Trailer Days Gone on PS4

Vidйo: Trailer Days Gone on PS4

Sony profitй its confйrence held live from the E3 2017 to restore lumiиre a hit he had officially rйvйlй when йdition 2016: Days Gone. Exclusive PlayStation а, of the њuvre Bend Studio has illustrйe at the show in Los Angeles through a sublime new gameplay trailer.

In the content of a little over 7 minutes, the hйros game once a member of a group of bikers, a Deacon St. John launches into a mission а high risk out of his sйcurisй repиre. The goal? Reaching a friend а а him held prisoner by a group of mercenaries. then Dйbute a ride а motorcycle, that will quickly end when individuals will want to kill him. If by then follow violent combat scиnes, calmer times oщ Deacon aperзoit of entiиres of Freakers packs (zombie game) to finally fall on the camp oщ is his comrade. Before dйcouvrir an enemy more powerful and imposing rфde around ...

This Days Gone trailer finally glimpse the stunning graphics proposйs by йquipes Bend Studio and the Many possibilitйs that will be offered to players gameplay matiиre (Use of the environment to act, types of approaches, ...).

human condition and survival will be the essence of mкme Days Gone, exclusivitй а coming to PlayStation 4 but the official release date still remains unknown.

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