COP21: towards electric cars less than 7000 euros

To promote energy transition, the French Government announced as part of the COP21 launching an appeal for the sale of electric cars less than 7000 euros.

Ségolène Royal yesterday took advantage of the day on transport of COP21 to announce the launch, "With all transport stakeholders, a call for global project for the design, development and marketing of a popular electric vehicle less than 7000 dollars".

In an interview with 20 Minutes, the French Minister of Ecology, who is also president of the 21st conference for the climate, even spoke of an electric car " cheap " which would cost 5 000 to 7 000.

We do not know more at this stage, which leaves several important questions unanswered. For starters, how binding this call for projects has he? Has he guarantees of results? And what about the environmental bonus? Diesel cars owners put into circulation before 2001, eligible for a bonus of 10 000, they can get these cheap cars for free? Probably not, but we still have no details.

In France today, one can buy a Renault Twizy, which is certainly not a full-fledged car for 7250 euros. Renault Zoe in turn, derived from the Clio, costs from € 15 000 bonus deducted.

Renault Zoe connected
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Edited on 04/12/2015 at 16h55