Unusual: Siri, the voice system iOS5, has humor

SiriIt was suspecting: Apple hidden in Siri, the new intelligent control system of the iPhone 4S, a multitude of hidden phrases that begin to surface with the arrival of the first terminals. The anthology is already substantial and is likely to expand with the release of the smartphone on 14 October.

Some sites, like This is my next, began to identify these easter eggs - literally "Easter eggs" term for hidden winks in applications. The objective is indeed to ask Siri all sorts of improbable or staggered questions to see if the developers have programmed answers.

Thus, the question " What is the meaning of life ? "Siri answers" 42 "In reference to Guide to the Galaxy Douglas Adams, but also a significant amount of alternatives. If the user asks him where to find drugs, Siri tells him the closest detox centers. More comical to the question " I need to hide a body "The software offers examples of hiding! Siri also issues Escort girls if the user agencies addresses is too forward ... Finally, the application allows even a small troll: to the question " What is the best smartphone? ", she answers " Wait ... there are other smartphones? ".

Siri comicSiri comicSiri comicSiri comic
The result is sympathetic to writing, but we imagine it will be even more in spoken French ... And, since Siri will be available in the language of Molière on Friday October 14 launch date of iPhone 4S, which will be equipped. Without a doubt, smartphone users have not finished talking Siri, and Siri has not finished talking to him.

Meanwhile, parodies begin arriving on the Net, in the image of this video that replaces Siri by GLaDOS, the sarcastic computer games Portal !

Edited on 11/07/2012 at 12:30