Managers passwords: the best software and free extensions

LastPass, fully online solution

LastPass is one of the most popular services. Although the company has applications for Windows and OS X, it is only the configuration wizards for creating a user account. All management is actually based on an online interface.

Like Dashlane, LastPass does not just store passwords securely. We find a section for the placement of secured notes. Note also the possibility of entering pre-filled forms, either an identity card, address, credit card or even a custom form.

LastPass loads a Community dimension with the ability to share passwords securely and also proposes to specify one or more contacts in an emergency. The Security Challenge section is interesting because it looks at all the passwords and evaluates the overall safety of the latter, for example by identifying duplicates.


The paid version of LastPass, billed at $ 12 per year, allows to configure an unlimited number of devices for synchronization, but also to add new authentication methods such as multifactor YubiKey drives, fingerprint readers or Sesame application to USB sticks. LastPass will support in the computer's software authentication and will share a folder with 5 people.

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