Onion Pi: a Raspberry Pi to remain anonymous on the Net

Combine a Raspberry Pi, a USB Wi-Fi adapter and installing Tor on the support, this is the proposal of the Onion Pi a small computer for surfing the Internet confidentially.

Onion PiOffered by Adafruit, the Onion Pi kit assembly is offered at $ 95 fare. For that price, the user receives a Raspberry Pi Model B with an Ethernet port, 2 USB ports and 512 MB of RAM, a small box Adafruit, a Wi-Fi USB adapter, SD card 4GB with Raspbian 7 pre-installed and all necessary cabling.

The user must install the Tor software (for The Onion Router, hence the name of the machine) that allows access to the decentralized global network of the same name, which allows Internet surfing retaining his anonymity. The objective of the Pi Onion is to create a proxy used to one or more machines to enjoy the benefits of Tor.

" Connect the Ethernet cable to any ISP Box at home, at work, in a hotel or in an event. Next, connect the USB connector of Pi to a computer or a wall outlet. The Pi will start and create a new secure wireless access point, called Onion Pi. A connection to the access point automatically pave the way for an anonymous Internet browsing via the Tor network "Says Adafruit.

The site states that knowledge of Linux code and can be a significant advantage to properly configure the system, but still offers the way forward to get started. Note qu'Adafruit donates Tor Onion sold for each Pi.Edited on 06/18/2013 at 11:47