Animal Crossing comes on smartphones

Animal Crossing, a game Nintendo stars, preparing to land on the end smartphones in November 2017. The Japanese firm expects the reputation of the franchise and hopes a commercial success.

A game that recalls childhood, high addictive potential

After the release of Super Mario Run version for smartphones, behold Nintendo adapts another of its flagship mobile games. This time, it is the saga Animal Crossing game where a human character that you control is among anthropomorphic animals, talk to them, help them develop their living and binding friendships with them. But this time, the action takes place in a campsite (hence the name of the game, Pocket Camp), and it is this place that it is arranged. Early in the game, you only have a flat surface without any furniture or equipment, it is for you to check with animals to find out what their favorite furniture and build it for them.

And as it's a game, it will certainly not simple. We must first obtain materials like wood. But the characters who you give, it will take them a service, for example pick berries, catch fish or catch them for butterflies with a net. Once you have the materials, it is for Cyrus, the handyman, who is responsible for the work and make furniture.

Once an animal has visited you, it can come back to spend time at your campsite when he wants. This is where lies the addictive aspect of the game: the animals come and go at any time, and not just those you choose to play. And to add realism, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will consider the time it is to adjust the brightness in the game accordingly. Special periods with their attributes (Christmas, for example) will punctuate the game, in the form of updates.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

To prepare for the release of Pocket Camp, Nintendo puts the package

For Nintendo, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp promises to be a veritable cash machine: no less than 163 outfits and 299 different furniture will be in the program, each obtainable in exchange for points that you have previously acquired through service to the characters of the game, or by paying just.

The game will not be released before the end of November 2017, but a Twitter account is already active. Established in the name of Isabella, the character you will control during the game, it serves to familiarize future players with the product, so that they are ready when the game comes out. In the same vein, a YouTube video was even posted on the official channel of Nintendo.

The most impatient can now sign up to be notified of the availability of the game.

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