Adobe Reader and Acrobat 9.1: Security Update

Mike adobe majLast week, Mikko Hypponen, an expert of the firm F-Secure roundly criticized the policy of Adobe Systems in the field of computer security. He highlighted the presence of several faults in the famous PDF file reader Adobe Reader 9, comparing the same with Internet Explorer. Explaining that no hotfix will be offered to the public by March 11, 2009, he advised users to avoid this software in favor of lighter and safer alternatives.

It was wrong that one day since the Californian editor published in March 10, updating ofAdobe Reader and Acrobat version 9.1. All previous drafts being affected, Adobe Systems laconically advises its users to install urgently the new version. Indeed, the fault was really critical since it allowed to inject malicious code and take complete control of the infected system. As for versions 7 and 8, patches staggered a week will not be available before March 18. Meanwhile, you can now download Adobe Reader 9.1 for Windows and Mac on our servers or choose alternative solutions available on the repository Clubic !

Adobe reader 9

  • Download Adobe Reader 9.1 for Windows
  • Download Adobe Reader 9.1 for Mac
Edited on 12/07/2012 at 10:15