Xbox One: Update September fate today

We waited for September, it's actually a little ahead of Microsoft deploys the update of its Xbox One, some of which were detailed during Gamescom earlier this month. Among the main changes, we must mention the new Media Player application, additions and improved on SmartGlass App Party.

This is Larry Hryb, aka Major Nelson, who announced on his blog: " Today, we will begin to deploy new features and updates for all fans of Xbox One worldwide. "The main change media playback. A brand new Media Player application, able to read the content from a USB storage device connected to the console. Support for file formats will expand to dozens of additional extensions, including MPEG 2 TS, animated GIFs and MKV (added gradually by the end of the year). This new application will also be compatible with the DLNA media server (always a feature not available on PS4, by the way).

The group management application also sees improved, with new settings. Whoever hosts the group will be able to manage more finely his part, deciding whether or not to invitations to participate and excluding unwanted members. The application will also scrutinize the activities of each member of the party to take appropriate actions.

In another development, new features have been implemented in SmartGlass. Including the ability to use the application to record game footage on Xbox One, or to post and share messages in your statutes. The list of updates finally includes other small improvements, such as the option to start the console directly to the TV output Eve or the monitoring tool consumption of bandwidth, which will help those who do not have a very generous internet.

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