Prizm: intelligent network audio player

French Pierre Gochgarian to the origin (co-founder and CEO) of Prizm KickStarter project presents its concept as "the union of the simplicity of the radio and the power of streaming". But Prizm is also a device that embodies the musical tastes, learns to discover and operates intelligently. Focus on a UFO network music.

Prizm In Situ2
Assuming that the choice of music you want to listen is always a little agonizing, especially in a database million shares as the online music platforms, four French decided to found Prizm Corp. in 2013. They describe themselves as a "team made fans of hardware and software, also fervent music streaming users. "Their idea: to create a device that plugs into existing speaker, and go fetch the music in your online services, depending on your habits and tastes, but also the context in which you are.

PrizmThis is where the system gets interesting. The integrated meter will, depending on the ambient sound volume, understand if you're partying with ten people or enjoying a read if you and your spouse. To date, Prizm does not adjust the volume in line (because if the volume goes up, people talk louder, etc.). However, "these contextual elements, intersected among others with the time and day of the week, allowing Prizm automatically select music, and adapt to what is happening. "Another strong point Prizm will detect the MAC addresses of wireless devices (smartphones and bracelets / connected watches, WiFi like Bluetooth) to estimate how many people are there. And if these people have a Prizm account, they will be identified and downright Prizm can play songs that match their tastes. A happy prospect, as long as the algorithm that compiles all this information proves relevant.

Prizm Renderings
Prizm App view3How Prizm? In addition to the volume control and play / pause button, the device offers only two keys: I love (heart) and I do not like (the cross). It is therefore to use force Prizm will learn. Initially, the house algorithm will scan existing playlists in your music streaming accounts to determine the genres you like. This algorithm will perform his own musical ideas, the same principle the recommendations of similar artists offered by Spotify and Deezer. To date, only these two services are compatible premium version, or a free SoundCloud account. Rhapsody, and rdio should follow. Prizm also has its own application (iOS and Android for now), which serves as a remote control. When "Likez" a currently playing music (from the application or from the heart-shaped button on the Prizm), the track is automatically added to a playlist called "Prizm likes" on your Spotify or Deezer account.

Hardware side, Prizm connects to the box via Wi-Fi (802.11 b / g / n) and speakers via the 3.5 mm mini jack (RCA adapter must be supplied), optical TOSLINK or Bluetooth. The apparatus thus resembles a triangular prism measuring 122 x 90 x 86 mm (L x W x H). It features a Cortex A8 1 GHz, 256 MB RAM and a Linux system. It remains 44 days to fund the Kickstarter and find the remaining $ 35,000 of the 70,000 needed. Prizm prices range from $ 109 to $ 129 (the first $ 99 all being already passed). The first production to be delivered in June 2015. An original approach to cloud music consumption, appropriate to test the appropriate time.

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