The best packages for travel abroad

When going on a trip abroad, it carries many things, including his smartphone. But can we take his package? The question arises and is valid. The focus on the subject and choose the best deals in this context.

If you are already gone abroad with your smartphone, you've probably taken care off data roaming to avoid paying a data communication arm. Therefore, you can not use social networks, consult a map or search on the Internet without being near an open Wi-Fi (with the security risks involved, the way).

But since June 15, all these worries are supposed to be ancient history (at least in Europe). From that date, the European Union has officially applied the new regulation on roaming in Europe. With this, our mobile packages can now be used seamlessly from member countries. This no extra cost, but within limits.

Indeed, the regulations do not require the operators to offer the same data envelope in Europe than in the country. Everything depends on the price of the package, and the calculation is quite simple:
  • Package price duty ÷ 3.85 = Allowance minimum roaming.
Therefore, the unlimited Free offer is not as attractive abroad than in the country, for example.

And in the case of more regular trips to the most important needs in terms of data, or simply because the country in which you go is not in the list of countries covered by this provision, there are packages and options specific.
Here is an overview, with a focus by operator.

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The best package B&You

Logo square BandYou
Currently, at B&You, the plan that seems the most interesting in the context of a foreign use is the offer B&YOU 50GB.

This package offers without commitment:
- 50GB per month of data
- unlimited calls to mobiles and landlines in mainland France and overseas departments;
- unlimited calls to mobiles in the United States, Canada and China, to landlines and 120 destinations and 10 hours of communication to landlines in Algeria;
- unlimited SMS / MMS in France;
- sms to the DOM;
- 10GB of your data envelope, used in Europe and the DOM / TOM every month.

Note also that this package is applicable for supply coupled B&You: those with a landline or subscribing another mobile online at the operator see this package fall 24,99 euros 22.5 euros per month.

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Best Bouygues package

Bouygues logo hero
Among the packages Bouygues Telecom package Sensation 100GB seems the most interesting for those who are frequently traveling abroad. Otherwise, it is more interesting to head a package B&You.

For 99.99 euros monthly (And a commitment of 24 months), you have thus:
- an envelope of 100 GB of data;
- SMS / MMS Unlimited to and from France, Europe and overseas;
- unlimited calls to and from landlines and mobiles in France, Europe and overseas;
- unlimited calls to mobiles in the United States, Canada and China, to landlines and 120 destinations and 10 hours of talk still of Algeria;
- a bonus to choose from: 2 times more, internet unlimited weekends, + Studio, Team or access to to watch 74 channels without it being counted against your data envelope.

The latter is consumable, up to 25 GB, in Europe, in the DOM / TOM, the United States and Canada.

Another advantage over a package without commitment: the ability to buy a recent smartphone priced: 7 iPhone from Apple, for example, costs you 219 euros with a sensation 100GB package, while it is sold 769 euros in the trade. All with a part of the spread price 24 months of your subscription.

Note also that the rate of 99.99 euros per month is reduced by 10% if you subscribe to both offers Bouygues Telecom (fixed or mobile).

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The best package Free Mobile

free mobile logo hero
As Sosh, Red or B&You, Free, in its package 19,99 euros, some arrangements for travel abroad.

At that price, you have:
- unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in France, to the United States Mobile, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, China, DOM and fixed 100 destinations;
- unlimited SMS in Metropolitan France and overseas departments;
- unlimited MMS in France;
- unlimited SMS from the Europe and overseas to French mobile operators.

The envelope data is unlimited for Freebox subscribers or paid to 100 GB for non Freebox subscribers. And if you travel abroad? Calls, SMS, MMS + unlimited 25 GB / month: from Europe and overseas and from the United States, South Africa, Australia, Canada, Israel, New Zealand.

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Best Orange package

Orange HD logo
At Orange, the most interesting offer for those who want to travel with their package is the Play 40GB.

This package, which engages you in 12 months or 24 months (if you want to buy a subsidized smartphone), is marketed 31,99 euros per month, or 21.99 euros if you are new client and you keep your number. He understands :
- calls and unlimited SMS / MMS in metropolitan France and from Europe, the DOM, Switzerland / Andorra;
- a package of 40 GB of data (reduced flow beyond) in France and Europe, the DOM, Switzerland / Andorra;
- calls to landlines in more than 100 destinations;
- calls to mobiles in Canada and the United States;

This package can be used from locations Europe, DOM, Switzerland / Andorra and France all year.

Those with a tablet or notebook PC with a SIM slot will also be delighted to know that the Multi-SIM provides the operator is included at no additional cost in this package (with commissioning 10 euros anyway), as the storage service online home (100 GB) and Orange TV and its 70 channels. On this subject, see: Tablet Plans: Comparison of offers

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The best RED package

Logo RED by SFR in 2016
With RED, the alternative operator SFR, the most interesting offer of time for calls to and from abroad remains package RED unlimited 100GB.

For 20 euros per month, without commitment, you get:
- unlimited calling 7/7 to all mobiles in France, North America (excluding Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands) and DOM (excluding Mayotte);
- unlimited calling 7/7 to landlines in France and 55 destinations;
All this in the 200 individual recipients per month. SMS and MMS, unlimited, are also subject to this condition.

data side, this package includes 100 GB of data 4G, with a reduced flow beyond. Use modem is included in the offer.
In terms of overseas calls, SMS, MMS are unlimited throughout the year and you have 10 GB / month additional internet from the European Union / DOM, Switzerland, Andorra. You can also enjoy travel SFR to communicate from abroad, this option is terminable at any time to block connections when you go out of the territory. The price of calls depends on the country you are in.
Finally, access to SFR Press is included.

Sending the SIM card is free, but the SIM is you even charged 5 euros. SFR subscribers yet committed are not eligible for this offer, which is otherwise inconsistent with discounts Multi-Packs SFR.

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Best SFR package

New logo SFR in 2014
SFR, meanwhile, has with its Limited Edition, Unlimited Gigas an offer perfectly suited for travel and stays abroad.

SFR sells this package € 39.99 per month or 29.99 euros per month if you are a client Box.

The offer includes:
- unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in Europe and overseas;
- unlimited internet in France;
- 50 GB of internet use in Europe and overseas every month;
- 35 days per year all these advantages also in Switzerland and Andorra.

You have also:
- SFR Sports channels Press SFR SFR News;
- an "extra" to choose from Bein, Napster, L'Equipe, iCoyote or SFR Games.

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Best Sosh package

logo Sosh
Sosh brand low cost Orange, has in its range of a package to 20GB 19.99 euros per month which is well parried through use abroad.

At that price, you get:
- calls, unlimited SMS and MMS in mainland France, French overseas departments, Europe, Switzerland and Andorra;
- unlimited SMS from mainland France to the overseas, Europe, Switzerland and Andorra.

Finally, this package offers a shell 20 GB of data for use in metropolitan France, French overseas departments, Europe, Switzerland and Andorra.

Know that the SIM card associated with this package is charged 5 euros, unless you enjoy subscribing to this package to fit you mobile again (in which case it's free).

In this context, Sosh allows you to pay your smartphone 4, 12 or 24 times without fees, which could interest those who can not invest in are sometimes high at once.

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Bye bye roaming!

After months of debate, the European Commission ruled in February that operators should put an end to roaming charges on 15 June 2017. These charges, also called roaming, were previously charged by operators when a consumer used his phone abroad.

This decision, however, applies only to countries of the European Union. Outside the EU, the options and international packages are still relevant!Edited on 07/18/2017 at 12:53