A search engine dedicated to .xxx domains

ICM, the firm specialized in domain names that manages the .xxx extension has launched Search.xxx, a search engine dedicated to pornographic sites exploiting the eloquent extension.

Search.xxxThe launch of the extension .xxx domain name has not been without tension last year, the dividing line X industry, especially regarding opportunities to block access to using URLs. An approach also made by some countries such as India. For ICM Registry, the company that manages the registration and sale of domain name .xxx, emphasize the value of the extension is a priority.

It is for this reason that the company has set up the website Search.xxx. Very clean, this search engine is focused on sites .xxx, offering results certifed without malware or online threats. The sites are scanned with the online solution from McAfee, and are certified MetaCert, which means that they meet the criteria for the protection of minors, in particular. They are also subject to the IFFOR, which also ensures the protection of children to adult sites, but also the protection of privacy and enforcement of consumer rights.

The fact that the sites .xxx symbolize " quality adult services "Is not new: it is clear the message advocates the expansion since the beginning of the project. The ICM search engine only reinforces this idea. " We do not seek to dominate the world with this site "Says CEO Stuart Lawley of ICM Registry, who sees the move as a" alternative "Traditional search engines. " It's the same porn in content, but in a cleaner, safer and more pleasant environment. "

More than a registrar, ICM seeks to establish itself as a guardian angel pornographic sites exploiting the .xxx extension: the company wants to launch in June or July 2013, its own platform micropayment dedicated to this very sector lucrative.

Search.xxx, which already offers users to choose the language engine and the orientation of the sites proposed by results expected to grow new features in the coming months. The question is whether users will be at the rendezvous and new players of X: at present, 240,000 domains are registered, of which 80,000 only to protect trademarks flights.Edited on 27/09/2012 at 16:32