Layout, the application of photo-collage Instagram for iOS and Android

Instagram launches Layout, a separate application for performing photo-collages to tell stories or give free rein to his creativity.

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Less than a week after adding new functionality to an existing application? payment in its instant messaging application? Facebook was again won by his whim: run separate mobile applications for a yes or a no. This week, through its subsidiary Instagram, Facebook and launches Layout.

"Layout", which could be translated by the name layout, or provision, is a program whose sole function is the production of photo montages, compositions, or what we would call specifically collages with real prints.

Layout from InstagramLayout from Instagram
The application allows to assemble freely up to nine pictures on a square canvas, with one or more boundaries horizontally or vertically. You can move these boundaries, enlarge or reduce your photos, crop them, to tell a story (storytelling) Into one share. The application also opens and especially new creative possibilities, particularly with the functions of rotation and reversal symmetry, which include the ability to create original surrealist montages (for long?).

An application (too) easy

It is unfortunately not possible to apply filter individually in "lux" or other tool like those found in the original application Instagram.

Layout is simple, even be too. In just three steps the user is invited to share his work on Instagram course, but also on Facebook, and finally any service supported by the iOS sharing panel. The composition is anyway registered in the film, in the form of a JPEG 1242 pixels wide, so it can be shared in a second time.

Layout from Instagram is now available on the App Store and French in French. An Android version is already scheduled, but it will only be available "in the coming months."

Initial release on 03/24/2015 at 9 pm 27

Updated 05/20/2015 03 at 11 am

Two months after the iOS version, the Android version of Layout was published Tuesday, May 19 by Instagram. She strictly offers the same functionality.

Instagram reserves the passage first to Android users, adding to the original application Instagram readjustment "Structure", which can act on the level of detail and rendering textures. She will arrive "soon" on iOS.

Layout from InstagramLayout from InstagramLayout from Instagram
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