For the former Edward D.G. Google China, the AI ​​will destroy half the jobs

Developments in the field of artificial intelligence is no shortage of workers worry: although these are only estimates, between 10% and 50% of jobs could be handled by robots. The most optimistic think that it will take decades for that to happen; former P.-D.G. Google China seems to be part of the pessimists.

In an interview with CNBC Monday, November 13, 2017, who helped launch the Chinese version of Google believes simply that in ten years, half the jobs will be destroyed.

The " white collar jobs 'Disappear first

What is more difficult: changing a light bulb or analyzing hundreds of documents? Intuitively the answer is the analysis of documents, which seems a plausible justification given the salary difference between a frame and a craftsman. That's right ... unless you are an artificial intelligence. In this case, it is the analysis of documents is easier.

Kai-Fu Lee, P.-D.G. of Sinovation Ventures and former P.-D.G. Google (having spent time at Apple and Microsoft), considers that it will be well " white collar jobs "Is the work for which it is necessary, in the collective unconscious, be dressed in costume (basically, managers) which will be replaced first. " The white collar jobs are easier to replace because it is only pure quantitative analysis "He told CNBC. Are concerned analysts, traders, journalists and even people doing telemarketing and customer service: their tasks " can be replaced by a computer program ".

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New jobs created by robots? Not really

Robots currently can not perform simple tasks such as changing a light bulb or repair certain products: they lack the ability to analyze the feelings, such as vision, which is proper to man, and the ability to be able to coordinate visual analysis with the movement of the hands, for example. At least that it is impossible for now.

Kai-Fu Lee also bad news for those who think that the advent of AI and robots could create more jobs (which would reduce the number of jobs lost): this is wrong. According to him, it will take many people to program robots, " a person can program robots 10,000 ". For 10,000 people will lose their jobs, for example in a factory, there will be only one job created.

Former P.-D.G. Google China therefore believes that within a decade or so, half of currently existing jobs will be destroyed. A disruption never seen before, which is sure to create an unprecedented social crisis.

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