The advertising program hidden Galaxy S8 (and how to get rid of)

If it has been acclaimed by the specialized sites, the latest high-end smartphone from Samsung has not failed to attract some criticism. The latest however may pose some problems to Samsung and its image: a group of developers, XDA, accusing Samsung have simply hidden advertising program as a phone.

Several owners of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 + complained about unwanted advertisements displayed by their smartphone, sometimes several times a week. Fortunately, it seems that it is possible to disable it.

A service enabled by default: Game Optimizing Service

The hidden advertising service by Samsung is activated by default when the user initiates a game on his terminal. It is indeed associated with the Game Optimizing service supposed to optimize the games on the smartphone. Now, we know that the vast majority of smartphone users play games on their phones, it is also one reason that pushes manufacturers to create increasingly powerful devices.

Once activated, the advertising program displays ads and some have even received several announcements on short notice. Thus one could blame Samsung for making spamming. Especially since the program does not ask permission to the owner of the phone to launch and to view properties whose revenues come back, of course, the South Korean group.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Disable hidden adware, feasible

Users who were disturbed by these unwanted ads on their Galaxy S8 and S8 + will be happy to learn that this is not inevitable. It is possible to remove this software, or more precisely, to disable it.

The program is activated by default, but Samsung has not forgotten to put an option to disable it, otherwise he would have risked trouble with consumer groups and some consumer protection authorities around the world.

To disable the advertising program, you have to go in the Game Launcher and go to the settings menu of it. Then you must go to "commercial data" and check the box "disabled by default".

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