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NetGear ReadyNAS Duo

NetGear ReadyNAS DuoSpecialist network solutions together, NetGear offers for quite a while NAS to individuals and small businesses. In general, consumer products manufacturer, however, struggled to find their target because of not always easy to bypass gaps and a high price given no benefits. The price issue is once again the heart of the problem with the ReadyNAS Duo that we can not deviate from this folder, but still ultimately focused on a rather professional target.

General presentation

The ReadyNAS Duo is as its name suggests a model to accommodate two hard disks, but while other double disc models of our record tend to take lines as clean as possible, NetGear is rather the "massive" . In fact, do not long to realize that NetGear focused on manufacturing quality and finish of her baby. If it is massive, the ReadyNAS Duo breathes especially the strength and pay the luxury to offer two racks to accommodate hard drives. So, setting up disks no problem: just first to open the door and leave the racks to screw the hard drives. Next, puts everything into the NAS and you can turn the beast.

NetGear ReadyNAS Duo
Main Features
ProcessorInfrant IT3107
Frequency280 MHz
memory256 MB
Ventilation1x 60 mm
Dimensions142x101x222 mm
Weight2.07 kg
Guarantee3 years
Disk Subsystem
Sold "bare"Yes
berries2x 3.5"
RAID standardsX-RAID (RAID 1)
RAID migrationYes
Volumes "external"
USB ports3
eSATA ports-
FAT32 managementYes
NTFS managementRead only
Network Subsystem
Interface1x Gigabit
network protocolsAFP, SMB, FTP, NFS
miscellaneous services
Web serverNo
DownloadsFTP, HTTP, Torrent
Print ServerYes
media serverDLNA, iTunes,
Photos, UPnP
dynamic IPYes
camera managementNo
Management of quotasUser
Web File AccessYes
This design very "professional" clearly clashes with that offered by other manufacturers in our case, with the exception of Thecus. It must be said that the integration of racks and ReadyNAS general design are quite expensive and also explain the rates charged by NetGear which initially marketed its product not "naked". Today things have changed, however, and we find the ReadyNAS Duo in numerous configurations. Without HDD with 500GB, 750GB or even 1TB Depending on the model, it will cost between 200 and 300 euros, which, without being prohibitive, nevertheless remains a little above average. NetGear however do not make fun of the world, because in addition to being equipped with convenient racks, model is among the best in our record in managing noise and temperature: a double good point.

In practice

NetGear ReadyNAS DuoThe installation of the beast obviously depends on the configuration adopted by the user. According to the ReadyNAS Duo comes with or without a hard drive, the startup will of course not the same. If you stay on a NAS comes with a storage unit and we do not add another, it will make a cross on the RAID while NetGear adopts a slightly different system from what we are used to competition. The manufacturer is actually a fan of X-RAID, a versatile standard and poses little problem, but know that through RAIDar, it is quite possible to return to more modes more "conventional" like RAID 0 or JBOD.

In terms of features, the manufacturer is much more convincing and even though its interface can match the excellence of at Qnap and Synology, there is not really complain. Management alerts, viewing options (iTunes, photo albums) through download services (FTP, HTTP, Bittorrent), nothing really miss the call and the setting of these functions is very comprehensive. Because we are never satisfied, we still regret that no Web server base is in the program while the ReadyNAS is a faultless in terms of recognized protocols (AFP, SMB, FTP, NFS) or managing external drives. Much like Qnap, however it is possible to add modules to integrate these functions and others. Finally, note that three USB ports of the game, but NetGear oddly ignores eSATA.

NetGear ReadyNAS Duo NetGear ReadyNAS Duo NetGear ReadyNAS Duo


Performance: scores of NetGear ReadyNAS Duo

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Our opinion

Featuring outstanding performance (among the best in our case) while maintaining a relatively silent mode of operation, the ReadyNAS Duo is a product clearly designed for speed lovers. This is certainly not the most important in the case of a NAS, but the NetGear model probably find its audience especially as its robust design should ensure a lifetime foolproof. A product for which we particularly regret the lack of responsiveness of a well thought out interface, but a bit slow.

NetGear ReadyNAS Duo NetGear ReadyNAS Duo NetGear ReadyNAS Duo

NetGear ReadyNAS Duo

The more + System handy racks + Implementation simplissime + 5 year warranty! The depreciation few features missing from the call- Just cher3PerformancesfeaturesInterface
miniature NAS

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