Protonmail, the anti-NSA secure webmail, is available in beta

Given the revelations about the practices of intelligence agencies, the company Quantitative Data Solutions S.A. developed its own secure webmail. Dubbed protonmail, it is currently available in beta.

Protonmail is as strictly focused messaging service around the safety of the user. The latter was designed by CERN engineers (CERN), Harvard and MIT outraged by the NSA practices. The team said that no metadata is collected as the IP address or time of connection.


Protonmail was first hosted in Switzerland. This means that the data of Internet users are protected by the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act and laws Swiss Federal Data Protection Ordinance, which are deemed particularly strict. Switzerland also welcomes more and more companies specializing in private messaging: Blackphone, Threema, myEnigma ... On its website, protonmail team explains that " only a mandate issued by the cantonal court of Geneva or the Federal Supreme Court may require us to reveal the little information we have about the user ".

The webmail has two passwords. The first authenticates the user to return his box while the second password is never transmitted to the servers of the company. It is used to decrypt the user data directly through the browser. It will be necessary not to forget since it can be recovered.


Protonmail can send encrypted messages (AES, RSA, OpenPGP) to the same type Yahoo !, Gmail or Outlook accounts. The recipients will receive a link to the message that decrypt into their browser after entering a password previously shared between the two parties.

Like the fleeting instant messages, sent messages will be automatically deleted within hours of reading. It is the shipper who choose this option in the Compose window.

Protonmail is currently available in beta. To find more information and test appointment service on this page.


Edited on 05/19/2014 at 10:20