deprive themselves of a quest - Fallout 4 helps develop the survival of colonies of how desired: limiting itself to the bare minimum in terms of food, access to water, or defense. Or by going much further.

Fallout 4The radio tower, the best way to attract settlers ... but also envy.
The use of electricity is a good example. If build generators is needed in some places, notably to install radio towers to attract new settlers from farms and cities, other electric elements are more optional. This is the case of televisions that can find, intact, in some homes. connect to electricity gives access only a test pattern, but helps to create a coherent universe, reorganize chaos.

Fallout 4Fallout 4It only remains to rebuild the sets!

Details tweaking

In this multitude possibilities for customizing not a cozy interior to the image of the player, but a world, it is regrettable that some small details missing. For now, there is not, for example, the opportunity to exhibit some collected objects such as statuettes of Vault Boy or different magazines awarding bonuses to the player. Should we see an extension of a mania for "real life" take shape in a game that thoroughly exploits the concept of reconstruction? Perhaps.

Correction : Thanks to savvy readers and players (see comments) we discovered that there are already enough to expose the figurines and magazines. Mea Culpa! The detail is to be found in the comments of this article. Thank you to Chico008, Corbamis and Jereffuse.

Fallout 4Fallout 4
Finally, Fallout 4 resumes a concept already begun by Bethesda DLC Heartfire of Skyrim, which allowed to build their own homes. The development of the construction system is pushed much further here, to the point quickly become an addictive game mechanics. The potential of the approach, like that of craft in general, seems to have to limit the depletion of resources available within the game. Some essential materials for the production of important objects are sufficiently rare elsewhere to take the player into the extension cord research.

Fallout 4What better than a plant built with her little hands to her quiet DIY ...
If the success of this element of gameplay is confirmed, we do not doubt that Bethesda will seek a way to go even further in the additional content of the game. We should also not underestimate the potential of mods, used both on the PC version of the game on Xbox One. What largely exceed 400 hours of gameplay for the most motivated.

Fallout 4

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