Panasonic FT5: prйsentation of йtanche compact verdict

Vidйo: Test Panasonic FT5

Panasonic has a FT6 in its 2015 range cameras, but it will not commercialisй in France. It is always the FT5 who carries the colors of the brand. The unit had sйduits we annйe derniиre did it or not taking a shot of old?

Prйsentation and grip

The FT5 is solid, at least in appearance. Construction apparaоt for long, зa feels the weight and prйsence of mйtal in chвssis. Our device prкt visibly йcumй the rйdactions: outside scratch and effacйes registration, it is always full and functional. Finally, we shall see that optical stabilization has possibly made a "pйtouille". However, it is dйsormais least йtanche our sйlection, and marchй renforcйs of digicams. If 13m are not enough, it will opt for the optional subwoofer.

Our apprйciations formulйes last year about its grip remain: missing a grip with a hook vйritable and profusion of buttons in the arriиre boоtier is not convenient forcйment underwater. In addition, it is too mess up the interface to our goыt.

Panasonic FT5

Nйanmoins the йcran is perfectly visible under the water and once you have chosen the plongйe fashion or submarine avancй (beyond 3 meters), there is much left to do. A rapprochйe view? The device has no underwater macro mode to speak: he photographs up to 5 cm apart. It's convenient, you do not ask questions. The zoom lever is flexible but prйcise. Finally measuring instruments (depth, altitude, pressure) and localization tools (GPS and compass) are Interesting assets for activitйs in extйrieur.

Rapiditй and qualitй image

The Panasonic FT5 is widely dйpasser by the TG-4 Olympus, but he remains one compact fastest йtanches. The device is rйactif, burst rises to 10 im / s (5 im / s update of the AF!) And the autofocus is guиre wait. Above all, it is not wrong often.

PanasonicFT5 timings

The FT5 uses a CMOS sensor-rйtro exposй 16.1 mйgapixels. Studio and good conditions, Panasonic gиre his subject. The starting dйtaillйes pictures at ISO 100, yet thin enough to ISO 400 (malgrй chromatic noise prйsent well) and still usable at ISO 800, there oщ other devices are collapsing. Well, зa c'йtait before the TG-4 offers RAW, and consйquent, the best Block Properties via post processing. But does all of mкme FT5 good figure. Above all, it is a good point from which all can not prйvaloir Panasonic Regularly updates its devices.

Now, under water, FT5 is not the one that restores the most flattering pictures ... understatement translate by "rendering trиs rйaliste mйriterait a little boost to entice the eye." Yes, under water are often lacking contrast dйfaut, and colorimйtrie rйsulte both pale, both too verdвtre. Normally modes "plongйe" devices seeking to йquilibrer it by pressing the contrast and injecting a red dose to compensate the absence of this color in the seabed. Tвche dйlicate that can quickly give anything if automation poorly gйrйs but makes bland images if the dosage is missing. With FT5, it is plutфt deuxiиme in this case. Good point however: the perspective is quite homogиne at dйfaut кtre of the brightest and further zooming.


Fonctionnalitйs and vidйo

The FT5 is a complete and capable device. Only you must take time to tame. Its headlights are fonctionnalitйs йparpillйes in diffйrentes strata of the interface: live accиs via the scиnes modes in the menu, in fast rйglages, in crйatives commands ... it's like Pвques eggs, look for the . And the bells LiveStreams LiveStreams were gйnйreuses: manual mode (admittedly access limited to two openings), the panoramic volйe HDR Photo 3d night without trйpied, photo effects, bracketing, intervallomиtre etc. Not to mention GPS (no mapping but management points intйrкt), Wi-Fi and NFC.

The vidйo remains an area oщ the FT5 is comfortable. To take advantage of the potential of compact, one must undergo to AVCHD and MTS file. However, Videos 1080p 50 im / s, encodйes prиs to 28 Mbps, are beautiful and fluids. The autofocus ensures over the fin strokes, however, optical stabilization has avйrйe dйcevante on our test modиle. Is this FT5 chu a little too often? Because the modиle testй the derniиre annйe, optical stabilization working perfectly well. That puts lumiиre sake potentially gкnant with йquipйs fighters moving lens: the fragilitй this stabilization - the most effective - tolиre badly of кtre brutalisйe, yet it is the lot of chвtiments which expose these devices. Should we see a construction of lйgиretй especially FT5 and malgrй appearances? We can rйpondre this question, not knowing what fate suffered our copy from the factory.


The Panasonic nйgocie FT5 is around 260 €. If immersion to 13 meters "only" is not a hindrance to your practice, and if the caractиre bordйlique йvoque more at home a storage technique that defect, then there is no a priori reason to dйtourner this boоtier. Fast, rйaliste and quite douй photo (with bйmol under water), in good trиs vidйo and complete in terms of fonctionnalitйs, only the TG-4 dйpasse. But this is not the mкme budget. Always a camera of choice except to do exclusively in underwater photo, in which case it is better to move on a Canon D30. There remains the question of soliditй, which in our opinion is not one mкme if there is doubt.

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