Gigaset SL930A: DECT residential Android smartphone

Yesterday was the turn of Gigaset, one of the great absent of this burgeoning market, to launch a residential smartphone. He actually announced the SL930A, with the A of Android.

Big name in fixed telephony Gigaset did have a cordless phone big touch screen, SL910, but it was based on a proprietary operating system. The new SL930A embarks for its Android and provides access to Google apps (Gmail, etc.) and the Play Store.

Gigaset SL930A
Like competing models recently launched the Gigaset SL930A has everything a conventional smartphone, except that instead of connecting to the mobile network via GSM, it connects to the fixed network via DECT, using a supplied base or even directly through some boxes as the Freebox Revolution.

More appropriate than a smartphone in a modern housing

Few technical features are provided, but the modest definition LCD screen HVGA (480 x 320 pixels) 3.2 inch and its aging Android 4.0 release reveal that equals an entry-level smartphone.

However, with Wi-Fi connectivity, a residential smartphone as it has all its meaning in those with remote controlled equipment by smartphone, such as a home automation system or network music player. A home phone shared by the fireplace is in this case more appropriate one or more personal smartphone.

The Gigaset SL930A and additional SL930H handsets are available now in France at the price of 200 euros, so this is the most expensive category.

Gigaset SL930A
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