Buy on GearBest: everything you need to know

You are a fan of gadgets and constantly looking for the latest high-tech discoveries or, conversely, you do not want to spend a fortune on smartphones and computers? GearBest offers a comprehensive range of electronic products and gadgets at very affordable prices.

Best Gear, what is it?

Founded in 2013, GearBest is a Chinese site online sales consumer electronics products, electronic gadgets and menswear. Very large scale, GearBest has over 50 million monthly visits with consumers distributed at the 4 corners of the world! With the ambition of becoming the first electronics online seller, GearBest offers a wide range of new products at the forefront of technology.

What one finds on GearBest?

GearBest is intended primarily for fans new technologies and objects gadgets. Thus, you find a course category Smartphones very well stocked as the PCs and tablets andconsumer electronics. With time, other product categories have been created and you can also purchase jewelry, of the sport stuff, of the home products or for the car.

gearbest screenshot

The products are Chinese and often little-known brands at home. However, if you do not trust the brands you do not know, know that GearBest also offers a selection of major brands such as Asus, Motorola, Xiaomi or Meizu at very attractive prices.

Any geek who assumes wants to have the latest products out before everybody. This is because GearBest has understood that the site also offers pre-orders on exclusive products. This allows you to receive the item upon its release, and this for a price often much less than the launch price.

By a system of flash sales daily, GearBest constantly offers interesting promotions to regularly check to make very good business.

How is the purchase?


Of course, the site accepts universal means of payment such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc. Encrypted SSL GearBest provides security when paying by card, but if you do not want to enter the numbers of your credit card, be aware that it also gives the option to pay by PayPal, Western Union or even transfer.

Good to know : depending on the selected payment method, the site offers additional savings.

The delivery

GearBest offers 3 shipping methods more or less rapid and more or less expensive:

  • Free shipping: available for almost all products, it takes 7 to 25 business days.
  • The paid standard delivery: of 6 to 8 business days.
  • Delivery by carrier like DHL or Fedex: of 4 to 7 business days.

Good to know : free shipping is not available for particularly large items like some drone.

gearbest screen shot

And after the purchase?

You found gadget latest dreamed you ordered, paid, yes, but after?

Customs fees

Since March 2016, GearBest featuresEuropean warehouses which control the site without having to perform customs fees. The choice of shipping warehouse is usually given to the client by a check system to check on the product sheet.

gearbest warehouse europe

Much of the catalog GearBest is stored in European warehouses, but sometimes a product is available only from China.
In this case, and for any product above 150 euros must be added customs fees which the percentage depends on the category of product purchased.
These costs do not generally settle at the time of purchase, but during delivery if the customs puts his hand on it, you will have no choice but to adjust the fees charged otherwise never receive your product at your house.

To note : the e-retailer offers regular destockings its European warehouses. The opportunity to find products at discount prices guaranteed duty-free!


GearBest you benefit from a money back guarantee of 45 days during which you can, at your expense, return the product without having to justify yourself.

In the case of a defective item, it is replaced, but you must ship it by choosing the cheapest mode of transport and attach photos or video to prove it is defective.

With some exceptions, the products sold on GearBest are guaranteed 360 days. You must pay the return shipping costs, but the repair and return are free.

Good to know : discount products or end of the series does not enjoy the guarantees money back and defective product. However, they are subject to 360 days repair warranty.

The community aspect

Like many commercial sites, GearBest has established a product assessment system.

But where GearBest stands out is that it offers 4 ways to get high-tech products free or even earn money as long as you are a customer:

  • Collect commissions on sales of products GearBest by the Affiliate Program;
  • Get free products promoting them on the Internet and social networks and encouraging friends to order;
  • Get gift cards by uploading a presentation of a purchased product (text with photos or video);
  • Obtain products free to speak publicly if you are a benchmark for gadgets or electronic products.
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