Electric car: music as a motor noise?

Electric Car manufacturers are facing a major problem: the cars do not make noise, or very little. A genuine concern while pedestrians are increasingly absorbed by mobile phones and they tend to not be careful on the roads. If they hear not even get a good old diesel, they are likely to get run over by a quiet car.

The problem seems absurd, yet legislators have already taken in: the United States, the law now provides that electric and hybrid cars make noise to warn pedestrians of their arrival.

Canto musical composition for electric cars Nissan

At the Tokyo Motor Show, held from 27 October to 5 November in the Japanese capital, Nissan introduced its futuristic vision of the engine noise of electric cars. The simplest idea would be to record the sound of a conventional engine and play it when the car is moving. Nissan thought it was not enough.

The automaker therefore reveals " Canto "Which means" I sing "Latin: an original composition that should be embedded on electric cars the group. Anyway, this is the first version of what should be the sound of the electric cars of the brand in the future. And the group offers us even a video, posted on Youtube, so that we can appreciate rendering.

A tone change according to the acceleration or deceleration

This musical composition, which looks after all the noise of an engine, will activate automatically once the car exceeds 25 or 30 kilometers per hour. No way to make noise when the car is stationary, so.

The sound will even change tone according to vehicle speed variation: it becomes more acute when it accelerates and decelerates when more serious. But it was especially designed to protect pedestrians and " for energizing " all in " enriching environment typical of a street "

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