Picasa is enriched with an automatic backup on Google+

Google rolled out an update of its Picasa photo manager with a new utility to perform automatic backups to Google+.

Google multiplying initiatives to popularize its community network and unveils a new utility called Google+ Auto Backup. Comes with Picasa, it does however not interact at all with it and is in the form of a stand-alone software. Specifically, the user can set up their Google Account and choose to automate the backup of his shots directly to his Google+ profile.

Google+ Auto Backup

Google+ Auto Backup offers select local folders and then choose to automatically forward a copy snapshots added to these, either in full size (within the limit of available storage Drive) or unlimited and free of charge in 2048 pixels. The application also proposes to automate the backup when a camera or SD card is connected. When this option is enabled the user will be able to make a second backup locally in the file of choice and even that of a second storage service such as Dropbox or SkyDrive.

Automatic backup is already on Android and Google it comes to better compete with Apple on OS X since it is also possible to migrate its iPhoto library directly on Google + ... but with additional storage more attractive prices as iCloud.

Note that by default, the uploaded photos will be private.

  • Recover Google+ Auto Backup comes with Picasa

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