Movies and series: free software to better enjoy

renaming software, subtitles publishers, movie collection managers or media center: Many programs allow you to make the most of your videos. increasing numbers of software, as existing hardware and software capabilities facilitate the creation of true video libraries.

Alongside the traditional film fans, series fans form in recent years a growing population and increasing appetite voracious. Therefore, some software have adapted to this new consumption by expanding their functionality. New programs have even emerged, entirely dedicated to the TV series.

The selection follows therefore attempts to review some software to better enjoy movies and your series, you have a Windows, Mac or Linux; you are a simple amateur video or an aficionado of the small and big screen.

Software renaming

For clarity and organization, different software allow you to standardize the titles of syntax within a coherent set of files. It is also an opportunity to release videos of their sometimes barbaric title, drowned in the technical specifications.



Let's start with a Java application that satisfied all those who wish to rename movies and series individually or in batches, whether on Windows, Mac or Linux.

After selecting the files you want to rename, drag and drop or by browsing your computer, you must select one of the databases from which FileBot pulls its information. These are many and varied, devoted both movies (TMDb, IMDb, etc.) as series (TheTVDB, TVRage, etc.) or anime (AniDB). Some file names can sometimes be ambiguous. That is why FileBot Always make a list of the most likely titles corresponding to your videos. By selecting among them the name of the movie or series in question, you are sure to avoid ambiguity.

Concerning the renaming itself, it is possible to define the syntax and language of file names. You can also decide to directly rename your original files or make copies that will carry these new titles.

In addition to its primary function of renaming, the software is more dispensable for its other functions. Its integration possibilities subtitles are sufficiently laborious to that prefers specific software such qu'Aegisub or Subtitle Workshop. Note, however, the attention of FileBot given to data security through the ability to create SFV files, Sha 1 and MD5 associated with your files.


+ Most

- Easy to use
- various databases
- security options

- The lessers

- In English
- Of dispensable options
- Integration laborious subtitles


Movie Renamer

As FileBot, Movie Renamer is available on Windows, Mac and Linux; but unlike its competitor, it will devote, as its name suggests, only films renaming.

If it is still present select a video file on your computer, it is not subject here to a single database, although major, that of IMDb. In addition to information about the film, the software allows to download illustrations of all kinds posters, jackets, fan art or photographs of the actors. All of these files being found in the same folder, accompanying video. Movie Renamer also can generate NFO files, especially to the media center XBMC and MediaPortal.

renaming options remain basic. The tags needed for the syntax of the titles are consulted directly in a list included in the same window. The type of separator can also be changed and the case options and spaces. You can also customize the size of different types of artwork. To overcome any confusion between titles for similar videos, you can set at the time of a search, the number of suggestions of movies you want to see. And in the case of too cryptic file name, Movie Renamer invites you to directly simplify his title before submitting it to the database.


+ Most

- downloadable illustrations
- Go to the basics

- The lessers

- 1 only source of information


Name My TV Series

While Movie Renamer renaming focuses on movies, Name My TV Series focuses on the TV series.

This English program is also compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. The interface consists of two distinct parts; one being dedicated to the identification of the series, the other in correspondence with the files you have. Here, you do not submit your files directly to the software. Using a search engine, you question the two databases involved (TheTVDB and Epguides) to identify the desired series. You then select the various episodes that interest you.

It is only then that Name My TV Series prompts you for the location of the corresponding files on your computer. The program thus automatically establishes connections between your episodes and the previously selected titles. If an error occurs, you can still perform a manual adjustment, by dragging and dropping a file in front of good title.

Side settings, a drop-down list lets you choose the syntax you want to apply; However, each model is customizable. You can also set the break and set some other replacement characters. As for suggested titles, they can be offered at an alphabetically or by their episode number.


+ Most

- Very easy to use
- easily customizable syntax

- The lessers

- In English
- some delays



Close this section on renaming software with theRenamer, one of the references of the genre on Windows.

Drag your tvshows here Such is the slogan that one sees the opening of the program, prompting you to drag and drop your sets to rename. A simple click on tvshows toggles mode movies, and vice versa. The software then identifies programs and apply the renaming to your criteria.

Besides the classic choice of Database (IMDb, The TVDB,, etc.), you decide what information you want to appear in your new title: the name of the series, the season or the number 'episode. Commas and spaces can be replaced automatically by the separators of your choice. Since the raw file names are sometimes overloaded with technical features, theRenamer includes a list of words to ignore when renaming, to which you can add your own words parasites. Finally, you can automatically generate a complete tree and thus classify each series, season or episode in folders and sub-folders.

A way manual scraping you helps the software, sometimes hard to regain the title of a series. This is to manually enter the program name or ID code of IMDb. The software also embeds a database that stores all the ID codes of your favorite series. Too bad the manual scraping does not apply to movies.


+ Most

- extensive syntax options
- Creating trees

- The lessers

- In English
- imperfect automatic matching

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