Cdiscount launches mobile package 2 euros

Cdiscount, a subsidiary of the Casino Group launches mobile package suited to small consumers. The group launched an offer to 2 euros and hunting on the lands of Free Mobile.

After Free Mobile Prixtel, NRJ Mobile, La Poste Mobile and Auchan Telecom, it is the turn of Cdiscount to launch its mobile package "low cost". For 2 euros per month, the new operator offers 200 minutes of voice communication in France, 200 SMS or MMS and 200 MB of data in 4G.

The minimum price for a barrel

Proponents call will enjoy 200 minutes instead of 120 only to Free, Prixtel and Auchan Telecom for the price of 2 euros. Of the three operators, Cdiscount is also the only one to offer 200 MB of data: Free offer in just 50 Auchan Telecom 20 and Prixtel not offer. SMS side (200 outgoing messages included in the package), Cdiscount Prixtel ahead, which only offers 100 SMS, but pales before Free Mobile and Auchan Telecom, that offer unlimited.

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By default, a customer Cdiscount will be on the SFR network. But if he does not pick up, it will ask be switched either on the Orange network or on the Bouygues Telecom network.

Mobile cdiscount

Also of interest supplements

Beyond its basic offer 2 euros, Cdiscount offers an optional unlimited voice communications for an additional 7 euros or 9 euros per month in total. On this point, the new operator is on a par with Auchan Telecom, but lost to La Poste Mobile, which offers a package of this type for 7 euros per month.

Proponents of consumption data will appreciate Cdiscount: The new operator provides a data package extended to 5 GB for 9 euros per month only. In comparison, customers of Sosh and Prixtel are paying 20 euros per month for 5 GB, and NRJ Mobile subscribers 31 euros. La Poste Mobile offers no bearing 5 GB, but 2 GB for the price of 13 euros per month or 20 GB for 19 euros per month.

Verdict: packages of the new operator of interest two categories of users: small consumers, followers of calls and good old SMS, and consumers 'means' data. 5 GB per month are indeed sufficient to visit sites, exchange messages or listening to the radio, but not for watching videos or movies.

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