Mobile Test Carrefour Poss 4.5 Smart 4G: a good surprise?

After a 10-inch tablet disappointing (see our video test) Carrefour again with a low cost smartphone. This is in fact the L690, a mobile signed Hisense, a Chinese manufacturer, but let us return to Poss 4.5 Smart 4G. This mobile Android KitKat is currently sold 180 euros and everything is decorated pretty interchangeable optional color plates. Should we expect the worst, or the opposite, a good surprise? The answer right away by going around the strengths and weaknesses of the Smart 4.5 4G.

Video Test Poss 4. Smart 4G


First positive point, the mobile has a decent quality screen. True, the resolution of 960 x 540 pixels is dated, but perfectly sufficient turns on 4.5 inches. In addition, the colors are punchy and the viewing angles are acceptable.

As for performance, this time, the Smart 4.5 does not disappoint! While it was expected to find one of MediaTek winded entry, the mobile is equipped with a Snapdragon processor 410 heart quad 64-bit (but the OS 4.4 is 32 bits) which ensures perfect fluidity in interface, and the heaviest 3D games from the Store are running smoothly.

mini Battery
autonomy video playback Comparison

These performances do not begin too much of the life of the battery. Smart takes 4.5 5:13 Wi-Fi enabled video playback with maximum brightness. A score that is not outstanding, but at least has the advantage of being in the average generally observed.

Regarding the photo, although it is on the entry level, the Smart 4.5 pulls his still do well. The autofocus is fast, images are detailed enough, and the exposure and balance colors are satisfactory. What get a sufficient result to archive the good times daily.

Default February 11 2015 at 18.28.17
Example picture (click to enlarge)

Finally last advantage, the mobile is compatible 4G, and it has two SIM slots. Ideal for personal and professional use a subscription on the same phone, for example.

Dual SIM slot

The lessers

And if you appreciate the possibility of using two subscriptions, we regret that the second SIM slot is limited to 2G. Clearly, you can use the secondary SIM phone, but it will not rely too much on it to surf the Web, making downloads, or enjoy a streaming media.

But the most annoying point is very limited storage capacity of 8 GB or 6 GB instead when removing the volume occupied by the system and applications. True, the designers have not forgotten to equip their device with a microSD slot, but some programs must always be installed in the internal memory. In short, if you're the kind addicted to apps, it is highly recommended to go upmarket to target a minimum of 16 GB of onboard memory.

Default February 11 2015 at 18.43.05
The mobile is running Android KitKat

Then on the system, the mobile is currently limited to KitKat and it is likely that the update Lollipop never be proposed. Fortunately, for the moment, the lack of Android 5 does not lead to software incompatibilities.

We now move to the design. Although it depends on taste, Carrefour mobile displays no ambitions with its rather arbitrary lines. interchangeable shells is appreciated, but sometimes the color of the plastic in the mass is nicer than the exterior paint.

Default February 11 2015 at 18.29.46 Default February 11 2015 at 18.29.59
Optional interchangeable covers

Finally, if the photo part is up in the video result is more mixed. We avoid the disaster, but it is unfortunate that the autofocus is constantly adjusts, which intersects the short passages blurry videos.


In the end when we did not expect it really, it Poss 4.5 Smart 4G is a nice surprise! For a floor price, performance and display are at the rendezvous, and the picture layer is exploitable. The mobile Carrefour will have no trouble holding its place amid Wiko Rainbow 4G and other Sosh Phone 4G.

Some prefer him perhaps the motorcycle G 4G which has a better finish and a 720p screen for the same price and sometimes even 30 euros less. Faced with this, Carrefour mobile response with dual SIM and a better bill camera. Anyway, if you are looking for a mobile to below 200 euros, the purchase can be viewed on condition of not being too keen applications.

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